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I'm a Hairdresser Taking 2 Weeks off for Recovery. Will I Be Able to Do my Job when I Go Back?

I am very small framed in great shape/fitness. My very, very small breasts are on the high side with most of the breast tissue on top. (I am an A or... READ MORE

Returning to Work 5 Days Post Op Breast Implants?

I am having my surgery on a Wednesday and returning to work on Monday. I am a dental hygienist and have to adjust the overhead light and am cleaning... READ MORE

How Much Time off Work is Appropriate for Breast Implants? I Wear Body Armor in my Job.

I work in security and wear body armor. I want breast implants but don't want to risk damaging them by returning to work too soon. I have read the... READ MORE

What is the usual recovery time after breast implants and when can you resume physical labor?

I will be moving in February and when I now my job will be to ride young horses. I really would like to get my breasts done before I go but I was... READ MORE

How long a bartender need to wait until getting back to work after a breast augmentation procedure?

I work in a night club and through the nature of my job I lift bottles ( 1-2 liters) in a fast pace throughout the night all the time. In about two... READ MORE

How long until I can return to work as a flight attendant after breast augmentation?

For my job I need to roll and lift my own luggage into an overhead bid. I also need to push/pull a heavy bar cart down the plane aisle. I'm wondering... READ MORE

During the first few days post op will I be able to take care of my two children? And how long does a full recovery take?

I am looking into breast augmentation and would like to do it during Christmas break so I don't need to take extra time off from work. I will most... READ MORE

Returning to work after day 4 getting breast implants and being on my feet a lot worries me. Will it affect my recovery?

I m having my breast implants in mid Oct. I've opted not to tell anyone at work except for my manager. Ill be back to work 4 days after surgery and my... READ MORE

Removing 30 Year Old Implants. Approximate Costs For This?

I had saline breast implants put in, under the muscle, in 1983. Now that I am pushing 60 and my skin has lost elasticity, they feel very hard and I... READ MORE

Breast Implants and Mini Tummy Tuck...Under or Over Muscle For Most Natural Look?

I'm getting breast implants on March 26th and I'm not sure if I should get them over or under the muscle. I want the most natural looking and feeling... READ MORE

I had 421cc under muscle on 10-10-13. I'm a mail carrier. When do you think it's ok to go back to work?

I was in pain for over a week. I really use my arms in my job. I case mail. I drive in the drivers seat and put mail in boxes out the passenger window... READ MORE

Are there be any weight restrictions or strenuous activity limits after having breast implant surgery I'm a tree climber.

My job requires a lot of upper body strength pulling myself up the rope and using chainsaws chipping branches an lifting heavy logs daily..After a... READ MORE

I am a massage therapist and I want sub-muscular Breast Implants.

I perform up to six consecutive hours of deep therapeutic massage. During my sessions I use planks and isometric push-up style holds a lot. I am very... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation and Reduction. How Long Should I Take Off?

I am planning on getting a breast reduction on one side and a silicone implant on the other. Right now I work at a very physical place where I bend... READ MORE

I Am a Landscaper/gardener Considering Getting Breast Implants and Need to Know How Long I Should Take off of Work?

I have read that it takes about 6 weeks before you are allowed to participate in strenuous activity. Would doing basic landscape maintenance i.e... READ MORE

How long do I need to take off for my office job following breast augmentation?

I understand the general rule of thumb is a week. I have surgery on a Thursday and would like to get back to work the following Tuesday to avoid... READ MORE

I am planning on getting an breast augmentation and worried about the recovery time (Photo)

I am planning on getting an breast augmentation and I am worried about the recovery time. I work in retail, how long do you recommend me taking off of... READ MORE

What type of breast augmentation would best suit a hair stylist that can't take much time off work?

I am an a/small bcup wanting a very natural look (aiming for a c cup size). The main thing I want is natural results but with a quick recovery time as... READ MORE

Im 46 a Meat Cutter my Job is Very Physical Will I Still Be Able to Work and How Long to Heal?

I'm wondering if breast implants will change my work performance and also being a butcher how long will I have to take off work my jobs duties are... READ MORE

I am an exotic dancer. I've just had implants, with no lift. How long should I take off work?

About how long should i take off work? i know when i go back i cant get on the pole at all but i want to get back asap and make up the money i need to... READ MORE

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