Sitting + Butt Implants

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Is It Easy for a Butt Implant to Rupture?

If you fall down, have sex a certain way, etc, can a butt implant rupture easily? also, is it easy for things to go wrong with such an implant where... READ MORE

I am thinking about getting butt implants. How Soon Can You Sit After Buttock Implant?

I am thinking about getting butt implants. I had fat transfer over a year ago and my butt is still flat. I have a desk job where I am on the computer... READ MORE

My flight is 5 hrs long. How Soon Can You Sit After Buttock Implant?

How Soon Can You Sit After Buttock Implant? Im planing on flying a week post surgery , and my flight its 5 hour long. Could I sit for that period ? Thanks READ MORE

After Butt Implants, how should I travel home from the hospital? Can I sit down? How long until the drains are removed?

How do I travel home from hospital (in a cab) rite after butt implant surgery as I am not supposed to sit ? and how long after surgery do drains come... READ MORE

Are buttock implants comfortable when sitting for LONG periods of time (e.g., plane flights, long drives, etc.)?

I know we do not technically "sit" where the implants are placed. But how many of us really have good posture or sit with perfect posture at all... READ MORE

What is this pain? Where and why did this come after butt implant surgery? (photos)

Had butt implant surgery 10 wks ago on the 3rd wk this appeared and has NEVER LEFT...very painful affects my walk and is very, very hard...painful to... READ MORE

How soon after butt implants can you start dancing and sitting down?

I'm an exotic dancer in NYC. I had the butt implants surgery 2 weeks ago, I feel good, the swelling went away, it still feels a little painful and... READ MORE

Concerning buttock implants.. how long can one sit at a time 1 week after operation?

Is a 5 hour flight 7 days after buttock operation a bit too long to sit ? READ MORE

What surgery should I do first? Butt Implant or Thigh Lift (part 2) (photos)

I added piks to get better advice. My nightmare are my legs they have no elasticity when I sit or lay down everything spreads. Having hard time... READ MORE

After getting buttock implants, how long does the pain usually last?

If you have already have buttock implants and are going to remove and replace what steps do you take from there? For example: how long can you not sit... READ MORE

Buttock implants,help!

I Always wanted buttock implants ,own fat putting into my bum isn't an Option because i am too thin. But i am very scared i've Heard- so Many Bad... READ MORE

Should I Be Experiencing Pain 4 Months Post Op (Butt Implants)?

Hello, I am 4 months post-op, and am still experiencing pain after having butt implants. I am unable to sit for an extended period of time without... READ MORE

My butt implant turns if I sit on the edge of a hard stool - should I be worried?

Hello! I need help! I got butt implants 2 years ago and if i sit on a edge of a hard stool my right butt implant will turn! Its happened 3 times! My... READ MORE

What is the ideal amount of time to wait until you sit down after Buttock implant surgery?

Most doctors suggest 2 to 3 weeks. One doctor in the SF Bay area asks patients to wait a full 6 weeks until they SIT DOWN or SLEEP on THEIR BACK. What... READ MORE

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