Breast Implant Revision

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Breast implant revision surgery can address a variety of concerns following breast augmentation, including implant malfunction, capsular contracture, and dissatisfaction with breast size, among others. Revisions may involve changing the implant, fixing post-op sagging, or aligning asymmetrical breasts. LEARN MORE ›

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35 Year Old Mom of 2 Breast Dropping and Wanting Bigger Size After a Horrible Experience with First Surgeon - Lethbridge, AB

I am a mother of two and weigh 124 lbs. I had my first ba 2 years ago with another surgeon. I under went a ba as well as a tummy tuck. A year ago my breasts started bottoming out do I had a correction done and about 4 months after that my breasts started dropping again and my capsul was never... READ MORE

32 Year Old, 1 Child, Wanted Fullness and Increase in Size - Toledo, OH

I am 32 years old and had flirted with the idea of getting a breast augmentation after losing the fullness in my breast due to pregnancy and breastfeeding, and weight training but was also really nervous about the idea of plastic surgery. I went to Dr. Barone after a friends recommendation and... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation #2 - Larger Implant Under the Muscle - Pasadena, CA

I have been Dr. Yoho's patient for the past 11 years. Throughout that span of time he has performed 5 procedures for me, all of which have contributed to a greater sense of self-worth & emotional well being as well as produced aesthetically pleasing results. Please feel free to browse... READ MORE

To New Beginnings - Nashville, TN

I first started my journey with implants about 7 years ago. I originally had them placed on top of the muscle per surgeons choice and as a result of me being uneducated. A few years past and I developed back pain and ultimately had them reduced by said doctor. Even after reduction I was not... READ MORE

Breast Implant Exchange - Beaverton, OR

Thirteen years ago (and after 3 babies), I had breast augmentation. I chose 350cc saline implants. I knew within one month I had gone too small - I'm not a small woman - 5'8", 155lbs. So over the years, I knew I would eventually make a change to larger implants. When I was ready, I went to see 3... READ MORE

Downsizing from D/DD to a C with Mastopexy. YAY!!! - Oklahoma City

I'm a 46yo mother of 1 who originally had a BA with textured saline in 2004, 8 months after having a baby. I am 5'2" & 123 lbs (pretty much the same as 12 years ago). I originally asked for a full C/small D. What I was GIVEN was DD/DDD. Hated them! So, in 2008, when I had a deflation, I was... READ MORE

29 Years Old,breast Revision - Miami Beach, FL

I had a problem with my left implants for 2 years due to a bad healing of the capsule,the implants was a little hard and I had a pumbl on the edge that I could see and feel,the doctor fix the problem and I ask for bigger implants,I like the result,they feels smooth and pretty natural,as they... READ MORE

Changing 16 Years Old Implants 275cc Saline with 450cc Mentor HP smooth round Silicone

I was very happy for 16 years with my 200 cc saline implant. I had no issues whatsoever, just wish I insisted on having a bigger size. I was a 36A before BA, I guess, and the 200 cc brought me to a 36B.Now, after 16 years, two pregnancies and breastfed two beautiful kids,15 and 9, I decided that... READ MORE

Natrella Inspira , SRX 545cc , OVER The Muscle ,Breast Revision From Dubble Bubble , 22 Years Old 135 Pounds - Las Vegas, NV

I just had my surgery on 07/23/16 with Dr.Richards of Las Vegas . Very kind & caring Doctor . I had a breast revision from under the muscle to over the muscle . Originally I was 371cc of Natrelle Allegram COHESIVE SILICONE ( GUMMY BEAR ) , now I have Natrelle Inspira 545cc . I was originally... READ MORE

50 Yr Old - 5'2" 123 Lbs. - Deflated Implant - Louisiana

I had breast augmentation in 2000. 375 HP Saline. At the end of May 2016 I noticed that my left implant felt a little different while working out. It felt a little more softer and bouncier than usual. I told my husband that something didn't look right. Within a couple days it had gotten... READ MORE

46, 2 Kids, Deflated, Switching from Anatomical to 260 Low Profile Rounds - Toronto, ON

After replanting the too firm anatomicals that had too much projection, I waited six months to see how I felt . I didn't want to be bigger, or augmented, but just have a bit of upper pole and return of lost volume. I returned to Dr.Rice , as hrs do good st what he does. I showed him pictures of... READ MORE

22 Year Old, First Augmentation 2 Years Ago Going for a Revision - Adelaide, AU

I had my first breast augmentation when I was 19 almost 20, too young and I realise that now. I had my surgery here in South Australia, Adelaide and am very unhappy with my results! Im not 100% certain what I have in me cause I was never given the card of what implant size etc he put in. But I... READ MORE

Removed Large Implants After 14 Years and Replaced with Lift and Smaller Implants - Murray, UT

I had a breast augmentation with 400cc saline implants 14 years ago. I never wanted to go that big, but I didn't want to do a lift either. So I took the advice of my doctor and just "filled up the extra space I had" (that darned child-birthing process). It was fine for me for many years, but now... READ MORE

Dr. Bednar - Breast Implant Removal with Fat Transfer to Breasts - Charlotte, NC

After having implant for 13 years, it's time for a change! I have decided to have my implants, which are Mentor High Profile 380 f.t 450 (R) 425 (L), replaced using the fat transfer method. How many times have we wanted to take fat from one place and put it in another? Well June 20th, I will... READ MORE

Breast Implant Exchange and Pocket Revision - Houston, TX

I wanted to go ahead and put a new review on here as opposed to an updated review. I had my first breast augmentation close to a year ago with Dr. Vitenas, but because of my pectus excavatum, I felt that my first set of implants did not give me enough chest coverage to mask my deformity. (I was... READ MORE

Breast Lift and Implants - Mexico, MO

Dr. Pantoja is an amazing surgeon. I would go to him for future procedure. He spent the time needed to fix and adjust my breast situation which had been botched from another doctor. My first surgery with him was to fix the damage that the first surgeon did by removing the old/new implants and... READ MORE

39 Years Old, After Children, Implant Removal New Ones - Toronto, ON

I'm 39. I had my daughter and it changed the dynamics of my chest. I had my old implants removed which were in 12 years. I upgraded from a DD to a DDD. Went with HP 780 cc cohesive gel. I wanted bigger (900cc) but apparently that was the largest they could get. Surgery went fast and as planned.... READ MORE

Capsular Contracture After Multiple Attempts at Revisons - Beverly Hills, CA

I went to see Dr. Orringer because I had recurring capsular contractures after breast implants. After four previous surgeries, I felt like there was little hope left. Not only did I have multiple scars, but the capsular contractures had left my breasts misshapen and hard. I was in constant pain.... READ MORE

440cc sientra gel under muscle

Two years ago 4/2013, I got my breast augmentation. I went with 300cc full C/small D high profile memory gel silicone he convinced me to do above muscle (bad idea) so I had the natural look (with slight droop) and natural feeling breasts. everything went great but then 9 months later I realized... READ MORE

Replaced 400cc 615cc - Sugar Land, TX

Last year I had breast lift with 400cc implants. I was very happy with the procedure the healing. I got boob greed. I went to my same doctor for a consult and decided for my height and weight 615cc would be perfect. I had my revision surgery Friday went back to work Sunday .. No significant... READ MORE

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