2 Months Post-op + CO2 Laser

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My skin looks worse after CO2 fractional laser on my face. Any suggestions?

Hi there, About 2 months ago I had co2 fractional laser treatment done to my face for a few mild acne scars only, now it appears my skin has... READ MORE

Why Don't I see Results of CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing After 2 Months?

I recently paid $3100 for a Full Ablative CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing from a PS. I was put on sedation with an anaethesiologist, and the procedure was... READ MORE

How to Fix Sunken Lower Inner Eyelids?

I just had CO2 Laser Eyelid resurfacing. Pics 3-4 (2 mos post procedure.) Still have shadows of inflamed skin. Pleased with the upper&outer... READ MORE

CO2 Laser Causing Milia?

In Oct. 2012 I had the above captioned full face laser. I am now fighting milia. As soon as I get rid of some, more pop up. What is an effective tx to... READ MORE

Red Mark Caused by Laser Co2? (photo)

I have a red mark in my face caused by laser Co2 which remains for 2 months now. Is there any way to treat this redness? Is there any expectation for... READ MORE

What can I do to relieve a red and burning face 10 weeks after a laser treatment?

On 9/10 I had CO2 fractional laser treatment for fine lines and rosacea. Since that time I have had severe redness and burning. So far I have been... READ MORE

Is 4% Hydroquinone Remedy for Healing After CO2 Laser Treatment on Upper and Lower Eyelids Effective? 9 Weeks Post-procedure.

I underwent a CO2 laser procedure on lower and upper eyelids 9 weeks ago. I still have redness and inflammation, fading very slowly but still... READ MORE

Co2lasering. Redness On Smile Lines and Chin and Getting Worse?

I had the procedure done 3/30/12, since then I have dark redding in a couple areas specifically on the smile lines and chin. It almost seems like its... READ MORE

I still have redness and discoloration and its been 2 months. Will it go away?

I got C02 fractional laser resurfacing on my arms and legs in hope to minimize the scars I have there. It has been two months and all the spots where... READ MORE

Will pinkness ever fade after CO2 laser?

I had CO2 laser treatment for acne scars exactly 2 months ago. Everything went okay during the healing time, but since then my face has a slight... READ MORE

Will these lines of demarcation go away...they are so dark? Please tell me this isn't permanent damage (Photo)

2 months ago I did the C02 laser on face and neck.it was aggressive as I'm 28 and probably didn't need it. My skin now looks dark grey or brown where... READ MORE

The Redness Comes Back and Goes Away, Flashes?

It has being 8 weeks since i had a lser fractional co 2 The place treated by laser sort of flashes all the time.The little scar that the laser treated... READ MORE

Post CO2 Redness Normal? (photo)

Hi, I just had a CO2 on a small area of my face to remove a stubborn acne scar. It has been 2 mths n still red. Doctor says to keep it dry. It will... READ MORE

Orange peel texture after fractional CO2 laser. Is this normal? (Photo)

I had Fractional ablative Co2 laser 2 months ago for acne scarring on both cheeks. My overall texture is like an orange peel now ( as if the pores are... READ MORE

8 weeks post op CO2, I have dark red brown stripes down both cheeks no sign of healing strange texture and large pores. (photo)

I had uick lift and a co2 told it was 80% I was swollen with these exact stripes it looked as no other area was done at 3 weeks called concerned and... READ MORE

Is It Normal for C02 Laser to Leave Bitmap-like Indentations 7 Weeks After the Procedure?

It's been 7 weeks and I STILL have bitmap-like indentations in my skin - even where the redness has decreased. It looks like I have big pores now,... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of the Dark Patch After CO2 Laser Treatment for Acne?

Hi... i got my laser done two months backs in January over the cheek area. The skin has turned brown in color and lines have been formed. Small pixels... READ MORE

I had Co2 laser to remove moles from my nose and face. Does this look normal? Crying :( (PHoto)

I have made a co2 treatment for Mole removole and now 2 month later its look like this (see pic) i took away 4 moles 2 on My nose and 2 one my face..... READ MORE

10 Weeks after CO2 perioral laser? (photo)

After the "peeling" process, and the dead skin was gone, my face was pink, as my doctor described it would be. Two days later, the treated area turned... READ MORE

Still red 10 weeks post CO2 fractional laser. What type of treatment is recommended for the best healing?

I am over 10 weeks post CO2 fractional laser on my face and neck. My neck has red spots that are more prominent at different points throughout the day... READ MORE

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