Breast Lift Videos

See the Procedure: Breast Lift (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Remus Repta performs a breast lift surgery on a patient to rejuvenate the shape and appearance of her breasts. VIEW NOW

Before & After Photos: Breast Lift

Check out these breast lift before & after photos from Dr. Marvin E. Shienbaum. VIEW NOW

Breast Enhancement: Before & After Photos

Dr. Marvin F. Shienbaum shares photos of women who underwent breast enhancement surgery. VIEW NOW

See the Results After Breast Lift Surgery

Dr. Marvin F. Shienbaum shares before and after photos from breast lift patients. VIEW NOW

Before & After Photos: Breast Lift

Dr. Marvin F. Shienbaum shares before and after photos of women who received breast lifts. VIEW NOW

See the Procedure: Breast Reduction (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Jaime Schwartz performs a breast reduction surgery that includes breast lift and liposuction techniques. VIEW NOW

See the Procedure: Breast Reduction and Lift Before & After (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Remus Repta performs a breast reduction and lift surgery on this woman who desired lighter and perkier breasts. VIEW NOW

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Fat Grafting: Transferring Fat To Achieve Previously Unattainable Results

Dr. Robert Whitfield explains how fat is extracted, processed, and then transferred to the desired area for a natural way to add volume. VIEW NOW

Breast Implant Education and Awareness: Implants Don't Last Forever

Dr. Jeffrey Antimarino speaks with a prospective breast revision candidate, explaining common problems women experience with breast implants over 10 years old and new implant products that are now available. VIEW NOW


Breast Implant Exchange: Treating Capsular Contracture and Breast Asymmetry (GRAPHIC)

After three previous procedures, this woman was left with capsular contracture and breast asymmetry. Dr. Kevin Tehrani performs a capsulectomy, a breast lift and an implant exchange to give her more natural symmetrical and healthy breasts. VIEW NOW

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See the Procedure: Breast Lift With Implants

Dr. Frank Ferraro performs a breast lift to address the sagging of this woman's breasts. The sagging had likely been caused by the effects of pregnancy and breastfeeding, which leave a woman’s breasts less firm and sagging. VIEW NOW

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What Is a Breast Lift Procedure?

Dr. Raj Ambay explains the breast lift procedure and who is the best candidate for it. VIEW NOW

What You Need to Know Before Your Breast Augmentation Surgery

Dr. Raj Ambay explains what things to take into consideration before, during, and after your breast augmentation procedure. VIEW NOW

The Benefits of Breast Reduction: This Woman Shares Her Experience and Recovery

Dr. Brian Windle shares this video of a woman who underwent breast reduction surgery and describes her experience after three months. She had no narcotics and was able to work from home the next day. VIEW NOW

Breast Implant Removal and Lift

Dr. Nicholas Tarola describes reasons to perform the removal of breast implants, or implant deflation, separately from a breast lift. VIEW NOW