I Just Had Double Eyelid Surgery but Why Don't I Have a Crease? (photo)

It's been a week since my double eyelid surgery and I just had my stitches removed today. I do not see any sort of crease at all. Is that normal? I can see my scar/stitch line clearly as it is on the surface and not hidden in the crease like it's suppose to. You might say I need to give it time for swelling to come down, etc. I do know that, but shouldn't a crease be visible immediately after surgery even if it was supposed to be super swollen? I'm really upset. Pls help.

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Crease After Double Eyelid Surgery

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If you had fat removal and no crease before double eyelid sugery, its unusual not to see any crease afterwards. If you didn't had fat removed but just had multiple poorly-defined creases before surgery, then it is normal to no see the defined crease until swelling resolves. Communicate with your doctor to understand what's going on with the healing after double eyelid surgery.

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Wait a few weeks to months

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It looks like you still have some swelling that could be hiding your results. It's best if you wait a few more weeks for the swelling to subside before you assess your results. 

Swelling hids crease

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No, the crease should not necessarily be present only a week after surgery. As the swelling goes down, the crease will become more apparent, little by little

A.J. Amadi, MD
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Generally, it is good when the fold breaks over the crease immediately after surgery.

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I do agree that things look a bit rough and your concerns are appropriate.  However, it is probable that you did your homework and had every good reason to but your confidence in this surgeon.  I recommend patience at this point. It may be that your surgeon did not establish a strong enough attachment between the crease and the underlying levator aponeurosis.  This would prevent an solid crease from forming.  However, this will become very clear over the next 6-8 weeks.  If the crease does not form itself during this time, consider reposting photos here. 

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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