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Are Itchy Red Spots After a Light Chemical Peel Normal?

I had a light chemical peel done 5 days ago for light acne and acne marks. I still have some peeling but the peeling and dryness are significantly... READ MORE

My Underarms Started Peeling off and Became Very Red After Application of Green Peeling Oil from a Local Store? (photo)

Is it normal that it became like this? its very itchy, very red and shiny at the same time after it started to peeled off. due to itchiness i tried to... READ MORE

Extremely Itchy Rash on Face and Neck After Chemical Peel

I have been having a series of chemical peels over the last year to treat severe acne. I schedule the peels at least 6 weeks apart. The last peel, my... READ MORE

Allergic Reaction From Face Peel?

I had a very mild face peel and now my eyes and the area around my eyes have swelled up and very itchy. Will this cause me to have more wrinkles when... READ MORE

My underam skin got a lot darker after a 25% chemical peel. Is it normal or will it always be like this? Will it go away?(Photo)

My skin started to peel on the second day after sweating a lot that morning. I could pull out the skin easily with no pain. Then I put on a fade cream... READ MORE

Why is my new skin scaly, wrinkly and scabby after Vitalize Peel?

Problem with Vitalize Peel. So had the Skinmedica Vitalize peel done on Tuesday and up until Saturday most skin is peeled off. However the new skin... READ MORE

Vitalize Peel Rash Normal? (photo)

I had the Vitalize peel done 4 days ago at my Dermatologist's office. It itches and stings like crazy, and has resulted in a flat, red rash in the... READ MORE

Hydroquinone makes skin itchy and red. Does this mean I can't do a melanage peel?

I have melasma and got the melanage peel done a few years ago. I loved the results and would like to do it again. However, I've noticed that when i... READ MORE

2 weeks after peel, experiencing itchy and burning sensation. Is this normal?

I had my 1st peel 2 weeks ago, there was no flaking and my skin looked great, however 2 weeks later I'm experiencing itchyness n burning sensations on... READ MORE

Raised bumps that sometimes itch. What can I do to make them go away? (Photo)

I ordered on Amazon Retin Glow 50% Latic Acid peel with the after- peel neutralizer. On the 3 day I started getting raised itchy bumps. How can I get... READ MORE

Is peeling good for my dark underarm? (photos)

I think the darkening of my underarm started when i was in grade school around 7-8 y.o i was confused with the deodorant used by my mom so i applied... READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation After Chemical Peel?

Thank you for the answer. I didn't have no scabbing or crusting but a very inflamed, very itchy skin for 3 to 4 days. I did wear a sunblock with 50... READ MORE

Is this normal to be very rough , itchy, only in cheek area 3 weeks after a peel?? If so, how long will it last? (photos)

I had a croton oil peel three weeks ago, everything was going fine with the peel but after 1 week i started to get what i thought was a rashonly on... READ MORE

I had Apeele 2 days ago, and my skin is red and very dry. When can I moisturize?

Had apeele two days ago. I am peeling like crazy today around mouth, lower cheeks and neck. Face is still red, even the new skin. Derm said not to... READ MORE

Burned Skin after Chemical Peel. What to do after? (photos)

Hi. My knees have been the darkest part of my skin. I looked for treatments that would make it even and I've tried yellow peeling oil. It felt fine... READ MORE

Should I use 1% retinol immediately after a chemical peel?

I just had a salicylic acid ( medium depth) chemical peel at a spa. The lady put me on dermalogica ultra calming kit for 2 weeks. I had the peel today... READ MORE

Is chemical peeling ok? (photos)

I purchased a set of rejuvenating stuff. Immediately on the 3rd day, my skin started peeling and it has this burnt look, it's so red that i get so... READ MORE

I have a rash on neck after intermediate chemical peel. How can I treat it? (Photo)

I got a intermediate chemical peel done (Perfect 10) about two weeks ago, and my face has healed fine but my neck is still very sensitive, itchy, and... READ MORE

Is my red itchy face normal after chemical peel 72 hours later? (Photo)

My first chemical peel on Tuesday (30% glycolic peel) Im now worried as it is now 72+ hours later and my skin is still red and Quite itchy. I have... READ MORE

I've got very itchy skin after 10% 4 layer chemical peeling. Is it normal, and how can I prevent it?

I had a chemical peeling in the morning, its 10% and in 4 layers, but the night after my face and neck started to get itchy. is that normal? and how... READ MORE

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