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Breast implant revision surgery can address a variety of concerns following breast augmentation, including implant malfunction, capsular contracture, and dissatisfaction with breast size, among others. Revisions may involve changing the implant, fixing post-op sagging, or aligning asymmetrical breasts. LEARN MORE ›

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49 Years Young with 16 Year Old Saline Implant exchange and lift. - Chicago

Thank you to everyone for Realself! I'm a 59 year old with 2 grown, breast fed kids. I loved my implants for the first several years but now, with aging, and I'm thinking capsular contracture they are VERY firm on the top and my nipples pointing down, as if my skin has slipped off the breast.... READ MORE

44 Year Old Breast Revision, from above muscle saline to under muscle gel implants 280 cc with anchor lift

For years iv been searching for the right Doctor, and today I found him! Dr Camp and staff answered all my questions, were so helpful and I couldn't be happier with my choice. The office is very nice, the staff was incredible and Dr Camp, I just can't say enough good things, first impressions... READ MORE

31 Year Old, Two Babies Breastfed for 31 Months Last Implants Were Done 12 Years Ago Going in for a Tune Up - Fresno, CA

When I had my boobs done twelve years ago I was ecstatic with the result. When I had my first child it was fun to watch my breasts change form perky and hard to fuller and softer and to a much more natural appearance. I loved breastfeeding both of my kids and I would not have changed it for the... READ MORE

Symmastia repair with Dr. Revis changed my life!

Dr. Revis has changed my life. I had a surgeon in Jacksonville, FL completely botch my original breast augmentation surgery. As a result, I ended up with symmastia (lifting of the skin between the breasts). My breasts looked awful and I thought it was permanent. After much research, I found Dr.... READ MORE

Breast revision

I was really hoping my breast were going to look amazing being that I spent almost 13,000 but they are far from it. I originally had 5 consultations and when I met him he was very nice and made me feel comfortable and confident that he was going to give me really good results. I told him that... READ MORE

Fuller, better, also bigger

Dr. Meger's is a phenomenal surgeon and has a great staff. I immediately felt comfortable in my first consultation. They were very helpful in answering all my questions/concerns, professional and responded to emails promptly. Dr. Meger and his staff exceeded my expectations in every way. Very... READ MORE

*42yr young got her 20yr old 400cc Implants exchanged for 650cc then REVISION/lift back to 400cc due to CC and asymmetry...

I can't say enough great things about Dr.Cho and his wonderful staff!! Let me start by saying as soon as I walked into the clinic the staff was very attentive, knowledgeable and made me feel right at home. The huge office building is very beautiful but the positive, caring energy from the sweet... READ MORE

Revision with Implant Exchange

I was unaware that my first pair of implant were migrating to my underarms until i went for a consultation for why after almost 3 years of having implants i still had zero cleavage. Came to find out that not wearing underwire bras can cause implant pockets to continue to stretch. Therefore... READ MORE

Petite 475 Cc Left and 500 Cc Right moderate plus mentor cohesive silicone gel

My previous implants was inamed saline 68 hp320cc right and 340cc left . I used those 9 yedras but I had to kids after that and my implants look to flat on top and far apart. I want more fullness on top and more cleavage. Then I select 500 cc and I let the surgeon to select the right profile for... READ MORE

Breast Implant Revision to 840's

Hi everyone. I currently have 460/520's round, ehr, overs. Love them, love the shape but not big enough. So going for bigger. Surgeon can only fit in 840's. was hoping for 1000cc but hopefully these new girls will be big enough. I'm 5ft 5, slim build and currently 32F. So here we go again. At... READ MORE

Revision mastopexy with implants

Iv booked in for my operation on the 17th September at the transform hospital at riverside London. I'm having a revision mastopexy with implants as iv suffered wound separation really badly and been left with thick scaring which has really affected the way I look at myself even more. I am hoping... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Silicone 350cc HP mentor implants

I'm scared! I had a breast lift with silicone implants placed submuscular in 2002 after two pregnancies which I gained 80 pounds each time. My boobs went from a 36B to 40E then 38FF.After both of my children were born I literally only had tissue that fell over my 36B bra. I had to roll my boobs... READ MORE

Augmentation Revision from 450 to 405 with Strattice - Bethesda, MD

I had a beast revision from 550 saline to 450 silicone in 2001. As soon as the bandages were off, I was thrilled because they felt and looked so much more soft and symmetrical. After about 10 years I started to notice problems with my right implant along the bottom with it feeling lumpy and... READ MORE

Correctional Breast Lift After BA

So here I am again! Following my BA back in October I was never completely happy with my results. The size was good (my biggest worry was that they'd look too big) but my nipples pointed down. I hoped that over the coming months things would change, but they didn't. I returned to my surgeon who... READ MORE

Best Way to Heal Incisions?

Hi there. I'm new here but I've looked around the site the past week. I had a BA 2years ago w/ 700 cc saline implants. No biggie. Healed great! They did become heavy over time and I scheduled a lift with 550 cc silicone implants. That was a little over 2 weeks ago. Day 3 post op my left... READ MORE

Breast reduction implant exchange scheduled for April 16, 2018

I finally made the decision to schedule for my implant exchange and reduction! I'm scheduled with Dr. Salzhaur. I'm posting pictures of what my wishes are, tell me ur thoughts ladies? It's been a while I haven't been on here. I'm currently at 1000cc under the muscle moderate plus profile... READ MORE

12 Year Old Implants Need to Be Replaced - Bangkok, Thailand

Hi there I am having my current breast implants replaced after 12 years. They have not caused me any trouble but after having a recent mammogram it was discovered that my right implant has ruptured so its time to replace my implants. I am 44 years old, have 2 children (well actually teenagers... READ MORE

Initial Aug + Revision 32/AA to 32D 310cc Mod+

Hello!! So I thought I'd share my journey here as others have been so helpful to me!! I'm 32 w/2 kids age 6&7. Both nursed 1 year and left this mama totally flat. Prior to kids I was a small B cup I would say. Very perky & loved my boobs! After....not so much. Took me a good 5 years to... READ MORE

Mastoplexy w/ implant replacement

650cc Saline implants were 17 years old. They were done over the muscle and are now a lot lower than I would like and a little larger than I would like at my current age. Time to reduce a little and lift them up to where I would like them to be. Also having a BBL and Lipo at the same time,... READ MORE

Feeling like I'm completely satisfied

So I had my first surgery almost 2 years ago I knew what I wanted but was scared with the process my Dr told me that I should do what makes me feel comfortable and he likes to go the more natural route. So I went with 450 high profile round silicon but after 10 months I still wasn't happy So Dr... READ MORE

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