Deep Plane Facelift

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A deep plane facelift goes deeper than a traditional facelift and is targeted at the midface. Tightening happens below the muscular and soft tissue layer (also known as the SMAS). For this reason, the deep plane facelift also carries a higher risk of nerve damage.

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Not Feeling my 65 Years So I Did Something About It - Argentina

I had been looking at myself in the mirror and thinking that my face didn't reflect how I felt. I sent some realistic pics of my face and neck and lower back (fat pads that just wouldn't go away no matter what I did) which I didn't like. Dr Freschi proposed a composite deep plane facelift with... READ MORE

My Face Disfigured by Surgeon McCoy L. Moretz

In 2015 he did the surgery on me. He promised to do the deep full face lift and I paid for that. But, instead that, was done simple liposuction and tighten skin to the ears. That can be called as Lifestyle Lift/mini lift/quick lift. My face was thin before and need the volume, not liposuction!... READ MORE

Deep Plane Face Lift - Coral Gables, FL

Thank you Dr. Bustillo for an amazing job. I'm an extremely allergic person that had some past health issues so this was a very hard decision for me. Everything you described went as planned. I'm 5 weeks post-op and my face just looks better everyday. I can't see any of the incisions and... READ MORE

Deep Plane Face Lift, Perioral and complete facial Fat Transfer ,Perioral Dermabrasion and Botox - Smithtown, NY

I just had my pre-op appointment and the excitement is getting stronger. I have so much grattitude to this site as it has given me so much information, thanks so much to everyone. I actually found my Facial Plastic Surgeon on "REALSELF" and having found his reviews and credentials and... READ MORE

Exceed Expectations! Atlanta, GA

Exceeded Expectations! I visited Dr. Benjamin Stong and Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery and have enjoyed excellent results with very little discomfort. I have had several opportunities to develop great confidence in Dr. Stong and his staff who are patient, knowledgeable and professional.... READ MORE

61 Years Old. Aliso Viejo, CA

Dr. Miller gave me a face lift, neck lift, and fat transfer. I was very impressed with him and with his office staff (who answered all my questions before I even had a chance to ask). And it doesn't end after the surgery. Nine months later I am still going in for follow up appointments at... READ MORE

dr. andrew jacono made me so happy!!! New York, NY

I was you...just a short time ago! I was searching for those special surgeon's hands that I would entrust for my facial plastic surgery. I found him! His name is ANDREW JACONO. And I state, without reservation, that I am so thankful I did. My surgery, performed just 6 weeks ago, was a... READ MORE

Deep Plane Facelift and SOOF - Charlotte, NC

I contacted Dr Freeman because I was unhappy with my chin. I had chin revision surgery years ago and went to him for help. He recommended a deep plane facelift , soof and was going to improve the shape of my chin. Unfortunately, I had a tooth abscess prior to surgery and had to have it pulled... READ MORE

59 Year Old Wanting a Face Lift - Fayetteville, NY

I had my face lift with Dr. Amar Suryadevara, and could not be more happy. He is the best plastic surgeon in the city of Syracuse in my opinion. He is up front and compassionate, and has the best bed side manner of any physician. You won't find a more honest and caring Dr. He called me the day... READ MORE

55 Yr Old, Deep Plane Face Lift, Rhinoplasty - Delafield, WI

I'm an active 54 year old and I wanted a more youthful look to match the way I felt on the inside. I chose a deep plane face lift for the long lasting natural results. I was targeting saggy jowls, double chin and nasal folds. I had rhinoplasty to narrow my bridge and remove a large bump. I have... READ MORE

59 Years Old Looking 45! - Mequon, WI

Dr. Campbell knows what he is doing. His results are extremely natural and the recovery was not too bad at all. He customizes the procedure to each individual's anatomy and needs. I needed a bit more neck work than most as I didn't have a very defined jawline and always wore my hair to cover... READ MORE

51 Eyes Breast Aug Fat Transfer Lower Face Lift - Bondi Junction, AU

I had a number of surgeons booked for consults, happily cancelled and lost deposits after meeting dr zacharia..He and I discussed how to look 'fresher',changed from threads to deep plane lower facelift.. Two weeks out now the recovery while painful didnt look too bad, so grateful for his wife... READ MORE

Jowly Since Age 12!! - Great Neck, NY

I have lost and maintained approx. an 80 pound weight loss since 2009. Yet, in spite of the weight loss, I still had a triple chin and looked heavy in almost every single photo. Nearly everyone in my family has had this 'chin' issue, no matter what their weight has been so I guess genes are part... READ MORE

55 Years Old and Wanted to Look As Fresh and Youthful on the Outside, As I Feel on the Inside! Charlotte, NC

After my second daughter left for college, I decided it was time to focus on me! As a regular exerciser, I knew I was taking care of myself physically but wanted to regain that "well rested" facial appearance. I began the search for the perfect physician, who would perform beautiful... READ MORE

Deep Plane Face Lift - Oregon

It has been 2 weeks after the face-lift. My face feels Pulled back,, & VERY TIGHT. Neck is tight. I actually looked pulled back, even though the doctor indicated that deep plane lift do not result in pulled back look. His before & after pictures looked good. He has had 20 years of... READ MORE

Still Swollen and Distorted 26 Days After Deep Plane Facelift, Upper and Lower Eyelids and Endoscopic Browlift

26 days ago I had a deep plane facelift, upper and lower eyelids and a endoscopic browlift. Recovery has been a lot harder than I ever anticipated and I am uncertain if I will ever be normal again. I am so eager to be healed and back out into the world. I am wondering how long it takes... READ MORE

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