3 Weeks Post-op + Ear Surgery

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Otoplasty - Too Early to Tell or Bad Job? (photo)

Hi Team, I would really appreciate your help here... I am 3 weeks post otoplasty. I am so upset as I feel it didn't go well. Am i panicing? I spent my... READ MORE

After 3 weeks otoplasty, top and bottom of my ear still stick out. What can I do?

I just had my otoplasty 3 weeks ago, i have big ears compared to my head and they stick out. i got them pinned but the top and bottom of my ear seem... READ MORE

3 Weeks After Pinning Back of Left Ear? (photo)

This is my left ear after getting it pinned back to match my right ear the left ear stuck out a lot more and had flat cartilage. As you can see it... READ MORE

Weird Swelling After Otoplasty (3 Weeks)? (photo)

Hello, I have had an otoplasty, it was 3 weeks ago, and there was a large swelling at the top of my ear. it has gone down now, but it seems to have... READ MORE

How Long After an Otoplasty Can I Get my Cartilage Pierced?

About 3 weeks ago I had an otoplasty done, I am 15 years old and I really want to get my industrial ( ear cartilage ) pierced , I know in three months... READ MORE

Was my Otoplasty Done Correctly? (photo)

I had otoplasty on both ears 3 weeks ago. My PS told me my ears would be a lot closer to my head and held my ears back to demonstrate the expected... READ MORE

Am I Healing Correctly of my Otoplasty? (photo)

I had otoplasty 3 weeks ago. Overall I am very pleased with the result. My ears look symmetrical and close to my head, yet completely natural. The... READ MORE

I Am Happy with my Otoplasty Procedure But Have a Question About Helix Portion? (photo)

Well i had my surgery 3weeks ago with no complain or problems at all.I am still wearing a headband whenever possible. My only concern is how the tip... READ MORE

Do I need revision otoplasty? (photos)

I got Otoplasty 3 weeks ago and i'm not happy with the results. When I removed the bandages I was v happy. There was a nice shape to both ears and... READ MORE

One Ear Looks Completely Different 19 Days After Otoplasty is This Normal?

I had otoplasty 19 days ago One ear is higher than the other and one ear sticks out too. His office staff said its too early for me to judge and that... READ MORE

Post Otoplasty Ear Rebounding?

Had my procedure 3 weeks ago. I wear the provided headband at night and during the day as much as i can. The main reason i wear it during the day is... READ MORE

How long can I sleep on my ear after an otoplasty?

I had an otoplasty 3 weeks ago and i was wondering when is it safe to sleep on my ear? READ MORE

Is this much asymmetry normal after my otoplasty at 3 weeks time? (photos)

I had an incisionless otoplasty nearly 3 weeks ago because i wanted the tops of my ears to be slightly pinned. The day after the surgery i could see... READ MORE

Do my Ears Look Normal After Ear Otoplasty? Also Can I Do Situps?

I had an ear otoplasty surgery done 3 weeks ago, one of my ears is popping out a little more than the other, I was wondering if it pops out more... READ MORE

Otoplasty 3 weeks post-op; Is this stitch extrusion, hypertrophic scarring, keloid, or unresolved swelling? (photos)

What's up docs, I am 3 weeks post-op bilateral otoplasty; I had conchal setback and construction of the antihelix on both ears. The right ear shows a... READ MORE

Is asymmetry normal 3 weeks after otoplasty to correct moderate bat ear deformity?

Permanent sutures were placed without cartilage removal.Since the surgery my left ear is now perfect, but my right ear sticks out several mm’s more t... READ MORE

Why Would I Get Brain Fog and Short Term Memory Loss After Having a General Anaesthetic?

The surgery was on my ears and there were no comolications during surgery. It was 3 weeks ago READ MORE

No dressing/headband worn 24/7 after otoplasty. Is it going to cause me problems? Just told to wear a headband at night (photo)

I had an otoplasty April 23rd. I was instructed to wear a headband a night for 6 weeks. No dressing/headband worn 24/7 ? I see everyone's comments and... READ MORE

I am not sure if my Otoplasty was done well. (photo)

First when i saw my ears without bandage(next day after surgery), it was ok,near my head, almost didnt see ears in front. Now 3 weeks after... READ MORE

Is this asymmetry normal 3 weeks after otoplasty to correct moderate bat ear deformity? (Photo)

Permanent sutures were placed without cartilage removal.Since, I am happy with left ear but my right ear looks very different and sticks out more... READ MORE

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