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How Long For Dysport to Wear Off?

Hi. I recently had 20 units of dysport injected in my mid-forehead area as well as right above the eyebrows and I HATE it. I'm wondering when I... READ MORE

Will Dysport Wear off Quickly if I Am Practicing Bikram Yoga Regularly (3-6 Times a Week)

I had a question. I tried Dysport for the first time for forehead wrinkles. I am very happy with the results. However, practice Bikram Yoga 3-5 times... READ MORE

Dysport Wears off After 1 Month?

I have had dysport injections on my frown lines on 3 occasions, with three different clinics. On each occasion it has lasted only 4-5 weeks, after... READ MORE

Will undereyes return to normal when dysport wears off? I hate it! (photos)

I had 20 units either side of dysport injected into my crows feet and units either side into bunny lines (which I'm pretty sure I didn't really have).... READ MORE

Dysport Gave Me Wrinkles, Will They Go Away?

My dr did a good job but still I have HATED the results of dysport. I hate not being able to be expressive with my eyes and I dont feel myself. Its... READ MORE

Anyway to make Dysport wear off faster?

I had a tiny amount of dysport injected into each side of my upper lip to get rid of a small line....I did not realize the effect it would have....... READ MORE

Dysport Changed the Look of my Smile - How Long Until It Wears Off?

I had dysport treatment, and it changed the look of my smile which is my best feature, I'm worried that it will last for long. When woudd the Dysport... READ MORE

I Had Dysport .6cc and I Need to Know is This is Large or Small Amount?

Hello I rely need ur help I have been injected for my first time by dysport and I don't like the result at all I look like a devil the dr infected me... READ MORE

Dysport 3 Months Ago Between Eyes. When Will it Wear Off?

Hello pleas I had dysport 3 month ago and I had a rely bad experience and iam waiting for it to wear off iam 29 years old and think I shouldn't do it... READ MORE

Dysport can last more than 1 year?

Hi it's have been 11months and still the dysport didn't were off it's still strong I had a little improvement iam scard that will never go I had bad... READ MORE

Is it normal for Dysport to wear off so quickly?

The first use of Dysport lasted me just under 3 months. I did my forehead only not inbetween my eyebrows. I just recently did it a second time for my... READ MORE

If I smile a lot, will masseter Dysport go away faster?

If I smile more (when no one is around of course as I look like a freak), will the Dysport wear off a little more quickly? Will my face regain it's... READ MORE

500 Vial of Dysport? How Long Til it Wears Off?

I hope I find an answer for my nightmare I sent my qui before about dysbort ihad it in Dubai it was very bad I look like evail i look scary am going... READ MORE

Dysport wearing off too soon?

I was injected with Dysport 4-1/2 weeks ago in glabellar, forehead areas. Don't know how many units, but went with what the doctor recommended. Had a... READ MORE

How long does it take for Dysport to wear off?

I am 49 years old and have a long face with a square jaw. As I've aged my jawline has become squarer and puffier giving me a very rectangular shaped... READ MORE

Dysport with This Amount when It Will Wear?

Hello about the 500. Vial this what they told me .please do u mind if u tell me when it will wear off and one more important thimg she injected me... READ MORE

Will a 10 unit topup do anything to refuel worn off Dysport after it worked for only 4 weeks?

Q1 Botox never worked in the past had 30 units for frown line twice no outcome. Had 50 units Dysport- fantastic result 3 days later but for only 4... READ MORE

I had a bad side effect to dysport. My eyes constantly want to relax. How much longer will this last?

My eyes constantly want to relax and I have difficulty focusing and I have light sensitivity. It's terrible. READ MORE

Botox/Dysport alternatives to high metabolizers.

In my 30s i had botox done twice with 2 different doctors and lasted maybe weeks. I was working out alot then. Im 46 now workout 3-4/week and decided... READ MORE

Will my brow muscles be where they once were when Dysport wears off? Just don't want recruited muscles to take over

Hi I am having some muscle recruitment from a bad dysport experience. only the sides of my eyebrows will go up and back in a way. really strange... READ MORE

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