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Breast implant revision surgeries address dissatisfaction or complications with previous breast augmentations. Revisions can include changing the implant size, fixing post-op sag, or aligning asymmetrical breasts. LEARN MORE ›

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I had my breast implant revision by dr Kim and couldn't be happier I was mis shaped and sized from another place. I saw dr Kim and she was so caring and kind she mad the whole experience great and exciting to finally get the results I was hoping for. I'm only 4.5 weeks post op but there way... READ MORE

Make sure your Dr goes over the projection types and the rite width that would fit your body frame. Ask stuff like will i have side boob/cleavage make sure you pick out a few pics off the web of what you would like yours to look like.It happens way to much we go through the trouble and wish you... READ MORE

My first BA was in 2002 and I'm ready for an implant exchange with big round perky porn star boobs! Unlike my first BA, where I received old school liposuction, this time I'm in for a full tummy tuck, and hopefully I will have the flat stomach that lipo didn't give me years ago! And finally,... READ MORE

I got my first breast augmentation done 5 years ago and was never really happy with how they turned out. I was super happy to have anything more than what I started with so it took me a while to realize they were how they should be. Pre op I was 34a now I'm 34d. I have my consult appnt with Dr... READ MORE

I had 3 very bad BAs and the last one was the worst I ended up with lots of complications. I'm a very persistent person but I came to a point that I was in apathy about my breast and was very unhappy about them.Untill one day my husband encouraged me and I found Dr. Revis on-line, many... READ MORE

9 years ago i had 350cc saline implants, at the time i was content but as time passed i was boob envy, i should have listened to my surgent as i didnt go big enough. Now im Replacing with 550cc gel silicone implants with hopfully the outcome i desire! Its 2 dats post op and i have no regrets! I... READ MORE

For 7 years I've had to deal with the fact that my boobs weren't as big as I wanted originally (at that time I was FLAT and 375cc was all that I could accommodate). To top this off, my boobs fall into my armpit when I lay down; rippling; and there is a huge gap between my breasts. I also have to... READ MORE

I rushed into changing my implants after 17 years of learning to live with them. I never liked them, but I was perhaps a 32AA before, I had real issues with my flatness, as in NO intimacy or swimwear. I went from one shame to another, but I learnt to disguise my slightly oversized implants and... READ MORE

Hi, in 2008 I had my 32b-c(?) natural breasts augmented with Naturelle 339cc smooth round moderate Silicone gel, under muscle, insertion through crease. a pocket revision was performed 1 year later to correct implant malposition with internal sutures. Both were performed by an extremely talented... READ MORE

Last July 2015 I had an anchor lift with 500cc saline implants. Due to my skin being elastic due to weight loss they dropped way too low. I'm going back tomorrow for a revision, internal bra procedure and downsizing to 400cc saline implants. ;) I'd love to connect with ladies who have had an... READ MORE

Hello ladies! In 1998 I had surgery for 300 and ? cc saline under the muscle implants to lift my sagging breasts from breastfeeding. Pre implants I was a 34b and after 34 C. My PS did not do under the muscle and silicone was not approved yet. I do not remember the size but I know they were 300... READ MORE

Hey guys :) I'm back again with the same doctor for round 2! Yes I developed boobie greed, I waited 3 years to make sure it was exactly what I wanted and it is! I want my boobies bigger! Much bigger! The issue is my size I'm 5'3 109lbs and looking to go quite a bit larger. My doctor plans... READ MORE

Had implants 5 .5 years ago for more fullness after having twins at 40. I have always felt the implants were too large. I was a small 32B and now am a 32D. Bathing suits are too small and certain style shirts are too tight across my chest. original dr suggested just a lift and said she could... READ MORE

I have had two (2) previous breast implant surgeries (used two different doctors) and with both, I had capsular contracture. When I went to see Dr. Casso, we discussed in length all of my options to try and make sure it did not happen again. I also had pictures of how I wanted to look (I wanted... READ MORE

I came to see Dr. Rankin for a consultation for a capsulectomy and replacement of my 19 year old saline implants. The staff was very professional and very nice. Dr. Rankin was very nice and thorough with his exam. We replaced 500cc saline to 533cc Natrelle MP. I had mentioned I did not want to... READ MORE

Dr. Tal and his the best , #really, he had to reconstruct my boobs due to complications from another surgeon....He was compassionate, informative and patient..I wish all doctors was as educational as he was...He saved my self esteem in so many ways ???, my boobies are awesome and... READ MORE

This forum was so helpful to me, so wanted to give back to help others, especially small women or those thinking of having Dr Plovier as their surgeon……So this is my third BA. You can read my full history under my profile. I have been implant free for 3 years and was now ready to have some bre... READ MORE

I chose CG Cosmetics and Karina is my coordinator. I emailed her with my pics and my health history. Afterwards I received an email stating that my cost would be $6k, for switching out my saline implants for silicone under the muscle with a lift. I informed Karina that I would be contacting... READ MORE

My expectations for this revision is for larger higher profile breasts. My first implants 4 years ago, we're too small. I woke up after surgery and was disappointed and ended up wearing padding still! My Dr says he can do up to 600 cc..although I'm wanting 700. I currently have 320 cc. Fingers... READ MORE

So where to start?! I've been on this site for awhile now... Mostly just researching Dr's. I'm a 37 year old Mom of 3 who gained and lost a lot of weight each pregnancy. Finally about 5 years ago I underwent breast aug surgery, at the time I was borderline needing a lift. So here I am 5yrs later... READ MORE

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