Sagging + Chin Implant

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Would I Benefit from a Chin Augmentation? (photo)

I am only 25, however, my face is already starting to sag, mainly around my lower face, the left side is slightly worse. I don't smoke or sunbathe so... READ MORE

Chin implant removed after 6 months. What is the best outcome in a case like mine regarding a saggy skin?(photos)

I am going to remove a chin implant I had put 6 months ago. My surgeon suggested to wait te time. I am 33 yr and my question is what is the best... READ MORE

Lower lip uneven, very crooked smile after chin implant. Is this my final result or will massage help? (Photo)

I had a chin implant done 1 month and 2 weeks ago (the cut was made under the chin) My lower lip is a bit numb one one side, same side is sagging and... READ MORE

I want to remove my 13-year-old chin implant. Now what?

I am a 36-year-old female and I had a medium sized silicon chin implant put in about 13-years-ago. The incision was made under my chin. To be honest I... READ MORE

Will the Removal of my Goretex Chin Implant Make my Jawline Look Worse and my Chin Sag?

I really want my goretex chin implant removed because I feel tingling and pulsing sensations when I touch it or put lip balm on, sometimes when I... READ MORE

Chin dimpling and sagging after silicone implant removal. What can I do to improve this ugly conditions? (Photo)

I want a V shaped look as my face is roundish. The surgeon gv me a big button silicone implant n that gv me a very longish, pointy and masculine chin.... READ MORE

Do i need a chin implant to fix my saggy lower lip? (photos)

I like the shape and fullness of my lips from the front view, but i just dont like the side view of my lips. What are my options for this ? READ MORE

Sagging Skin at 19 or Just Acne? Would Chin/jaw Implant Tighten my Skin? (photo)

I really don't like how I look right now and people receive me very badly I think that my forehead is relatively too small and make me look awkward as... READ MORE

Chin implant removal. Will it cause my chin to sag?

I had a large medpor chin implant placed half year ago and im not satisfied with the wide implant shape. I'm interested in have it removed . Will it... READ MORE

Will my chin ever go back to normal? It has been 6 weeks since implant removal and still no sign of normality.. fed up! (photo)

2 months ago I had the smallest size implant put in my chin, after 10 days of having it i immediately had it removed as I hated the feel/look of it... READ MORE

Chin implant removal cause sagging? (Photo)

I had medium flowers mandibular glove Dec 15 along with sub mental fat removal. Incision under chin. I can't smile and made my face too round. I was... READ MORE

Silastic Chin Implant removed 4 months ago with chin ptosis. When am I done healing?

The implant was placed through a submental incision, medium sized and removed due to nerve tingling and difficulty smiling. The implant was removed 2... READ MORE

Wearing a wrap around chin/jaw angle implant can contribute to sagging of skin along jawline?

A DR said it's not good to wear a 1 piece wrap around chin/jaw angles implant cuz there'll be no area for the soft tissues along my jawline to... READ MORE

Intra-oral chin implant, mentalis muscle and chin ptosis. I'm concerned about chin sagging. Any suggestions?

I am concerned about the possibility of my chin sagging after having a chin implant placed intra orally. I heard that in order to place the implant... READ MORE

Few questions about the mandibular angle implants

1. I heard it's a complicated procedure. How often do complications happen? 2. If the implants need to be removed because of an infection, does it... READ MORE

Am looking to improve my profile (recessed chin?) and slight sagging under neck. Am 50 year old male (Photo)

Am looking to improve my profile (recessed chin?) and slight sagging under neck. Am 50 year old male with what am told by couple of dermatologists to... READ MORE

Plastic surgeon and dental expert consult needed. Is there any way to restore my old looks? (Photo)

Hello,Im 33 but my face looks 55.Due to orthodontics (10 yrs ago)&extraction of3 teeth (bone loss)my face decreased in height.collapsed vertical... READ MORE

Follow-up question: Will an implant alone give a minimal effect and remove excess skin under chin?

So basically lipo under chin area may cause more droopy saggy skin for my situation ? Now I'm wondering if the implant alone will give at least a... READ MORE

After a medpor chin implant removal, can a sagging chin and inverted lip be corrected? (Photo)

I had a chin implant placed intraorally in September 2015. It was removed 6 weeks later due to infection. I now have a problem closing my mouth... READ MORE

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