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Breast implant revision surgery can address a variety of concerns following breast augmentation, including implant malfunction, capsular contracture, and dissatisfaction with breast size, among others. Revisions may involve changing the implant, fixing post-op sagging, or aligning asymmetrical breasts. LEARN MORE ›

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450/480 Cc Saline HP Submuscular Implants Replaced with 695cc Silicone HP - Canada, CA

I have always hated how my breasts look. They had the tubular deformity and i was really ashamed of it so on 28/01/2016 i had a breast augmentation and areolar mastopexy. I chose 450 cc HP saline implants and ended up with 450 on left and 480 on right. From the beggining i was displeased with... READ MORE

35 Year Old 2 Kids Breastfeed from 300cc Round to Natrelle 410MX 325gr

Hello, I did my suegery 6 Days ago. I wanted my breast more full and up. I was thinking in 400cc but my surgeon said that more of 325 not possible because the base of my boob is 12cm. So here I' after 6 days. I'm still whaiting to see how will looks in the next weeks. My new implants are... READ MORE

29 Yrs Old/scar Revision After Breast Augmentation for Scar Near at Inframammary Fold

Finally, I have decided to undergo scar revision. Yey! I'm just hoping the result will be more pleasant. I had it done yesterday.The doctor was so nice to do it at no cost. He is the same doctor who performed the breast augmentation so he did the revision for free.He had it done under general... READ MORE

29yr old 5'10'' 172lbs Change 375HP for 600ccHP

I'm a 29 year old mom, who had an augmentation September 2016, and much to my disappointment did not like the result. The implants chosen for me was Mentor HP 375cc textured. What bothered me about my implants was the fact that they look very small for my broad frame, and don't look... READ MORE

36 yrs old, Implant Revision with Strattice

I've been searching and searching and haven't been able to locate many reviews for implants that use strattice so here's mine. :) In January of 2015 I had mentor moderate plus, silicone gel placed under the muscle. 500 cc on the left and 450 cc on the right. IMO we overcompensated on the left... READ MORE

Implant After Explant and Can't Wait! - Scottsdale, AZ

I previously posted on the explant forum but that got depressing for me because most women were happy not to have their implants anymore. I want mine back in the worse way! My story is, I had my implants exchanged in April 2016 for a better type of implant called the " tear drop " or gummy bear"... READ MORE

Breast Implant Exchange

I had my breast implants exchanged to go bigger. I went to 2 different consults before deciding to go through with surgery. I had breast lift with implants placed by a different surgeon in Dec 2015 and they were never as full or big as I wanted them. I went to different plastic surgeon Dr... READ MORE

Swapping Saline for Silicone Going Under Muscle

Two years ago I had a breast augmentation. My husband at the time had a preference for overfilled saline and my Dr was reluctant to place them under the muscle due to my level of fitness activity. I hated them from the start! I had 330 mod saline overfilled to 460 giving me an arrow base and a... READ MORE

15 Years with Symmastia and 2 Surgeons....I Finally Found the Best Surgeon - La Mesa, CA

After having BA and 2001 I was very disappointed with the outcome. I had gone to a doctor in Newport Beach he had put in 700 cc 's which I was happy with the size but they were a low profile and wrong for my 27 inch rib circumference. I developed a condition called symmastia, which left me with... READ MORE

42 Yr Old Fit Mom Getting Reconstructive Surgery After Mommy Makeover Gone Wrong - Atlanta, GA

I had a mommy makeover last year that went horribly wrong and have since switched doctors and am getting a reconstructive revision and implants. I had a full tummy tuck, umbilical hernia repair, and breast lift last year. I am not sure if there was a surgical error or if it was a freak healing... READ MORE

Much Needed Breast Revision and Lift. Houston, TX

I had my breast done 24 yrs ago (saline overs 450) and for the most part they were beautiful and done well. After 24 years... one bottomed out... nipples going south and a lift needed. After I took the first picture of them I had no idea they had gotten so bad. So bad to the point that I wont... READ MORE

Run away from Revis!

So far I'm communicating with Dr.Revis via email and I like the fact that he emails back very fast and answers all the questions. Due to bottoming out/double bubble on one side, and high implant on the other side, I need to get a revision and this time I want to make sure I pick a doctor, who... READ MORE

48 and Have the Best Boobs Ever!0

Dr Campbell and dr Carolina are amazing. I wouldn't consider going to anyone else. They listen to what you want and deliver. Artists. You will feel like family which is important if you're traveling alone like myself. I'm beyond happy with results. I had old 250cc implants removed and replaced... READ MORE

Breasts Indent on Sides After Lift and Implant Exchange!

I am two days post op from implant exchange (found out one ruptured less than a year from my surgery during the exchange) and breast lift. My breasts look like they indent on the sides and have ridges. Will this go away? I'm on my second surgery in less than two years and am so worried I won't... READ MORE

Dr. Pantoja is Amazing. Mexico, MO

Dr. Pantoja Is a skilled surgeon who cares about your happiness and safety. All his staff are wonderful, and I am so grateful to be his patient. He repaired my damaged implants, and his work is impeccable. He knew exactly what I wanted and delivered results without compromising my safety. He is... READ MORE

800cc SRX Natrelle Silicon Implants

So I recently decided that I wanted to go bigger from my previous 440cc. I did end up going 800( largest silicone you can go currently) i just got it done but I am very happy I did this. I have the SRX style and high profile, bc they are closer together. The ultra high profile were not as close... READ MORE

Breast Revision Augmentation - Columbus, OH

Dr.Grawe was amazing. she is knowledgeable about the body parts and she explains in great detail what exactly she is going to do in the procedure . I love her! She has a great energy when she enters the room, she's smart, intelligent and beautiful. She is literally #1 in the states!!! Dr.Grawe... READ MORE

3rd Breast Augmentation with Dr.Mark Preston 4th Needed! Horrible Results. Columbus, OH

I am a 31 year old healthy female. I underwent plastic surgery this year 3 times with a Dr. Mark Preston of 765 N. Hamilton Rd, Gahanna, OH 43230. First Surgery was 2/19/2016 he performed breast lift and removal of excess skin he advised it could be performed inside his office to cut cost on... READ MORE

Revision Breast Implant and Lift

I decided to have a BA & BL with Dr Ellis Choy so that he could remove and/or repair breast deformities/injuries I sustained after having taken the unfortunate step of going to a rogue “cosmetic” surgeon for a BA earlier in the year after a recommendation from a friend. These def... READ MORE

Breast Implant Exchange (due to Rupture) Saline to Silicone!

My first BA was in September of 2010: 400cc, saline, high profile, smooth round, & over the muscle (and loved them). But unfortunately, I recently had one of my saline implants rupture and am now upgrading to silicone on May 16th. This time around I am going to get 500cc, silicone, moderate... READ MORE

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