No Result 1-week After Ptosis Surgery. Would I See Improvement Down the Road?

Had ptosis repair a week ago. The night of the surgery my eyes looked bigger than pre-op & more like when I was younger, but since then they look like pre-op. I had minimal swelling and almost no bruising ever since surgery. Today it seems swelling in my creases is almost all gone, and even with that my eyes still look as small, feel as heavy & not open as pre-op. Would my eyes open more @ 4-6 weeks? Or did my surgery fail and I now have under-correction? I'm concerned. Thanks!

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Swelling after ptosis repair can obscure the results until it subsides.

Sometimes after ptosis repair it looks like nothing's been done because swelling pushes the the lid down. As this subsides the lid will assume a better position.

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Way too early to worry

This early after surgery, its almost impossible to fully evaluate and predict the success or failure of ptosis surgery, except in a few dramatic cases.

Swelling and muscle weakness in the post op period may significantly mask results. At 4-6 weeks you may have a reasonable idea of what your post op results will look like, but I would at least 3 months before making a decision on whether revision surgery would be needed.

A.J. Amadi, MD
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One week after ptosis surgery.

At one week, it is too soon to tell the results of your ptosis surgery. Keep you follow-up appointments and give the surgery some time to heal. Your surgeon is on your side, and is the best person to make the call. 

Joseph Mele, MD
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All surgery requires recovery

Ptosis surgery requires recovery.  Results will show by 3 to 6 weeks and improve possibly for a year.  By 6 months you will be 85% there.  All surgery requires recovery and recovery cannot be rushes or hastened.  My Best  Dr C

George Commons, MD
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