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Removing Medpor Chin Implant Before Causes Tooth or Nerve Loss?

I have a medpor chin implant. It has moved out of place but I have no pain and it still looks good. My dentist sent me to an oral surgeon and based on... READ MORE

Chin Implant and Nose Job? (photo)

I have a receding chin and a mild overbite (straight teeth otherwise, never had braces). Its more noticeable when my teeth are clamped shut so I've... READ MORE

Can a Chin Implant Be Problematic if I Have a Tooth Implant Already?

I am very seriously considering a chin implant, but I am concerned about possible pain or future problems because I have a tooth implant in my lower... READ MORE

Do chin implants harm the gums or teeth?

I had a chin implant placed 4 weeks ago and still have tightness around the chin area. I had tingling sensations around my teeth during the recovery... READ MORE

Numb Tooth After Chin Implant?

I had a large chin implant placed 7 weeks ago. It was placed rather high. I haven't been able to feel my left lower central incisor since the surgery.... READ MORE

Can Chin Implants to Damage the Roots of the Teeth?

If the roots of teeth are effected by chin implants, then what might be needed long-term for my teeth? READ MORE

Would a chin implant accompanied with the nose job I'm going to get improve my profile? (photo)

First off, I have straight teeth. I don't have an underbite or overbite or anything. I have big lips which I like, but I hate my profile because of my... READ MORE

Chin Implant: High Placement Causing Numb Teeth?

I had a large chin implant put in 7 months ago, out of town. I have numbness in lower left incisors. Has resolved a bit, but still there. If I put... READ MORE

Want Chin Implant for Weak Chin, Can I Have this Done Before Jaw Surgery to Align Teeth?

I am 21 years old and have a weak chin and my teeth are not aligned. My dentist is not interested in doing my surgery as he s feeling it is not... READ MORE

chin implant information

Chin implant surgery after three years,still stiches and little irritation and numbness in teeth .what if i dont prefer a surgery for correction .is... READ MORE

Do my teeth need to be aligned for a chin implant?

I'm a 17 year old male with overbite, openbite and a very poor chin. I have a few questions 1) Do my teeth need to be aligned for a chin implant? 2)... READ MORE

Chin implant with orthodontics?

Is it possible to do chin implant while getting orthodontics (invisalign...)? READ MORE

Would a chin implant improve my side profile, and help minimize the pads under my lips and protrusion of my lips/mouth?

I am wondering if a chin implant would work for me to help improve my side profile. I have never liked my mouth, it's large and I have large teeth and... READ MORE

Still little bit numbness in teeth due to chin implant surgery after three years - Normal?

Im 22 .i did chin implant surgery three years ago .its fine but a little bit of numbness in my tooth and a small irritation in stitches inside my... READ MORE

Toothless appearance after chin implant. Is this common?

Hi ,I got goretext medim size chin implant inserted. I am 5 days post op now and I see that the implant is giving me toothless appearance. I feel very... READ MORE

Do your teeth have to be straight to have a chin implant? (Photo)

Iam thinking to get a chin implant but I don't have straight teeth does it matter? Just want to add more definition to my jawline. I have a gap in pre... READ MORE

Weak chin/crooked jawline. Teeth are shorter on one side, possibly due to grinding. Face looks round, fat, and ugly.

When my face is resting it looks jowly & crooked, & from the side it looks like I have a double/receding chin. Just got braces off, no overbite but... READ MORE

How to move maxilla down so teeth show?

I have 2 problems. First, my upper teeth dont show when I smile. You can see a hint of them if I really smile widely. Second, my lower jaw is very... READ MORE

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