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Breast implant revision surgery can address a variety of concerns following breast augmentation, including implant malfunction, capsular contracture, and dissatisfaction with breast size, among others. Revisions may involve changing the implant, fixing post-op sagging, or aligning asymmetrical breasts. LEARN MORE ›

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2nd Set - Lone Tree, CO

This is about 1.5 week after surgery and again I'm in love. Dr Broadway had done another amazing job. The second time around has been much easier with much less pain and quicker healing. I was 450/500 high profile mentor gel and went to 800/800 high profile round gel textured. Now I just need... READ MORE

200cc = 1 cup size!! A cup+ 325/350cc HP too small!!!!

Some of you may have read my first review. A year ago this Tuesday, I got my first BA with Natrelle 325cc & 350cc Style 20. I started a small A cup and was hoping to be a mid-full 34C. From day one of the surgery I knew that they looked the wrong size but it wasn't until months and months of... READ MORE

Breast Revision. San Diego, CA

Had a consultation with Dr. Poustic February 3, 2016 after a year of suffering from a previous breast lift and implants. Dr. Poustic was very caring and straight forward he listen to all my concerns and made me feel very comfortable while expressing the complications that I was having. His staff... READ MORE

34 yr old Mommy of 2 Lovely Kids. Finally getting my push present after breastfeeding them both for 13mths. Getting BA & BBL!

Got my first ba when I was 26 and hated them but now I'm finally getting then corrected and getting a bbl to go along with it too! Super excited that I moved my date up 10 days earlier. I originally planned for 3/14 and moved it up to 3/3!!! I appreciate this community for sharing all your... READ MORE

Reduction of Implant Size and Breast Lift - Seattle, WA

In 2006 I had an under the muscle, armpit, breast augmentation. Before surgery my breasts were perky, but lopsided (Left breast size D right a small C). I chose to go with round moderate plus implants inflated to 525cc on the left and 650cc on the right. The recovery was quick and the result... READ MORE

Breast Impant Revisions Cannot Go Wrong with Dr. Casper - Pasadena, CA

This review is being made after the full 6months of recovery. I must say Dr Casper did exactly the type of breast I had asked for. I believe from the beginning that he will be able to deliver because he is a great listener, put me at ease talking about the procedure and expectation of mine and... READ MORE

Out with the Old;in with the New - La Mesa, CA

I had my original breast augmentation in 2009; where I decided to go with saline implants. The implants ended up bottoming out which caused my nipples to peek-a-boo out of most bras and swimsuit tops. My implants also sat far apart which caused me to still wear padded bras to bring them... READ MORE

Augment Revision with 450cc Cohesive Gels. Memphis, TN

I almost had a revision last yr in 2013. Guess I wasn't ready- I had a number of consults but wasn't comfortable. I also didn't believe that I only needed to exchange implants in order to regain upper pole fullness(see last year's post). I thought I'd need a lift, or a new pocket but the dr I... READ MORE

31 Yo, 5'8", 2 Kids, 10 Yo Saline Unders Switched to 555cc Textured, Shaped Mentor Unders - Alcoa, TN

I had my first breast augmentation at 20 years old, and at the time saline implants were the only option. I didn't go large (under 300cc) because I knew I would have future pregnancies. Fast forward 10 years, two kids (both breastfed) and lots of working out, I had little to no breast tissue,... READ MORE

Breast Revision- Going from Moderate 550cc Saline to High Profile 700 Silicone - San Diego, CA

I'm 39yrs. 5'5, 126lbs. 4 breastfed kids. Athletic/Fit. My last augmentation was about 8 years ago. I'm scheduled for surgery Oct. 14th. I want the revision because the moderate saline seems very round, wide and flat (on my body shape). I work out a lot (more so over the last 3 years) and this... READ MORE

Bilateral Breast Revision (Plane Change Using Same Implants) to Correct 'Double-bubble' and Animation Deformity

Almost two years ago I underwent a full abdominoplasty and breast augmentation (aka, a 'mommy-makeover'). You can see my first review for those procedures here: I selected 371cc round silicone implants and... READ MORE

40 Yr., Old Requiring RRevision - San Diego, CA

Both my husband and I independently began to search top surgeons roughly a year ago. However, our search would always bring us back to the same doctor, and that was Dr. Tom Pousti in San Diego, California. From the office staff to the surgery center, everyone was delightful. I felt the care,... READ MORE

35 Y/o Mommy of 2 Getting Implant Revision 420cc - Chicago, IL

Hi everyone!! I have a little more than a month to go until my procedure and I am so excited! I had my first implants done in 2004 and was a very small A cup. I went with 250cc saline under the muscle at the time bringing me to a C. After breastfeeding 2 kids I am ready to swap them out and go... READ MORE

45 Years Old Mother of 4 Year Old Twins, in Need of Lift and Implant Exchange. Garden City, NY

What went wrong? I was very specific with 3 consultations telling my PS that I wanted the smallest implants along with a lift, I had 220 cc's saline tear drop implants removed and he replaced them with moderate profile gel 170 cc's I was a D before the surgery and am still a D now, I asked to... READ MORE

35 Years Old 1 Child from Saline to Silicone - Edison, NJ

At 23 I went and had my breast implants done I wanted to have big boobs small waist lol I was 5 ft 115 lbs so my first doctor gave me 375ccs saline round under the muscle at first I was happy but then when the swelling went down I was dissappointed but since my frame was small the dr had to make... READ MORE

Revision with Dr.Revis - Exchange to XL Implants (Overfilled Saline) with Internal Bra Sutures from 800cc silicone- FL

I first learned about Dr. Revis when I was in Florida 2012 and decided to go for a consultation for my breast and nose. By then I had 1 previous nose job and 2 breast augmentations, my 1st breast augmentation was 260 cc and the 2nd one 525 cc. I wanted to go bigger with my last breast... READ MORE

Revision Breast Augmentation. Hidalgo, TX

I went in with certainty that she could fix my botched breast implant and she did. I love my results now, feel so natrual and look great as well. She was the surgeon my sister got them done with so that makes 2 happy girls. Recovery went well, she took good care post op. I couldn't have asked... READ MORE

4th revision-donut lift with implants, Inspira Srx 800 Ccs - San Francisco, CA

1st breast aug-April 2003, 350 cc saline 2nd breast aug to increase size Aug-2004-700 cc hp mentor silicone, loved those but wanted bigger Dec-2015, opted for binelli lift to reduce areolas, position nips a bit higher and increase size, one side looked like it had cap contraction, other side was... READ MORE

Implants Too Large for Mom/athlete - Tacoma, WA

I was having numerous problems with my breast implants being too large when trying to exercise or even just to wear normal clothing. I went to see Dr. Frederick W. Ehret who recommended a slight decrease in size, a lift and some of my side bra fat (my words not his) taken off. Having had a... READ MORE

53 Years Old. Implant Revision After 19 Years - Pensacola, FL

20 years after my first surgery with saline implants my right one leaked and deflated. Dr. Brown was helpful with answering my questions about silicone gel as I had heard in the past that silicone had made many women sick. His insight and up to date and current knowledge helped me decide to go... READ MORE

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