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What Are the Effects of Coolsculpting on Lipomas (Hard Fat Tissue)?

I have a lipoma on my tummy about the size of a single kernel of corn.... I had zeltiq on my upper and lower abs and the lipoma burst when I squeezed... READ MORE

Fatter Area After Coolsculpting?

I had coolsculpting on low abs 7 weeks ago w/ small applicator. I had no side effects at first but 4 weeks later, the area became fatter and even... READ MORE

After Coolsculpting, I Have a Rock Hard Lump??

I had Coolsculpting done on my abdomen 10 days ago. On day 4, I noticed a hard lump near my belly button (on the left side only). I called my... READ MORE

Lump from Cool Sculpting? (photo)

Hi, I am slim build but had lower ab fat. Had 1 CoolSculpting and saw results 7-9 months later. While I am happy with a flatter belly, I was left with... READ MORE

Lipo for Lumps from Cool Sculpting (Zeltiq)? (photo)

I have a golf ball size lump from Cool Sculpt.Did another Zeltiq right at that spot only--no results. Waited 6 months did again-- lump hasn't changed.... READ MORE

Lump Left After Coolsculpting?

Its been 5 1/2 weeks since I had coolsculpting with small applicator done of my lower abdomen. I did not have any side effects at 1st, but at 4 weeks... READ MORE

What would help dents and lump caused by Coolsculpting? (photo)

Left w dent over belly button & 2 long indentations leaving a bulge.For years I've been pondering lipo but have been to afraid to make matters worse.... READ MORE

Large, hard and painful lump after Cool Sculpting. What is causing this?

Two weeks ago I had my left flank area done and one week ago I had the right side done. The right side has a large, hard painful lump and I was... READ MORE

Can Coolsculpting Help Smooth out the Lumps Formed from Lipo?

Hard lumps above and below the belly button making the belly button area feel very shallow and one small area where too much fat was taken out making... READ MORE

I developed a hard grapefruit size lump on my back flank after 8 weeks. A small lump on the other side after cool sculpting. (ph

Cortizone shot did not help. Doctors thinking about lipo. And ideas. A plastic surgeon is going to to it. READ MORE

2 weeks post op, Coolsculping, I have developed a 4 cm wide lump to the right of my belly button. Is this normal?

The lump is moveable, painful when massaged, and uncomfortable when working (ie typing at my desk"). Surgeon said "fat necrosis", but I see no... READ MORE

Any Possibility of Skin Puckering or Lumpy Texture?

Scheduled for Coolsculpt on the upper tummy area...just a small fat area above my navel...worried about skin texture changes or READ MORE

Lump from CoolSculpting with no results? Will this go away? (Photo)

I have a lump from coolsculpting the size of a golf ball near my belly button.Will this go away? Also it has been 2 months and no results. READ MORE

Abdominal CoolSculpting 6 weeks ago. Treatment seems uneven and I have a lump of fat accumulating between my lower ribs (Photo)

I'm so disappointed I thought I would have better results. I had the "diamond" treatment, 4 small applicators. My left side looks great but the right... READ MORE

Will the hard lumps around my belly button go away over time after CoolSculpting?

I had coolsculpting done on my abdomen 9 days ago on each side and notice I have hard lumps around my bellybutton area more so on the left. I can't... READ MORE

Is it possible to get rid of the long large lumps left behind after two rounds of coolsculping on my hips?

Long hard lumps after coolsculping, what went wrong? I had coolsculping twice like they suggested on my hips. Months after, long hard bumps formed.... READ MORE

Can you overdo it with coolsculpting?

I had one session done on my flanks and stomach 2 1/2 months ago but I still have a small pinchable area on my stomach that I want to get rid of. When... READ MORE

Is painful lumps in Abdomen after CoolSculping normal?

I had CoolSculpting done on my upper and lower abdomen 18 days ago and I still have three very painful lumps. One runs vertical in the center of my... READ MORE

After c-section lump two fingers above my belly button. Is it safe to do Coolsculpting? (photos)

Im 36 years old. Mom of twins 5 months ago via c section. Notice a lump or buldge two fingers below my belly botton n 4 fingers above scar. Noone seem... READ MORE

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