Breast Implant Revision

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Breast implant revision surgeries address dissatisfaction or complications with previous breast augmentations. Revisions can include changing the implant size, fixing post-op sag, or aligning asymmetrical breasts.

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I had my surgery a couple of weeks ago and wanted to share my experience. My initial BA was in 1999 when I was in my late 20's. I really was a size A or A negative if there is one since I weighed 100 pounds back then. I just needed a bit to fill out so my first implants were 325 saline. After 12... READ MORE

I had breast augmentation 20 years ago and over time my saline implants had encapsulated and hardened. I began looking for a plastic surgeon to redo my implants. I asked for referral's and went on line to do some research. Dr. Steely was referred to me and I really liked the before and after... READ MORE

So this is my 2nd review. I originally had a lollipop breast lift and breast augmention done by Dr. Fisher in Miami on Nov 2013. After many complications and many open wounds, I had a scar revision and a lift revision (originally had a lollipop lift and on this round I had gotten the anchor lift... READ MORE

I had a bbl with dr Hazani on dec 30th. I also got bigger breast implants saline he put 660 cc in. I want he my implants bigger to correct the sagging of my breast after breastfeeding. I had implants prior to breastfeeding and they say too high up so when my breast began to sag they looked like... READ MORE

Headed in next week to replace ruptured current: 420cc saline round implants, they are 11 years old. Replacing with silicone 425cc round, moderate plus implants including a lift at same time. Right breast has capsular contracture. My stats: 41 5'5" 155lbs I was initially very nervous as this... READ MORE

I am 42 years old from the Uk I had my breasts first done in 2002, saline expandable implants inserted under the armpit. 400cc I am looking to have these replaced with 600cc I have gained some weight over the years so looking for a BBL to improve the shape and waist to hip/butt ratio. I am... READ MORE

I had a Mommy Makeover in March of this year (2015) & I need a few revisions done. One of them is more liposuction of "side boob" possibly with skin removal & I'm wanting my breasts to be bigger. I had a breast lift w/saline implants & lipo on the side boob to better couture my breasts during... READ MORE

I got breast implants nearly a year ago and I'm pretty unhappy. One of my breasts never dropped and they are not nearly as large as I wanted. I got Mentor 450cc's under the muscle. I was told I could not go bigger but I've seen so many women with larger looking breasts than mine. I can't... READ MORE

OK so the rest of my story has been uploaded, now to the bit where I've had to find a surgeon to sort these ruptured implants out. I ha consultations with Surgicare Manchester, The Spire Manchester and Pall Mall Medical. The Surgicare surgeon was a little stern I felt, I didn't feel very... READ MORE

Hello everyone. I have been reviewing multiple stories and highly appreciated the insight from others prior to my surgey. It has been 1 week since my procedure of lift and implant replacement. My previous implants were saline and 12 yrs old, replaced with high profile 340 cc. They are not huge... READ MORE

I had my breast done last year but had to go for revision 3 months ago as the implant was placed to high. I still feel they are sitting high. But my surgeon said He is happy with them and said I didn't need to go back. I also feel they are to wide apart. I was a empty c cup before and now I am... READ MORE

Went from never having surgery to 3 within 7 months! My first journey is in the Breast Aug category so I'm not going to repeat any of that here. On to the next stage, and hopefully final! I was laughing at myself this morning as I took a shower, and thought I'd start this review off sharing... READ MORE

It's been a while since I've been on here, but I started out with a tiny A cup, which I wasn't unhappy with, but who wouldn't want bigger boobs?! Lol! Anyway, my hubby and I discussed a BA then I never went thru with it because I've never had any kind of surgery in my life and anesthesia scared... READ MORE

After 12 years my old saline implants bottomed-out. At first they looked great and was very pleased, but over time they started taking on an odd shape and appearance. I'm very petite/thin and came out of surgery with a D-cup. They didn't bother me until a friend of mine started calling me... READ MORE

My implants still look good, they're just a little saggy and I want to go bigger. I regret not going bigger the first time. I'm torn bc it's scary and my husband is unsupportive. But idk when I will have this money again. Anyone else in that situation? Should I just do it? He thinks it's selfish... READ MORE

From the time I checked in everyone was so accommodating, made my husband feel as ease AGAIN for a second time but My breast still look natural. from 360cc to a 716cc. Dr Sozer has hands of an angel. I literally walked out all smiles!!! Very minimal pain. Don't be surprised if I go for a 3rd... READ MORE

He made sure that directly after surgery and at my follow that everything stayed as comfortable as possible. I had my first one with this is my second he did wonderfully. thanks so much dr. tucker I will be definitely sending people your way can't wait to see how things turn out with one month check READ MORE

I had my first pair of implants which were saline put in in December of 2008, and unfortunately in April of 2012 I had a leak.. Went back to Dr. Prada and decided on silicone this time. Anywhere I go like fitting rooms, pools, beach, I get compliments on how perfect they are. I found out... READ MORE

I decided to tell my story on RealSelf because I enjoyed reading people's experience on their own journey. All the positive and negative feedback is very helpful especially for me as I'm extremely nervous. So I'm 37. 5'5" tall and my current weight is 145. My bra size is 36B. I had Saline... READ MORE

It's booked!! After lots of research I have booked to have my old implants removed and getting new tear shaped slightly bigger under muscle to replace my round over muscle 12 yr old implants ! They have done me well but after children the skin has thinned and I can see rippling now . I had 2... READ MORE

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