DDD To B Cup + Breast Reduction

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I'm 34ddd How Many Grams Would I Need Removed to Be a 34b? (photo)

I'm 33yrs old, my height is 5'4, I weigh 135lbs. I have a small frame, My BMI is 23.2 normal, my body surface area is 1.6698 m2, Schnur scale says... READ MORE

Recent reduction from 34DD/DDD to 34B, was this too small?

Did I go too small, I was a 34DD/DDD to a 34B, I am 5'7 1/2' and weight 143. I've been seeing community photos and wondered if I've gone too small.... READ MORE

Is It a Realistic to Want to Go from a 40DDD to at Least a B Cup Size?

I am 5'4 and weigh 186 I am a 40DDD and still growing in chest size I have severe back, neck, shoulder, and headache pain. READ MORE

See size 38b breast pics. I'm going to have a BR done & per my ins requirements I will need to go down to a B cup.

I'm a Triple D now & was a B like in Jr High about 45 years ago. Just want to see , visualize what my breast size will look like after my surgery.... READ MORE

My Breast Reduction Left my Nipples Placed Too Far Apart Can Anything Be Done? (photo)

My breast reduction took me from a 34DDD to a 34B. I'm happy with the size of my new breast, but my nipples look strange from a front view. My nipples... READ MORE

Is Dd/ddd Possible to Get Reducedto a Small A/B Cup?

I am a dd/ddd cup and i would like to go down to size A/B cup is this possible i have been doing my research for 3yrs and i am 21 yrs old 5'5 120... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Have my Breasts Reduced from a 38DDD Down to a 38B?

I have just turned 60 & I have had to buy larger bras 3xs in past 2-3 years. I am considering having a reduction done, but I want to go as small... READ MORE

I am 25 wear a 36DDD and weigh 141lb. I was wondering if it is possible to go to a 36 B and if it is safe? (photo)

I wore a 34G at 13 years old and have always had extreme back, neck, and shoulder pain. After 2 children I am still in a 36DDD I would like to br... READ MORE

I'm 5'8", 155 lbs and am a 30 DDD. I am an actor and dancer... I need help deciding to go under the knife. (Photo)

I have always wanted a breast reduction. With a 30 lbs weight loss I thought they would get smaller, and they havent. I go into auditions knowing they... READ MORE

Is my nipple okay after breast reduction surgery? (Photo)

I am 19, no kids, 5'3 and 5 days post op. My surgery was June 29 and I went from 36 DDD to approx 36 B/C. Following surgery I was obviously in pain,... READ MORE

What size will I be? I was 32DDD, asked surgeon to make me a small B. He removed 230g from the left and 265g from the right

5'5"/125lbs, 'extremely dense" breast tissue (per surgeon and numerous mammograms). 230 gms taken from right breast/265 gms taken from left. Wondering... READ MORE

Can inverted nipples fixed with Breast reduction?

Hi, im hoping to get a breast reduction from 34DDD to hopefully 34B. I also have inverted nipples. Can my nipples be altered at the same time as the... READ MORE

I want my insurance to pay for a reduction. Do you think this is possible and where do I begin? (Photo)

I am in my fifties and have always hated my breasts. Since menopause, they have gotten bigger! I have terrible migraine headaches. I wear a 32ddd and... READ MORE

Is it smart to reduce my breast size from a DDD to a B?

I am 22 years old , weigh 145 lbs, am 5'4" and range from a 36DD to a 34DDD. I am very active, but if I move around too much my bra and sports bra cut... READ MORE

I am concerned about the outcome of my final breast size , what can I anticipate the cup size to settle at? (photo)

Hello- I had a breast reduction 7/31/14. I am 5 foot 4 inches and around 145 pounds- 46 years old and very healthy and athletic. I was a 34dddd or... READ MORE

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