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3 Days After Dysport and No Change to 11 Lines Although Forehead Lines Seem to Be Going

The forehead lines seem to be going slowly from hairline working way down the middle of head, still visable on the outside of forehead but nothing at... READ MORE

Unusual Dysport Problem with Vertical Lines Above Eyes? (photo)

My doctor uses Dysport between my brows, crows feet and also my forehead. For the last eight months I have noticed unusual vertical lines above and... READ MORE

I'm getting 50 units of Dysport in my forehead and 11 area and it is lasting only 7 weeks. Any suggestions?

I was told it is because of my high metabolism. Is the Dysport being watered down excessively? Am I being swindled? READ MORE

Dysport - How long will tachycardia symptoms last?

I had 70 units of Dysport injected in my #11 and forehead one week ago. My symptoms include dry mouth (which has gone away) and tachycardia which I... READ MORE

I Had Dysport .6cc and I Need to Know is This is Large or Small Amount?

Hello I rely need ur help I have been injected for my first time by dysport and I don't like the result at all I look like a devil the dr infected me... READ MORE

Dysport caused bags under eyes. How long will it be like this? (Photo)

I got 60 units of Dysport in my 11's and a tiny bit in my forehead along with 1cc under each eye. Between my eyebrows looks great and I've had botox... READ MORE

Dysport treatment day after, is this normal? (photos)

Hello, I had my first Dysport injection yesterday. 50units for my 11lines between my eyebrows. This morning i noticed i can move my forehead and... READ MORE

Permanent damage from Dysport? (Photo)

5+ months ago I had dysport in my 11s. Once it kicked in, my eyes got dry, I felt pain in the inner upper corner of the eyes and my eyelids got... READ MORE

Help! Spock brows from Dysport just on the 11s! About how many more units is it gonna take to fix? Its an easy fix right?

Didn't get any dysport on my forehead because its smooth with no lines. I read here that it can be fixed with 2 more injections over each eyebrow.... READ MORE

I had dysport 10 days ago in my forehead and in my 11's; why is my forehead doing this? (Photo)

I had dysport 10 days ago in my forehead and in my 11's. Then the other day I noticed when I go to do any facial movement this is what my forehead... READ MORE

Botox/Dysport alternatives to high metabolizers.

In my 30s i had botox done twice with 2 different doctors and lasted maybe weeks. I was working out alot then. Im 46 now workout 3-4/week and decided... READ MORE

Botox wears off quickly in forehead and 11s after recruiting muscles start to compensate. What should I do?

Hi, I have very strong muscles in my face. When I get Botox in my forehead and 11s, (50-60 units), the Botox works. Within days, my recruiting muscles... READ MORE

I had 30 units of Dysport for my 11s last week. I don't think it was enough (Photo)

After the dysport last week my frown lines have softened but not enough.I prefer botox. I am wondering if I can go in to have another treatment next... READ MORE

Wondering if 7 days is too soon to be discouraged about Dysport? (Photo)

I got 110 units and still have crowsfeet,11s, cheek wrinkles . I feel cheated when I see other before and afters. I'm considering another try with a... READ MORE

Why does Dysport on my 11s between eyebrows cause a vertical wrinkle on the outer half of eyebrow to become deeper?

I expressed my concern to the doctor. He then injected a very small amount above the outer half of both eyebrows which he said would eliminate... READ MORE

is it best to wait for Dysport to wear off or go back and try to fix the issue? (photos)

Had Dysport 7 days ago in forehead and 11's. Now I have huge wrinkles above both eyebrows and still not smooth in the middle of my forehead. This was... READ MORE

I had Dysport 3 days ago, will it start smoothing middle of forehead and spread to above eyebrows on either side of head?(photo)

I had dysport 3 days ago can see 11 starting to smooth out but when raise eyebrows still deep wrinkles above eyebrows either side of forehead and high... READ MORE

Dysport one month later throbbing forehead especially at injection sites. What's going on?

Its been one month since i got dysport and my forehead feels like its throbbing especially at the injection sites. I got my upper forehead, my 11s and... READ MORE

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