Bruising + Ear Surgery

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Worried About Excessive Scarring / Bruising from Otoplasty, Is It Normal? (photo)

I had Otoplasty done 8 days ago and am very worried about the appearance of my ears. I took the bandages off two days ago and they havent changed... READ MORE

Otoplasty - Too Early to Tell or Bad Job? (photo)

Hi Team, I would really appreciate your help here... I am 3 weeks post otoplasty. I am so upset as I feel it didn't go well. Am i panicing? I spent my... READ MORE

Is It Okay to Wear Beanie Hats After Otoplasty (Ear Pinning)?

I had the procedure a few weeks back and am past the stage of wearing a headband 24/7 (only at night). My surgeon said I could wear a headband/hat... READ MORE

Asymmetric ears after otoplasty. Is it swelling, or are my ears just asymmetrical? Can it be revised? (Photo)

I had otoplasty done 2 weeks ago, and my right ear seems to stick out more than the left at the top. It's only slightly more swollen than my left ear,... READ MORE

Does my anti helical fold get less thick / prominent over time? (photos)

I had an otoplasty due to lack of antihelical fold 15 days ago. My left ear needed just a little bit more correction than the right. This resulted in... READ MORE

13 days after otoplasty, and my ears have returned to original position. What are my options?

My bandages were removed 3 days ago and my ears looked perfect, but i was left with glue on my ears and was told to wait until it comes off by itself.... READ MORE

Hematoma or bruising after otoplasty? (Photo)

I have one Really sore swollen ear after otoplasty I was wondering how I know If it's a hemotoma or just bruised and swollen READ MORE

What can be done to remove deep black bruising due to hardened cauliflower ear corrective surgery four years ago? (photo)

I have deep bruising and wrinkled skin from Cauliflower Ear correction surgery 4 years ago that obviously isn't disappearing. I've researched possible... READ MORE

Infection after Otoplasty?

Got the surgery done almost 4 days ago, I have a full head dressing which is coming off in a week.Bleeding stopped the first day I have no pain but my... READ MORE

Will my deformed ear correct itself? (photos)

I had ear correction surgery 3 weeks ago on both ears. My left ear is perfect. My problem is with my right ear. It is very out of shape and deformed.... READ MORE

Has my otoplasty not worked?

On Wednesday Feb 3rd I had an otoplasty on both ears as my left ear stuck out more than my right. I had the head bandage removed on Monday 8th & have... READ MORE

Otoplasty 11 days post. Hematoma or bruise? (Photo)

After I removed my bandage six days ago, my right ear appears swollen and bruised far more than the left and for 5 days no improvement. The left ear... READ MORE

Ear discoloration after surgery (Photos)

Hi, I've undergone rhinoplasty 4 days ago and the doctor had to spare cartilage from my ear to be put to my nose. Right exactly after surgery, there... READ MORE

Bruising behind pinned ear.

Hello. I've had my ears pinned back around 6 months ago; there has not been any major problems following the operation. However, today i've noticed... READ MORE

8 days post otoplasty. Do my ears look as if they're healing correctly? (Photo)

I have probably quite a common concern that one day my ears will all of a sudden pop back to how they used to be, I understand there's swelling and... READ MORE

10 days post-op, one ear close to the head after surgery, will it correct itself?

Hi ,I had otoplasty surgery about 10 days ago ,my surgeon cut cartilage from my ears .Both ears looked to tight at first ,with my left looking a lot... READ MORE

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