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Are cone shaped breasts normal after a Breast Lift with Augmentation? (photos)

I'm only six days post opt, so I know it's still very early. But I was wondering if coned shaped breast are normal after a breast lift. They're very... READ MORE

What will help my scars from my breast lift go away? Or do I just need a revision? (photos)

I got a breast lift (lollipop) and and implant 4 months ago. I really didn't want any scars but I was told I needed the lift. I think I'm having... READ MORE

Normal 1 month results after mastopexy with implants? Smaller nipple on right side and uneven areolas. (photos)

Hello! I had a mastopexy w/implants 4 weeks ago.I have already mentioned concerns to my doctor, but I wanted to get some other feedback. 1-My left... READ MORE

Small one is now the big one uneven breast/ uneven nipples after $9,000. Over one year post op lift/inplants unhappy (Photo)

Self explanitory... complained to the dr @6 months (now Almost 2 years), he said they would "even out"or pay another $3k for anasteshia.. . My left... READ MORE

Nipples seem to go to side. Will they return to center after swelling? (photos)

I asked this yesterday but pictures did not post (my fault.) The pics are not great but hopefully help a bit. Lollipop lift with 320 augmentation, was... READ MORE

Had a lift with augmentation and now nipples go slightly to the side. Is this normal?

I had a breast lift with small augmentation 5 days ago. I can only see them a little as I check the nipple each day for sensation and circulation. BUT... READ MORE

I had a tuba lift and saline implants, 450cc each. Do my breasts look botched? Nipples uneven? (Photo)

I feel like my nipples look smaller or not as even. I also think one breast is bigger than the other? Am I being overly critical and the surgeon did... READ MORE

Different size and shape nipples. How can I fix this issue? (Photo)

It's been 3.5 since my bl/ba I notice that my nipples are different shapes and one is smaller than the ofher. How can I fix this issue? Help please READ MORE

Breast and areola different sizes? (photo)

I just had a lift, augment and nipple resized 15 days ago. I know it's still early, but will they even out and will the nipple be more alike? READ MORE

Should I be concerned about unevenness about my nipples? Should I bring up my concern at my 3 week appt in a few days? (Photo)

I had my breast lift and implants April 28 2016. I am really worried and upset with the un evenness of my nipples and really need advise as to when... READ MORE

Uneven nipple position after breast lift, nipple reduction, and augmentation with 415cc.

I had a breast surgery one week ago. Augmentation, aerola reduction, and lift. I am concerned because the nipples are uneven. I understand i am only a... READ MORE

Repost with preop photos and post op! Uneven nipples (Photo)

I am reposting this with pre op and post op photos. I had my BA and BL done yesterday. I am wondering if it is normal or if my breasts will even out?... READ MORE

Is this a botched lift and augmentation? (Photo)

It has been 8 weeks since the surgery and the implants and nipples are very uneven. Do u think I will need corrective surgery ? READ MORE

I had a breast augmentation with lift about 3.5 months ago. Will my nipples even out? (Photos)

I've done a lot of research and understand it can take 6 months to a year to get a final result. I'm really just looking for some opinions and insight... READ MORE

2 weeks post op Breast lift with augmentation.. I don't know if my surgery has been done correctly. Any suggestions? (photo)

Am 2 weeks post op.. breast lifting with augmentation.. i dont know if my surgery has been done correctly... and i have uneven nipples.. one is... READ MORE

Uneven nipples and size of breast after implants with lift? (Photos)

I am 25 days post op breast lift + implants, are my nipples high or implants have bottoming out ? This is my second lift had one before 3 years ago... READ MORE

What procedure have I had?? Benelli lift or uplift? I'm 3 weeks post op. (photos)

Hi I am now nearly 3 weeks post op and am a little confused about what I have had done. Could you please answer the following questions that relate to... READ MORE

Did the stitches from Benelli lift let go? Can this be fixed? (photos)

I'm approximately 7 weeks post op BA with HP Inspira 415cc with a Benelli lift. I'm a bit concerned as my right areola is larger and flat and my left... READ MORE

Breast lift with silicone implants gone wrong, what can I do? What are my rights? (Photo)

I'm 37 YO and 5'3'' tall, I got a lift & implants. Sad for the size I got since I told Dr. 250cc would be the smallest I'd go for (he only offered... READ MORE

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