Breast Implant Revision

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Breast implant revision surgery can address a variety of concerns following breast augmentation, including implant malfunction, capsular contracture, and dissatisfaction with breast size, among others. Revisions may involve changing the implant, fixing post-op sagging, or aligning asymmetrical breasts. LEARN MORE ›

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Breast Implants

Fitness has been my life, and for someone who's lifestyle involves nutrition and training I have always had a relatively flat chest. What little breast tissue I had, it was very uneven. So I had my first breast implants back in 1999. I loved them, and lived with them for 16 years. Of course... READ MORE

Breast Implant Replacement with 550cc, AMAZING RESULTS!!!!!! - Princeton, NJ

I needed my 16yr old saline implants replaced, my right one had been steadily losing volume thru the years, but my original plastic surgeon was located in New Orleans (I am now living in PA) and the hassle and expense of traveling to back there was too much. I also was a small D cup and wanted... READ MORE

Breast Revision with Scar Tissue Released /New Silicone Implants Replaced 21 Year Old Saline Implants. Texarkana, TX

I had my 21 years old saline implants replaced with Mentor High Profile Silicone . I was a 36 A then went to 36 D saline in 1995. This June 2016 I noticed my right breast smaller and had pain that would shoot from nipple to side of my breast . I went to dr- and my saline implant was coming out... READ MORE

Breast Revision- - San Diego, CA

I'm 39yrs. 5'5, 126lbs. 4 breastfed kids. Athletic/Fit. My last augmentation was about 8 years ago. I'm scheduled for surgery Oct. 14th. I want the revision because the moderate saline seems very round, wide and flat (on my body shape). I work out a lot (more so over the last 3 years) and this... READ MORE

Revision Breast Implant Surgery

In January 2016 I had breast lift with implants surgery that went wrong and when I addressed my concerns with the doctor he made me feel like it was my fault. I decided to find a different doctor to help me fix the bad surgery results. My breast looked squared and the implants were sitting up... READ MORE

31 Yo, 5'8", 2 Kids, 10 Yo Saline Unders Switched to 555cc Textured, Shaped Mentor Unders - Alcoa, TN

I had my first breast augmentation at 20 years old, and at the time saline implants were the only option. I didn't go large (under 300cc) because I knew I would have future pregnancies. Fast forward 10 years, two kids (both breastfed) and lots of working out, I had little to no breast tissue,... READ MORE

43 Year Old Mother of 3, Current 225 Cc Saline Implants getting 450 cc high profile silicone - Miami, FL

Where to begin... I had my current BA done when I was 22. I was a bit smaller then weighed about 110 lbs. The doc put in 225cc saline implants Trans axillary. They were the best thing ever to me, boosted my confidence because I was as flat as a wall. Now, 3 kids later of which each BF for 2... READ MORE

Breast Revision and Brazilian Butt Lift the Same Day - Tampa, FL

Hi I'm getting breast revision because my left breast is bigger then my right it's also starting to hurt. I'm just scared about the scar. I'm cut around the nipple now. I was reading on here scarless breast life. It sounds great!! But the doctors are saying it doesn't last. Anyway, Why am... READ MORE

Revision 350 Saline to 650 Silicone Gel - Birmingham, AL

I had first augmentaion 7 yrs ago although they were better than pre ba i was not totally happy with the size and the gap in the middle. I decided to go ahead and have revision and am very happy i did,this time was so easy no bruising an minimal pain we went shopping and out to eat that same... READ MORE

Breast Lift Revision for Scars - Beverly Hills, CA

On 13/8/2015 I had a breast lift with saline implants. I chose to go with Dr.Motykie in Beverly Hills, I've done a lot of research & decided on him to be honest because I like the way his nipples came out. Most of the time they were very symmetrical. I cannot say enough about the office's... READ MORE

Botched Breast Implant Revision Had 2 Revision Surgeries Prior to my Visit - Dearborn Heights, MI

I had a misread MRI last December that started me with my first replacement of 4 year old silicone implants. The first surgeon replaced them and tore the capsule, leaving the implant hanging down and very painful. He "fixed" them two months later. This left me with a painful bulge (my implant... READ MORE

Breast Exchange from wrong breast implant size to the right size - San Diego, CA

40yrs 128lbs 5'5 athletic 7 months ago I made a poor decision to get 700cc hp silicone Breast implants. I had 480 saline moderate profile overfilled (The round ones). The doc said before surgery he thought I had 550 overfilled. That does make a difference. So if you have implants and you're... READ MORE

43 Year Old Mom Trading in my 15 Year Old Implants - Dallas, TX

I got my 1st set of iplants in 1999 and I have needed to have a revision since i had a car wreck in august 2011. The seatbelt caused the capsule around my left breast to rupture. I had 425cc saline filled to 475cc and changed to 800cc hp silicone. The revision wasnt as bad as the original... READ MORE

42 Years Old, Breast Revision - La Mesa, CA

It had been 10 years since my first breast lift/augmentation surgery so I thought it was time for a little improvement. I meant with several of the top surgeons in the San Diego area over a 6 month period. I spend a lot of time doing my research, reading reviews and talking with friends who... READ MORE

49 Years Old, 2 Kids Needs Breast Implant Revision

I went from silicone implants with level 4 scarring to these in 2008. I was so relieved that they weren't rocks on my chest, that I never really paid attention to how far apart they are. It seems that they weren't spread out so far when I first had them put in. Now I have a huge gap between them... READ MORE

31 Yr Old Mummy of 2 Breast Implant Exchange - Toronto, ON

Hello :) I'm a 31 yr old mummy of 2 boys replacing my 10 year old 295 cc anatomical silicone adhesive gel implants . With new big beautiful 600cc high profile round silicone implants. My reason for doing this is I always wanted the "fake look" and my prior implants as beautiful as they turned... READ MORE

Dr. Richards is Genuine. Las Vegas, NV

Part 1: My breast revision with Dr. Richards will be my 1st with him, but 4th since 1993. I have thin skin and one breast gets capsulation contraction. I have had both under and over the muscle; one pectoral muscle damaged from a previous large implant that Dr. Richards had to repair. I was... READ MORE

23 Yr Old, Breast Reduction and Implant Replacement

I had my first BA in 2012 and about a year later started to become extremely unhappy with the size and overall appearance of my breasts. They began to sag and just looked odd shaped and very large for my petite frame. I was so unhappy, uncomfortable and self-conscious and I just could not get... READ MORE

Revision Surgery - Sydney, AU

I had my first breast augmentation done 3 years ago in Brussels from the very beginning after having the surgery things just never felt like they were right in the right hand side of my breast but just thought it was from having the surgery and things would get better, over time the left breast... READ MORE

My Breasts Are to BIG - Lethbridge, AB

I am getting an implant exchange and a lift. 6 years ago I had a breast augmentation done. I was concerned that my breasts would be to far apart considering I never really wore a bra. I decided at the surgeons office to get a C cup just a nice size. When I showed up at the surgery centre I... READ MORE

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