Are Itchy Red Spots After a Light Chemical Peel Normal?

I had a light chemical peel done 5 days ago for light acne and acne marks. I still have some peeling but the peeling and dryness are significantly reduced. But there are times when certain areas of my face get really itchy and develop into small raised red bumps like whiteheads/mosquito bite. I try my best not to itch them and notice that they shrink in size after 2 to 3 days. Am I having an allergic reaction? Are these whiteheads from my acne? Or are they simply due to irritation from the peel?

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Itchy Red Spots After Light Chemical Peel

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It is very possible to have nonspecific, red, itchy papules (bumps) after light chemical peeling. Everyone's skin reacts differently to chemical peels and this may just be how your skin is healing from the peel. You can try using a very light cortisone lotion or cream to the areas as needed and/or a bland moisturizer like Cetaphil.  If they persist beyond a few weeks, I would follow up with your physician. Make sure to also be very careful with the sun as your skin heals from the chemical peeling. 

Itchy Red Spots after Light Chemical Peel

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It is very common to have some red itchy patches after a chemical peel if you have sensitive skin.  You can use Epiceram or a mild cortisone cream to help heal the area.  If it is persistent please follow up with your dermatologist.  Not all skin types are the same and different unique peel regimens need to be implemented based on your skin type and color.  Best, Dr. Green

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