How Long Does a Deep Plane Facelift Last?

A deep place face lift really just lasts 5 - 10 years? I read this somewhere. After 5 - 10 years I look as old as before the lift? That hurts. And what do I then? Is there no way to die beautiful? (Not that I plan that at the moment, if you know what I mean.) Gabrielle

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Longevity of results varies

The longevity of a facelift, deep plane or otherwise, depends on the type of surgery done, the talent of your surgeon, and the nature of the tissues you bring to the operation. Some patient factors decrease the longevity such as sun damage, acne scars, and wide weight swings.

Nevertheless, a well done facelift should last your lifetime in the sense that if you have it done, the new you will always look better than if you hadn't had it done.

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Deep Plane Facelift


A properly done deep plane facelift is one that suspends the tissues that have sagged by their deeper tissues (rather than the skin which is the quick recovery procedure that you'll see on tv or in ads everyday). These operations require more recovery but they are also significantly longer lasting assuming they are done properly. They don't expire in their duration, in other words you simply can't state a longevity to go by like you could these other skin stretches.

These operations that suspend the deeper structures after dissecting them out will simply turn back the clock and you live on daylight savings time. You'll continue to age of course, but the changes are permanent. That is one of the great advantages of this operation that is much more difficult to perform and requires more recovery... it's an actual fix. Otherwise, we'd all be doing skin stretching facelifts every year or so to keep things up. That's a more profitable model but the skin sagging is not the only problem, it's all of the tissues sagging. Not only do they need filling but they need to be suspended properly.

Once the skin sags it it telling you that it's quality is such that you can't rely on it to hold up it's own weight. Cutting out some extra skin and sewing it to itself will predicably fail with a widened scar and a pulled, funky look. This is why the deep plane procedures were described. There are not many deep plane performing plastic surgeons but if you ask around you'll find one. The philosophy is something to be considered by every prospective facelift patient.

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You Can Not Stop Aging

The second your surgeon finished your operation the aging process starts. If your surgeon performed a procedure when you were twenty (would not advise that obviously) you would not stay twenty forever, because factors like cell aging, sun exposure, loss of elasticity, loss of facial volume, etc. can all cause aging in face. In a well performed facelift, if you had a twin, you would always look better than your twin if you had the procedure performed and he/she did not. A deep plane facelift is a more sophisticated technique which repositions tissues rather than the use of suture suspension. Make sure that your surgeon has extensive experience in this procedure prior to undergoing it.

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Lasting effects of the deep plane facelift

A well deep plane facelift lasts just as long as a well done SMAS facelift. The difference between and deep plane facelift and other facelifts is in the elevation of the cheek fat pad ( and thus the rejuvenation of the midface) as well and the natural results it achieves.

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Deep plane facelift - longevity of results

Many different types of facelifts exist--including multiple variations of the deep-plane lift. Experienced surgeons generally agree that the deep-plane lift is the longest-lasting of the lifts. We typically quote 7-10 years as the longevity of the procedure, though no study has been done to truly show this. I would say that the personal who undergoes this procedure will likely always look younger than they would have if they had not undergone the procedure. The longevity of the lift will also depend on individual factors, skin type, stress, health, etc.

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Deep plane techniques should last 8-12 years

A deep plane facelift is a version of SMAS facelift technique. It is a category of modern extensive facelifts, such as Composite, Deep plane, High SMAS, Extended SMAS, SMAS platysma, SMASectomy, etc.

There are many nuances to these techniques, and surgeons who practice them will tailor components to the individual patient. These techniques should "last" 8-12 years, as opposed to the mini-lifts and suture lifts that are advertised as quick recovery operations, which can be expected to last 1 to 4 years.

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Longevity of a Facelift

When explaining the duration of facelifts in regards to the aging process to my patients, I like to use the metaphor of a conveyor belt. The facelift does not stop the belt but rather picks you up and sets you back in the younger direction at some distance. That is, you would always look younger and more refreshed than if you hadn't had the procedure. The oft-quoted 7-10 year period of benefit after a facelift is a generalization and each individual ages differently, given factors such as sun exposure, genetics, and skin maintenance. The specific type of facelift used is based on the surgeon's training and experience and when performed by a specialist in this type of surgery, there shouldn't be much of a discrepancy in the longevity. Finally, while some patients have a second (or third) facelift at some point in their lives, many others do not. 

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Longevity of Deep Plane Facelift

When it comes to longevity of the deep plane Facelift, there is no one right answer.

Even with the deep plane technique, longevity still is a function of how someone ages, tissue elasticity, toxic exposures (like sun and smoking), weight fluctuations, general health, hydration and diet.

Five years would be disappointing, especially for a deep plane Facelift. Fortunately, such a short-lived result is unusual. We generally see that Facelifts hold up well for 7- to 12- years, or longer.

For the vast majority of women, the results of Facelift are enduring enough to be a one-time procedure.

Of course, Facelift does not stop aging so much as it sets the process back and may seem to slow it down.

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Deep Plane Facelift for natural and long lasting results

The deep plane facelift is an advanced surgical technique that achieves a natural looking and long lasting result. This technique represents the state of the art in facelift surgery. Rather than just tightening the skin, this procedure lifts and tightens the underlying muscle while repositioning fat to achieve a three dimensional rejuvenating result. This procedure is best performed by an experienced facial plastic surgeon who performs facelift surgery as a routine part of his or her practice.

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Long-lasting and natural results

Hello and thank you for this question.  I agree - a facelift is a big commitment and patients want long-lasting but natural results.  I perform a modified deep plane facelift in my practice.  It is a reliable and effective technique with beautiful and natural results.  We have done studies looking at the long-term results of our facelift patients using this technique.  The results are well maintained for up to 10 years.  We aren't able to stop the aging process but your neck and jawline should not return to what it was before the surgery.  It will always look more youthful than if you didn't have the procedure at all.  However, after 5-10 years you may need a smaller tuck up procedure to tighten the jawline or cheek tissues.  The different facelift techniques all have different expected results/outcomes and realistic expectations are important.  I recommend a consultation with a Facial Plastic Surgeon to discuss his or her personal experience, recommendations, and surgical outcomes. 

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