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How Long For Dysport to Wear Off?

Hi. I recently had 20 units of dysport injected in my mid-forehead area as well as right above the eyebrows and I HATE it. I'm wondering when I... READ MORE

Will Dysport Wear off Quickly if I Am Practicing Bikram Yoga Regularly (3-6 Times a Week)

I had a question. I tried Dysport for the first time for forehead wrinkles. I am very happy with the results. However, practice Bikram Yoga 3-5 times... READ MORE

Dysport Wears off After 1 Month?

I have had dysport injections on my frown lines on 3 occasions, with three different clinics. On each occasion it has lasted only 4-5 weeks, after... READ MORE

Will undereyes return to normal when dysport wears off? I hate it! (photos)

I had 20 units either side of dysport injected into my crows feet and units either side into bunny lines (which I'm pretty sure I didn't really have).... READ MORE

Dysport Gave Me Wrinkles, Will They Go Away?

My dr did a good job but still I have HATED the results of dysport. I hate not being able to be expressive with my eyes and I dont feel myself. Its... READ MORE

Anyway to make Dysport wear off faster?

I had a tiny amount of dysport injected into each side of my upper lip to get rid of a small line....I did not realize the effect it would have....... READ MORE

Dysport Changed the Look of my Smile - How Long Until It Wears Off?

I had dysport treatment, and it changed the look of my smile which is my best feature, I'm worried that it will last for long. When woudd the Dysport... READ MORE

I Had Dysport .6cc and I Need to Know is This is Large or Small Amount?

Hello I rely need ur help I have been injected for my first time by dysport and I don't like the result at all I look like a devil the dr infected me... READ MORE

Dysport 3 Months Ago Between Eyes. When Will it Wear Off?

Hello pleas I had dysport 3 month ago and I had a rely bad experience and iam waiting for it to wear off iam 29 years old and think I shouldn't do it... READ MORE

Dysport can last more than 1 year?

Hi it's have been 11months and still the dysport didn't were off it's still strong I had a little improvement iam scard that will never go I had bad... READ MORE

Is it normal for Dysport to wear off so quickly?

The first use of Dysport lasted me just under 3 months. I did my forehead only not inbetween my eyebrows. I just recently did it a second time for my... READ MORE

If I smile a lot, will masseter Dysport go away faster?

If I smile more (when no one is around of course as I look like a freak), will the Dysport wear off a little more quickly? Will my face regain it's... READ MORE

How long does it take for Dysport to wear off?

I am 49 years old and have a long face with a square jaw. As I've aged my jawline has become squarer and puffier giving me a very rectangular shaped... READ MORE

500 Vial of Dysport? How Long Til it Wears Off?

I hope I find an answer for my nightmare I sent my qui before about dysbort ihad it in Dubai it was very bad I look like evail i look scary am going... READ MORE

Dysport wearing off too soon?

I was injected with Dysport 4-1/2 weeks ago in glabellar, forehead areas. Don't know how many units, but went with what the doctor recommended. Had a... READ MORE

Will a 10 unit topup do anything to refuel worn off Dysport after it worked for only 4 weeks?

Q1 Botox never worked in the past had 30 units for frown line twice no outcome. Had 50 units Dysport- fantastic result 3 days later but for only 4... READ MORE

Dysport with This Amount when It Will Wear?

Hello about the 500. Vial this what they told me .please do u mind if u tell me when it will wear off and one more important thimg she injected me... READ MORE

Botox/Dysport alternatives to high metabolizers.

In my 30s i had botox done twice with 2 different doctors and lasted maybe weeks. I was working out alot then. Im 46 now workout 3-4/week and decided... READ MORE

I had a bad side effect to dysport. My eyes constantly want to relax. How much longer will this last?

My eyes constantly want to relax and I have difficulty focusing and I have light sensitivity. It's terrible. READ MORE

Will my brow muscles be where they once were when Dysport wears off? Just don't want recruited muscles to take over

Hi I am having some muscle recruitment from a bad dysport experience. only the sides of my eyebrows will go up and back in a way. really strange... READ MORE

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