How Long After Breast Reduction Should You Wait to Sleep Without a Bra?

How long after breast reduction surgery should you wait before going braless(sleepig without)?

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Bra post breast reduction

I recommend wearing a bra night and day (except for bathing) for six weeks after breast reduction.  I find that patients are more comfortable and obtain the best possible final result when following this recommendation.  They also minimize their risk of complications with this approach.

Post op bra

Every doctor has different post op instructions so you should ask your surgeon what would work for you.
The dressings vary from patient to patient. Some patients may be placed in a sports bra; others will wear a stabilizing elastic support strap. Your doctor will decide after surgery and in subsequent weeks, which dressing will suit your needs and how long you would need to wear them.

Bra-less after breast reduction

All plastic surgeon's think differently on this matter but science tells us that scars (on the inside and out) are the strongest they are going to be at 6 weeks.  Therefore, although your breasts still have shaping to do (final shape is not seen in a breast reduction for 3-6 months), you can likely go bra-less at this point.  Good luck!

Bra after breast reduction?

Thank you for the question. I would agree that it would be in your best interest to where  a supportive,  non-underwire bra for 6 to 8 weeks after surgery  for many reasons. This recommendation may vary slightly patient to patient so check with your chosen plastic surgeon for specific advice.

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