Breast Implant Revision

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Breast implant revision surgery can address a variety of concerns following breast augmentation, including implant malfunction, capsular contracture, and dissatisfaction with breast size, among others. Revisions may involve changing the implant, fixing post-op sagging, or aligning asymmetrical breasts. LEARN MORE ›

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45 Years Old, San Antonio TX -Breast Implant Revision- I WANT BIGGER BOOBS! - San Diego, CA

I have 475 CC silicone, under muscle right now. I have had these for roughly 12 years. My left breast has fallen out of the pocket and is misshapen, and there is significant rippling on the right breast. My goal is to increase my size, be fuller up top for more cleavage, and would like them... READ MOREubxvxybyrexfbbwrybzfey

8th Breast Revision I Hope I'm Lucky This Time - Michigan

I have had 7 breast ops since 2005 every one has gone wrong,each surgeon has not fixed the true issue which is clearly a pocket problem.This time I'm seeing a surgeon I truly hope will help me get my confidence I never had (the reason I had the op in first place ).In 2005 I had over dissected... READ MORE

Breast Implant Revision with Full Mastoplexy-Would recommend Dr. Vath to anyone in Denver

I got moderate profile smooth round Mentor implants in 2006 with the renowned Garth Fisher in LA. His work is gorgeous. I loved them. I have worn a full C-cup and loved my boobs for almost ten years. I had a third baby in 2012 though and after nursing him for a year, my pretty girls moved. A lot... READ MORE

41 Yrs Old, Married, 3 Kids, 21, 10, and 7. 5'1", 130 Pds, Athletic - Las Vegas, NV

Breast revision after 15 yrs because left side ruptured. First had salines put in about 325/315 cc's. Loved them. Originally done in California by Dr. Bandy. Had wonderful experience. Now going to get silicone 450 or 500cc in Las Vegas, a lot nervous. I'm not sure if I want high profile or... READ MORE

Mom of 5 Doing Tuck Revision Breast Implant Revision,Synmastia Correction and Mastopexy - Orange, CT

Looking forward to having more skin pulled down and more stretch mark removed having the Synmastia corrected and smaller implants put in! I have saline had them for 18+ years . Can not wait for silicone to be placed I currently have 575 and going down to 400 can't wait to have boobs on... READ MORE

Two BAs and Lipo with Dr Edelstein -- He's my Guy! - Patient for over 10 years

I've been a patient of Dr Edelstein's for over a decade. For my first BA I consulted around and then when I met him I knew he was THE ONE. I didn't go to anyone else for my next procedures -- it didn't even occur to me!! Recently I was considering getting some more body contouring work done... READ MORE

Revision to 550 M+. Warwick, RI

Revision is done! I opted not to have a list due to the scarring. I am happy with my results but, I'm suffering from Boob Greed already! I wish I had gone bigger. It's only been one week and aware I'm being over anxious. My surgeon De. Walek was phenomenal! The staff at the hospital was... READ MORE

32A/B, 300cc Silicone Exchange for 495cc Silicone HP! Dallas, TX

My experience with Dr. Deuber has been great but a little costly. I started July of 2015 with 280/300 cc HP silicon. After about 9 months and lots of thinking I decided I wanted bigger. The 300's just seemed truly too small for my frame. I am very happy now and will continue to update! Photos to... READ MORE

REVISION done from 350cc HP to 470cc UHP Natrelle Inspira - California

I am 5 ft 5 128 pounds. 40 years old, My base width is 13cm & 13.4 cm. 28 inch rib cage...measured right under breasts. above breasts from arm pit to arm pit im about 33 inches. 26 inch waist. incase someone wants to know exacts to help them decide on their size choice. (4 perfect kids.... READ MORE

78 Year Old Woman 28 Yr Old Saline Implants. Palm Springs, CA

Hello all brave sisters. I am having a revision and replacemnt with silicone implants. Not sure of existing implant size, but not over 300cc, maybe less. I will only increase in size enough to get a little more prjection. Don't, never did want big boobs, just nice, naturally full with a little... READ MORE

Breast Revision After 18 Yrs. 380cc to 700cc - Fort Lauderdale, FL

I'm finally getting the breasts I've always desired after 2 augmentations with lift and capsular contracture. I am 3 wks pre op and can not wait! I'm traveling to Fort Lauderdale and also bringing my sister from NY to do it together. It's her first augmentation and she is excited! I'm posting... READ MORE

Ideal Implant for High Profile Revision and Flank/thigh Liposuction. Dallas, TX

Today is day 1 after surgery, so it is too soon to review the results. My surgeon, Dr. Weider, and his staff of Cecila and Kim were wonderful. They took much time with me to carve out the right strategy for my needs, which included: breast implant revision as my previous implants were too big... READ MORE

32 Year Old Mommy to 5! Bi-lateral pocket repair, mastopexy and implant upgrade

4 years ago I had Ba with another doctor NOT Dr. Pousti anyway about 9 months after the implants/reduction and lift I started to notice my breasts go from sisters to very distant cousins. I put off having the revision for so long as I was deciding if I was having more children or not, and also... READ MORE

I'm excited! !!Finally getting a revision

I'm Traveling From Texas Miami With My Husband Whos Going To Be Taking Good Care Of Me ,This Is Going To Be My 3Rd Sugery .First It Was My Breast Implants Then It Was My Butt(Both In Texas) , And I'm So Excited That I'm Getting My 3Rd Surgery Breast Revision With Dr .Hunsaker. I Saw Some Of His... READ MORE

34 with 10 Year Old Saline 400cc High Profile Replaced with 655 cc cohesive shaped Implants.

I feel that my implants are too small from my 5'10 165lb frame. I have a consultation scheduled on February 11th to discuss a revision with my original surgeon. I am hoping to go from a c cup to a full d/dd cup. I can't wait to meet with the doctor!! 10 days and counting!! Thinking maybe 600-700... READ MORE

Internal Bra Revision - San Diego, CA

Best decision of my life. I'm beyond greatful and happy with the new joy in my life that Dr. Pousti has given me. I felt deformed for an entire year after my first BA as things went wrong from the beginning ie deformed cleavage & pain. I have my life and confidence back. Pre op 475 HP unders.... READ MORE

700cc woohoo, Internal Bra, alloderm, Implant Exchange - La Mesa, CA

Just had revisionary surgery feb 11th. After 12 year old high profile saline implants it was time to redo the girls. I was in need of a lift bad my implants would fall into my armpits and were so heavy in bathing suits and some bras I needed more support. I wanted a new dr. Not the same dr that... READ MORE

Dr Revis Restored my Breast Health, Confidence and Appearance! - Fort Lauderdale, FL

I am taking a moment to share a review because I am lucky to have found a physician as caring, committed and talented as Dr Revis. After my initial breast augmentation and 4 (yes 4!) subsequent revision surgeries by 2 separate surgeons, I was left alone in my struggle and pain. I was told there... READ MORE

Implant Exchange from 360 Cc to 520 Cc Inspira Silicone. Gulfport, MS


I had my consultation for the exchange of my 20yr old 360 cc saline implants for 520 cc Inspira silicone implants. Dr. Richardson was great so far but I am reading mixed reviews on Real Self so we will see how it goes. I am so excited and am counting down the days till the 10th! I'd love to... READ MORE

47 Yrs Old, 16 Yr. Old Saline Implants in Need of Replacement! Houston, TX

I've been thinking about having my implants replaced for a few years now. My daughter just graduated last year & I was finally able to buy her a car. Now it's my turn but instead of a car mom is getting new implants. :-) I've researched doctors and spoke to quite a few people and I've... READ MORE

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