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Lateral Brow Lift - Left Brow Much Higher with No Relief from the "Pulling" Sensation (photo)

I am 32 days out from a lateral brow lift. My right brow and forehead are perfect. A bit of numbness left, but other than that, there is no discomfort... READ MORE

Taking Forever to Heal from Endoscopic Brw Lift. ( 3 Months Post Op)?

Hi. I am 3 months post op from an endo brow lift and am still having the following symptoms. !)My right side brow still does not move. (My left one... READ MORE

Can this pain be nerve pain? Throbbing/tight/strange sensation to right side of head and temple area after brow lift.

5 wks post brow lift. I initially had a swollen knot on forehead that has improved. Daily I have a constant tight feeling to right side of head with a... READ MORE

I just had an "endoscopic brow lift" 8 days ago and my eyelids won't stay closed when I try to sleep. Is this normal?

The surgeon did not use the things on the skull. He pulled up the skin and I have 3 smaller incisions on my scalp. He also said he removed some of the... READ MORE

I had a hairline brow lift about 2 years ago?

I still have feel tightness and tingling-sometimes it's rather intense. Will this ever go away? READ MORE

Has Anyone Had Excrutiating Scalp Tightness/Squeezing For Longer Then a Year or two?

Brow Lift - Almost 3 Years Post Op. Dr. Ted Horowitz did help me with question regarding a helpful procedure for the problem. But, I'm still wondering... READ MORE

Would Radiofrequency Ablation or Supraorbital/supratrochlear Block Alleviate Exreme Scalp Tightness/squeezing?

I had a dual plane eyebrow lift in July of 2010, and my life has turned upside-down because of the suffering I"ve endured. I had my plastic surgeon... READ MORE

I'm 6 months post op endo browlift, and suffering dry eye, tightness, pulling of forehead & scalp. Is this normal?

Posting after my brow-lift when my eyes wouldn't close/ tightness/pulling, all advised wait 6 months. Eyes close almost normal again, but if wrinkle... READ MORE

Why didn't my browlift stay in place?

I had a browlift with cortical tunnels and sutures almost 2 months ago. After the procedure the brows were arched great and the skin on my eyelids... READ MORE

I had a coronal brow lift 5.5 years ago. Why do I still have moderate to severe tightness /pulling sensation around my forehead?

I also seem to have deeper tear troughs as it changed the shape of my eyes when it was done..He removed corrugator muscles and maybe more during the... READ MORE

I would like to know if the need to redo an eyebrow lift.

I had a brow lift seven weeks ago and one side seems extremely tight. I called the office and was told it was normal. Three weeks ago I was washing my... READ MORE

Is it normal for the whole top of my head to still be numb 8 months after a endoscopic brow lift?

I had an endoscopic brow lift 8 months ago. My forehead is still tight and one of my eyebrows is still too high. The whole top of my head is still... READ MORE

My left eyebrow and a little above is lifted higher than my right. Happened after the birth of my daughter a year ago. (photos)

It becomes even worse when im stressed or tensed. I feel like my eyebrow and above is being pushed on. It's not just the eyebrow but also the skin... READ MORE

Are permanent sutures used in coronal brow lifts? (Photo)

I have chronic pain from a disastrous coronal brow lift in Costa Rica 4.5 yrs ago. (It was undisclosed - the surgeon told me 5 weeks after surgery... READ MORE

Are there procedures to tighten the loose scalp skin or lift the skin inside your hair? (photo)

I wud like to know of any specific scalp skin lifting procedures... I have provided a picture of my question... The scalp is the place where skin... READ MORE

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