Compression Garment + Breast Reduction

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How Long After Breast Reduction Should You Wait to Sleep Without a Bra?

How long after breast reduction surgery should you wait before going braless(sleepig without)? READ MORE

Does Everyone Need Surgical Bras and Compression Garments?

I am scheduled for tummy tuck and breast reduction on 12/30/11. My PS didn't mention needing to purchase compression garments or surgical bras,... READ MORE

Compression Garment Flattened/indented Part of my Breast, Will the Tissue Go Back into Place?

I had a breast reduction one week ago. After four days of unknowingly wearing a compression bra that was too small (It was fitted for me by a... READ MORE

Smell from breasts 3 weeks post Breast Reduction.

I notice a smell when I remove my surgical bra to shower. I have no fever, no real pain and there is no drainage on the pads I have over the tape and... READ MORE

For How Long Does a Woman Need to Wear Compression Garment After Breast Liposuction?

Dear Doctors, My uncle is a gynecologist and he has always told me that a woman should not wear a bra constantly. Told me that if a woman constantly... READ MORE

What Size Surgical Bra Should I Buy?

I am having breast reduction surgery in three weeks and I'm trying to be as prepared as possible. I've been doing research and I read that you should... READ MORE

Can I use genie bra instead of a compression bra 3 weeks post op Breast Reduction?

I cannot use the compression bra, very uncomfortable. Can i use genie bra? Boobs very sore, sensitive. READ MORE

Would it be cautionary to wear some mild compression socks after Breast Reduction surgery for blood clot?

I'm 58, overweight, anticipating a breast reduction. When telling my sister some of my fears she said I should be worrying more about throwing a clot.... READ MORE

What garments you recommend for patients that have had breast reduction by liposuction? And for how long? (photos)

Tried the Veronique - feels weird & isn't compressive. Sports bra - the seams were bothering my bruising. My PS's office is at a loss as well - I... READ MORE

What kind of bras do you recommend for after surgery?

My doctor is only sending me home with one compression bra...I feel like I would like a couple more to have as back up. I know I shouldn't get... READ MORE

Resurgence in pain 16 days after BR. How can I prevent this?

Today I had increase in pain around my breasts / flanks. Incisions look ok, no bleeding or seeping. Pain is dull ache; Breasts feel swollen and heavy.... READ MORE

Why do I need to stay compressed in the days following a breast reduction?

My surgeon is letting me know that she wants to keep me "flat" for a few more days until my stitches come out, I didn't question it before, but now... READ MORE

I had a breast reduction 3 months ago. Is it to soon to have smartlipo on my abdomen?

I know I'm still healing from my BR. I still feel sharp pains here and there where my incisions are under my breast. I tried wearing a spanx 2 days... READ MORE

Hardness in my breast?

Hello, I had a breast reduction three weeks ago. I went from a size E to now probably a B/C hoping more a B. My breast seem to be hard like all around... READ MORE

Post reduction compression bra?

I had a breast reduction on Wed, my mom said the surgeon removed 300cc from each side. My compression bra was throughly stuffed with gauze (no drain... READ MORE

Surgery is done! Very happy! How long should I wear my compression socks?

I'm wearing my compression socks now I had my surgery on Thursday past how long should I wear them. I'm up and about however I do take a lot of... READ MORE

Do I need a compression bra? I feel like I should have one, but my Dr didnt give me one. (photos)

My Dr did not give me one. Just a very soft bra more to hold gauze and to hold me up. I had a reduction 5 weeks ago. I went from a HHH to a B/C bit I... READ MORE

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