Chalazion + Eyelid Surgery

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Can Chalazion Be Gone on Its Own?

I had one on my right upper eye lid , it has been a week. I've undergone three I&C for chalazion for my left eye so i know how it works, but this... READ MORE

Chalazion(stye) Surgery One Month and a Half Ago, Swelling Woun't Go Down, What Can I Do?

I had a huge stye in my left eye for 2 months, it didn't heal so i had to do surgery, I used drops and ointments before and after the surgery but the... READ MORE

Is there any way to get rid of this chalazion/ scar tissue once and for all? (photo)

I had a massive chalazion and after each surgery it appeared smaller but it was still there. The second time I went for surgery the doctor said it was... READ MORE

I have scar tissue following chalazion removal. What are the options?

I have a chalazion that I've had for 8 months and another more recent chalazion removed 3 weeks ago. The swelling has dissipated but there is scar... READ MORE

No change after Chalazion Surgeries, what could be the problem? (photo)

I have already had 2 eye surgeries for the removal of Chalazions. I have had them in both upper and lower eyelids. The surgeon did a surgery to remove... READ MORE

I had a chalazion removed 1 month ago and I still have a red bump. Is it fade away eventually or is it another chalizion?(photo)

I went for a follow-up with my dr. 2 weeks ago and he said its fine and that its gonna take a while because mine was pretty big but I feel like the... READ MORE

4 weeks post op Chalazion surgery, I'm swelling and have ptosis. Can it improve over the next few months? (photo)

Hi I've had multiple chalazions removed from eyelid a 4 weeks ago and it is not fully improved. It is still swollen. The doctor says there is no... READ MORE

What can I expect specifically from getting the injection for a chalazion? How soon after can I wear makeup? (Photo)

I'm used to wearing makeup hassle free until one day I failed at applying falsies. I put the glue on my eyelash lash line &kept Messing up so I... READ MORE

3 Years Ago I Had a Pretty Big Chalazion Surgically Removed but my Eye Lid Never Returned to What It Used to Look Like?

It still has a puffy look to it and the skin looks loose. its not reddened. What could this be? READ MORE

Will my eye get back to normal once the chalazion is removed or will I need ptosis surgery?

I've had a chalazion for 8 months on my upper eyelid which has caused my eyelid to droop a bit. Will my eye get back to normal once the chalazion is... READ MORE

My chalazion isn't going away, do I need a surgery?

It has been a month+ since I got one. I went to a doctor 3 weeks ago but he told me he will surgically remove it.. To be honest I got scared..... READ MORE

Still a bump on my eyelid after chalazion removal. Will this go away? (Photo)

Hello! Since three months I've been struggling with a chalazion that doesn't go away. My doctor gave me eye drops, antibiotics and yesterday he... READ MORE

3 months post op Chalazion surgery, I have drooping, inflamed eyelids. Is there any chance it can get better? (photo)

Hi I have had a very big chalazion that took up half off my left eye. I had surgery to remove it. It was gone after two weeks but then I had a... READ MORE

Chalazion Removal Left Lower Lid, How Can I Correct? (photo)

How can I correct the asymmetry that is left behind? It has been almost 2 years since I had . It was inside the lower eyelid very close to where the... READ MORE

I've had chalazion on my upper eyelid for 6 months long I think? (Photo)

When we went to a doctor, she said i have to undergo surgery because it is already a cyst. But it was too expensive so we seek advice to others if... READ MORE

How Do I Get Rid of Eyelid Scar?

I had Chazalion during my childhood. I never done surgery on it. When it went away it left me an ugly scar on my eyelid. READ MORE

How should I get rid of my chalazion? I am too scared to do surgery and it is fairly small.

I first got a chalazion two years ago and had it for six months. After six months it went away on its own but it came but and I've had it ever since... READ MORE

I've had a chalazion for over a year. I had 3 surgeries & there's still a bump. Is this scar tissue and will it go away? (Photo)

I developed a chalazion in Dec 2013 that didn't improve with compresses. I went to a doctor in April 2014 and got several steroid shots that didn't... READ MORE

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