Is It Okay to Wear Beanie Hats After Otoplasty (Ear Pinning)?

I had the procedure a few weeks back and am past the stage of wearing a headband 24/7 (only at night). My surgeon said I could wear a headband/hat alternatively (since they both serve to hold the ears down), but I wore the headband 95% of the time because a hat was too warm for long periods (UK summer here, though fairly cool). My ears are still rather bruised/swollen, so I like to wear a hat over my ears when I go on walks for an hour or so in the evening. Is this okay despite the extra heat?

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Post otoplasty - effect of wearing different type hats

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It's probably ok- I keep a very simple rule with all surgeries "snug is ok, but tight is not."  The sensation over the area operated on is not perfect so wearing  tight contraining clothes is just not as safe as something that fits a little bit more loosely. 

Beanie Hat after Otoplasty?

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Congratulations on having undergone the otoplasty procedure. Generally speaking, the use of beanie hats should not be a problem;  best to confirm with your surgeon.

Best wishes.

Head Band Wear After Otoplasty

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Any type of head wrap that pushes the ear back would be fine. Since the procedure is designed to pull the ear cartilage back, any support in that direction is not harmful.

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Hat wearing after otoplasty

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The concept of the headband is to decrease swelling and to hold the ears back to encourage healing in a better location.  A tight hat, approved by your surgeon, is usually an acceptable alternative.  Many of my patients will wear hats, scarves and other accessories to make the headband invisible.  The heat should not be an issue, however, if you note yourself sweating excessively near your ears, consider an alternate hat.

Anil R. Shah, MD
Chicago Facial Plastic Surgeon
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