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I have an average overbite, weak chin, and long nose. Am I an Ideal Candidate for Rhinoplasty/chin Implant?

I booked a private consulation with an orthodontist, they said I have an average overbite, and apprently this isnt something that needs correcting. I... READ MORE

What is the Difference Between a 'Weak Chin' and Micrognathia/retrognathia and How Do You Know Which One You Have? (photo)

Also, it is common to have a weak chin. The only thing I know for sure is that I have an overbite. I don't have chewing issues or breathing issues and... READ MORE

Could a Chin Implant Be an Alternative To Jaw Surgery To Correct Overbite?

I have a slight overbite but refused to do a jaw surgery. Is it possible to correct my chin profile? Could be the result the shown on a second photo... READ MORE

I'm 22 yrs old and have a weak chin. Am I an Ideal Candidate for Rhinoplasty/Chin Implant?

I booked a private consulation with an orthodontist, they said I have an average overbite, and apprently this isnt something that needs correcting. I... READ MORE

Does Corrective Jaw Surgery (Over Bite) & A Chin Implant Close the Mouth from Hanging Open? (photo)

I have a reciding chin, and a small overbite. I want to have a chin and a jaw line, and be able to close my mouth easy, so it's not hanging open. I am... READ MORE

What Can I Do to Fix my Profile? (photo)

I'm very unhappy with my profile and have a 5mm overbite. I've done research on chin augmentation and would like to know if an implant or genioplasty... READ MORE

Would I Look Better with Chin Implants? Genioplasty? Mandibular Angle Implants?

Would I be better looking with chin implants? Genioplasty? Mandibular angle implants? I also have a dental overbite that I am planning to correct with... READ MORE

Can I Still Get a Chin Implant with an Overbite?

Hi, I have a slight overbite. Would i still be able to get a chin implant and what would be the average cost? thanks READ MORE

Orthodontics or Chin Implant First?

I have TMJ from bad orthodontics. I now have a deep overbite bite after splint therapy, and my jaw line is straight across rather than angular. I want... READ MORE

Will Getting a Chin Implant Before Braces Result in a Protruding Chin?

I've been wanting to get braces for years now to correct my teeth and overbite. I am also self-conscious about my recessed chin and was... READ MORE

Braces After Chin Implant

I've asked my cosmetic surgeon who does not specialize in the dept of dentistry about the possibility of going for orthodontic after Mentoplasty.... READ MORE

I Have an Overbite, Though Not Too Big, Am I a Candidate for a Chin Implant?

Hello, I've been told that I needed jaw surgery to correct an overbite with I was 13 years old. I ended up not going through with it and was wondering... READ MORE

I have an overbite, weak chin, long nose. Am I a candidate for rhinoplasty/chin implant and corrective jaw surgery? (Photo)

I'm 16 years old with gynecomastia, in addition I have a weak chin, overbite and a large nose which I had broken thus its protruding outwards since I... READ MORE

Age 21, Male with an overbite and open bite: Do I Need a Chin Implant? (photo)

Hi i am 21 year old male , i am currently ghave braces to fix my overbite and open bite . I have always thought that i have had a weak chin , and was... READ MORE

I have weak chin causing skin irregularity. What is happening that causes my skin to darken and dip in that area? (photos)

I have a small chin and jaw. The photos I provides are of me with my mouth shut and at rest. I have an overbite and am considering a chin implant to... READ MORE

Would a chin implant, sliding genioplasty, or braces help resolve my slightly imbalanced jawline? (Photo)

I am generally happy with my facial appearance. When I was younger, I had braces to correct an overbite. The orthodontist told me I had a mandibular... READ MORE

Chin and/or Jaw Angle Implants for Specific Situation?

I am a 30 year old male who recently underwent a successful septorhinoplasty. I was interested in having a chin implant but decided not to do this... READ MORE

Would a chin implant and nose job help make my face more proportional, as well as more heart shaped? Is 17 too young? (Photo)

I feel I have a weak chin (I have had orthodontic work done that pushed my jaw forward due to an overbite) and because of that I'm very self conscious... READ MORE

Can I Still Get a Chin Augmentation W/ Implant Even Though I Have over Bite?

Will I still be eligible to get chin augmentation even though I have an overbite?Also does chin surgery envolve alot of bleeding during the surgery? READ MORE

Would a chin implant accompanied with the nose job I'm going to get improve my profile? (photo)

First off, I have straight teeth. I don't have an underbite or overbite or anything. I have big lips which I like, but I hate my profile because of my... READ MORE

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