6 Months Post-op + Ear Surgery

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Otoplasty - How Long Before Working out - Lifting Weights?

Hi, I had otoplasty performed on both ears about 6 months ago. Should if be safe to being light weight lifting (workouts) now? Thanks, Frank READ MORE

Will my scars after otoplasty heal? (photo)

Hi, I had otoplasty 6 months ago and I happen to still have some red swollen scars and it is very embarrassing. My doctor said they will heal but I... READ MORE

How soon after otoplasty is it ok bend the ears?

I had otoplasty a little over six months ago. Both cartilage reduction and placement of permanent sutures to enhance the antihelical fold were done.... READ MORE

I think both of my ears were developing a telephone ear deformity after otoplasty. Any thoughts on how it looks? (Photo)

Okay, so I got my otoplasty back in February about 6 months ago and noticed both of my ears were developing a deformity of telephone ear, (One much... READ MORE

Otoplasty - 5 weeks post op - really concerned; ears stick out & pretty sore! Am I healing properly? Is this normal? (photo)

Day7: I was pleased w/the results but the pain was unbearable.Knowing that this procedure is done on kids,I felt like the pain I was feeling was not... READ MORE

Do I have a hematoma that needs to be removed? (photo)

I recently had an otoplasty procedure 6 months ago and one of my ears has healed perfectly but the other hasn't the shape of the ear doesn't look... READ MORE

What is this bump on child's ear 6 months after otoplasty? (Photo)

Doctor had a hard time correcting left ear because it lacked tone. We eventually noticed small sore, bloody spot on the front of the ear. We started... READ MORE

Revision otoplasty: will excision of excess skin in conchal bowl leave visible scar?

I had otoplasty procedure done 6 months ago. The surgeon used the cartilage removal technique. I ended up with telephone ears that have thick skin... READ MORE

Can I Take Glucosamine After Otoplasty?

Hi, I had otoplasty in December 2010 and had a revision in July 2011, and I used to take glucosamine before that but stopped (just for a few weeks) .... READ MORE

Can an overcorrection be fixed once permanent sutures are removed? (photo)

I had an otoplasty 6 months ago and had the permanent sutures removed to try to correct an overfolded antihelix. I already had a nice antihelical fold... READ MORE

Is It Risky to Get Otoplasty 6 Months Before a Jaw Surgery?

Hi I have heard you can get problems with your sinuses and nasal septum when you get jaw surgery.... Would that be a problem if your rhinoplasty was 2... READ MORE

Is this normal scarring six months post otoplasty? (photos)

When I pass my finger along it I can feel the permanent sutures. Is this normal? My plastic surgeon refuses to redo the stitches and says it's... READ MORE

Otoplasty Revision. Is there any way to reconstruct the cartilage back and spring my ear the way it was?

I had an otoplasty 6 months ago on my left ear. Even though I specifically told the surgeon that I don't want any cartilage/skin removed since both... READ MORE

Are my ears pulled back enough? (photos)

I dont know if I am putting too much thoughts on my ears because Ive always been self conscious about them. I had otoplasty 6 months ago. Is the... READ MORE

Will an otoplasty revision improve the shape of my ears?

I had ear pinning about 6 months ago. I'm not happy with the shape, it is pulling inwards in the middle whereas I'd prefer a straight of slightly... READ MORE

Otoplasty 6 moths ago non absorble SUTURES. Looking for a Procedure, exam that shows sutures location so I can get them removed

6 months ago I had otoplasty (non absorbable sutures/ no cartilage remove) original doctor is not available Im being in pain (tissue tension around... READ MORE

6 months post op Otoplasty, I have clicking / popping noise when I talk. Is this normal?

I had otolasty 6 months ago. Permanent sutures ni cartilage removal. I have tigh sensation and left ear is more sensitive when i talk i heard clicking... READ MORE

​6 month post op of Ear Surgery, my left ear is more curved out than the right. Can an ear be pin backed from the Scapha?

I had surgery to reduce my ears 6 months ago by having a pie shape cut off both my ears and everything came out good except that my left ear is more... READ MORE

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