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Chin Implants Gone Wrong

I got a chin implant last spring. I asked the surgeon's assistant to show me the implant before they put it in but I didn't got to see it.... READ MORE

6 months after my chin implant and I hate it! It feels too big. Will it stay like this or not? (Photo)

Its been 6 months since I got my chin implant and I hate it. I feel like its to big and makes my face look awkward. It only make me more self... READ MORE

My Chin Implat is Large Size with Wings, Is It Too Big? (photo)

2 weeks ago i hand chin implant 9mm with wings , i had a receeding chin from the lateral side view bt i loved my face from the front , now i feel like... READ MORE

4 Weeks Post-Op Chin Implant , It's too Large, When Can I Have a Revision? (photo)

It has been 4 weeks since i had my chin implant and i still cant get used to my face looks too long and when i smile my chin looks like witch ,does my... READ MORE

Is it Possible to have Chin Implant Correction to Make Implant Less Pointy? (photo)

After a chin implant I have a stronger chin than I would like. From the front, it looks 1/2 centimeter too long, too pointy, and pulls my face down.... READ MORE

Chin Implant Too Big, Can't Close Mouth? (photo)

I had chin augmentation almost 4 wks ago now , and my lower lip is still unable to join the upper one. Tissue is stretched over chin due to size I... READ MORE

My Chin Implant Looks Too Big and Not in Proportion to my Face? (photo)

I am 10 days post op and my chin looks too big. Surgeon used a medpor implant and it was done through a cut under my worried it's too big!... READ MORE

Chin implant too big? Causing jowls? (photo)

I had a chin implant almost three weeks ago And I dislike it more and more every day. My chin was VERY weak before and I had fullness in the lower... READ MORE

Is the Chin Implant too Big or is It Just Swelling?

Hi im a 19 year old male from sydney,i just had a chin implant and rhinoplasty im happy with the rhinoplasty and understand that it takes 6-12 months... READ MORE

I Have Had my Chin Implant for 15 Months Now and Been Unhappy from Day 1, Should I Replace or Remove?

My implant is too big.I told my doc as soon as I saw it but he wanted me to wait until the swelling was gone.It's been over a year and I still... READ MORE

Chin implant too wide?

I got a medpor chin implant about 2 and half months ago. It's a 9mm implant with wings . I like the chin projection a lot but I feel the wings are too... READ MORE

Weak chin or just big lips? (Photo)

I have generally large lips. I'm curious how they affect my appearance and whether or not my chin is weak, or just my big lips making it appear that... READ MORE

I had a short, no wings silicone chin implant 8 weeks ago that is way too big, can I have a revision to go XS?

Implant is WAY too big, it gives witches chin effect. I had a weak chin & wanted a subtle improvement. The implant does not sit in line with my face &... READ MORE

Is my Chin Implant Too Big? (photo)

I didn't like my profile at all so last year I decided to have a chin augmentation. the implant wasn't symmetric. I waited 8 months before I had a... READ MORE

Chin Implant Too Large Big Mistake Please Help?

I had a chin implant a year and a half ago and I hate it its too large very wide and when I smile it projects out why to much. its made from a mesh... READ MORE

Is There a Chin Implant for Everyone? I've Had Two And Am Unhappy.

The reason I ask is because I've already had two chin implants and it still does not look right. I have these dents on the side now and my doctor... READ MORE

Safe For My Doctor To Be Re-Using the Chin Implant With A Different Placement?

My PS had to remove my implant coz it was a bigger size and my stitches wont heal,kept loosening( she put it from inside my mouth, 9 MM POREX ). So... READ MORE

Revision surgery for downsizing chin implant. How difficult is this? Should a new material be used? (Photo)

I’m a 26 y/o fem. I had a silicone implant placed in 2010. I would like to downsize it. It is very big (13 mm). I think it makes the lower third of m... READ MORE

Should I Remove my Chin Implant? is my Chin Implant Too Big?

Last year I had a Chin augmentation. The implant wasn't symmetric so I waited 8 months before I had a revision. The implant still looks asymmetric and... READ MORE

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