Long Face + Chin Implant

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Long Face Syndrome, or Weak Lower Jaw? Will Chin Augmentation Help? (photo)

Well, I've been looking at my side profile views and have been noticing that not only do I have a weak chin, but my jaw seems to have grown almost... READ MORE

What Procedure(s) can transform my Round Face into a Narrower/Longer Looking face like the 3rd photo ? (photo)

I have a round face, and would like to know what procedures I can get to give me a more oval shape? I understand there is Botox that can be injected... READ MORE

Can Chin Implant Make My Face Look Much Longer? - Medpor 3 Weeks Ago

Swelling has gone down a lot but now im left with a very long skinny face that has aged me. My PS said he projected my chin to bring my chin forward... READ MORE

I Despise my Looks, What Shall I Do? (photo)

Age 22. The following issues that I have a problem with: * I have a long face and when I relax my jaw, my mouth opens. Im also a mouth breather, does... READ MORE

Is my chin implant too big? What can I do to balance my face? (photos and X-rays)

I am a 26 y/o fem. I had a chin implant surgery and rhinoplasty 5 years ago. I was pleased with the chin implant, but I think that my face looks too... READ MORE

My face looks too long after chin implant. Can this be because of swelling?

I had a chin implant 5 days ago and right now my face looks a bit too long with the implant. I understand I am still swollen and my chin will continue... READ MORE

Will a chin implant change the shape of my face? (photos)

I have an oval/long face. I am wondering if a chin implant would help me to get the heart-shaped face I desire. READ MORE

Does my face look like one of a mouth breather's? (Photo)

Hi I just informed myself on the effects of mouth breathing during childhood. I realized I sometimes mouth breathed subconsciously and I never... READ MORE

Long face and weak chin with weak cheeks, what can be done? (Photos)

I have a long face. My forehead isn't very big, but the lower part of my face is much longer. I do not have a very nice profile and on days that I am... READ MORE

What to do to fix my long face syndrome? (Photo)

I have a weak chin, incompetent lips, protruded lip. I have to strain my lips together to keep them closed. Feel like my nose may have been a... READ MORE

Jaw/chin Implants, Rhinoplasty, for a More Masculine Look? Can I Achieve What I Am Looking For? (photo)

I think I am not an unattractive person, but their is a few things I guess I would change to improve my appearance, I wanted more of a broader face,... READ MORE

Can chin implants help your face look longer?

On the before and after pictures of people who got chin augmentations, I've only seen chin implants from profile that correct receding chins. My chin... READ MORE

Chin implant to change face shape? (photos)

I dont know what my face shape is and i would want to have a more defined and feminine face. I am thinking about getting a chin implant but i'm scared... READ MORE

How can a chin implant be placed on the mandible to avoid adding vertical height? (photo)

I want my chin to project horizontally, curving upwards slightly. I do not want vertical height added to my chin because this would make my face to... READ MORE

Shorten my Long Face/jaw? (photo)

I'm going to get jaw implants but I feel like my face is too long. Is there any way I can reduce the length of the face and make my jaw less rounded?... READ MORE

Can a chin implant help me get rid of my round face and cheeks and achieve a longer slimmer face? (photos)

Hi! I have always been very insecure about my face. I have a round face and I have chubby cheeks, I look younger than I am and people play with my... READ MORE

Do I have long-face syndrome? (Photo)

I know that I mouth breathed some as a kid. I'm mostly concerned about my chin. READ MORE

After two chin implants I'm still unhappy, but unsure about a third procedure. What should I do? (photos)

The first wrapped under my chin + was crooked with little projection. It made my longface even longer. 4yrs later a 2nd doctor said it would be a snap... READ MORE

Chin implant made my face long and narrow. Why has there been such a significant decline to my front? (Photo)

I had a chin surgery 2 weeks ago. The implant was an XL extended anatomical with 9mm projection, silicone based and the incision was under the chin. I... READ MORE

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