Swollen + Breast Implant Removal

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Should I Have my Implants Removed if I Suspect They Are the Cause of my Sudden Joint and Muscle Pain?

I've had my 300cc breast implants for 15 weeks and over the last 3 weeks I've been suffering with arthritis like symptoms in my shoulders, wrists and... READ MORE

For explant surgery, is it recommended to leave the capsule in or take out? Are drains recommended for this type of surgery?

My PS suggested I leave the capsule in, as taking out leaves a bigger pocket that needs to close and that could cause complications. He said the body... READ MORE

Are there any special considerations to be aware of as I begin my search to find a surgeon to remove my 40 year old implants?

I am a 70 year old woman with 40 year old implants that encapsulated years ago. My left breast has become somewhat distorted from the implant now... READ MORE

Explant done 19 days ago with Capsule removal. Should I be concerned?

Explant done 19 days ago. One breast still swollen. Dr had to dig to remove capsule and have internal stitches in one breast. The Implant had a leak... READ MORE

Breast lift scar revision (photos)

I had a breast implant removal along with a mastopexy 10 months ago. One month after the surgery, my dermatologist found that the scars were a little... READ MORE

Breast implant removal. Now swelling. Lymphedema?

I had breast augmentation removal (under the breast crease) 13 days ago with capsulectomy. Had drains for 7 days then removed. I drained... READ MORE

Is this pain after Breast implant removal normal?

I had breast implants removed a month ago as one of them was ruptured &swollen. The breast that had ruptured is still mis shapen but i'm concerned as... READ MORE

Are my breasts swollen or is there a chance they will stay this size? (photos)

-Implants were 240 cc, saline and were deflated and removed through armpit -PS said they came out easily with no complications -breasts are not tender... READ MORE

Explant was a little over 3 weeks ago. Is this normal?

I love my new size since removing my implants. I see the doctor tomorrow for stitch removal....I noticed today that my right breast feels alittle... READ MORE

Left breast more swollen than right after two explants?!

Hi there, I had a BA in September last year, had my left removed because of staph. Had a reimplantation in December, but recontracted staph and had it... READ MORE

Implant moved out of the pocket and there is a suspected rupture, if complete removal is necessary what is the estimated cost?

LF Breast is swollen, painful, numb Diagnosis by evaluation: Suspected Rupture MRI: in a week to confirm Follow up with Plastic Surgeon: after MRI Per... READ MORE

How long after cellulitis can I expect pain and swelling to be completely gone? 17 days post Explant/Anchor Lift. (photos)

17 days post-op with a wonderful PS in my area. I had a ruptured implant on the opposite breast. Doc removed the implants, took out more tissue and... READ MORE

One implant/breast swollen, hard and little painful. Augmentation done 24 years ago. What is the cause?

One breast implant swollen, hard and little painful all of a sudden.had implants for approx 25yea rs.i am very worried, what can the cause be? READ MORE

Opinion - Staph A infection origination and it it have been prevented. Right implant was removed because of it. (photos)

8/4 BA surgery 9/ 27 pimple on incision line which made a tiny hole was told it was nothing to worry about. 10/15 fever, chills, confusion, pain in r... READ MORE

Is it normal for one incision to hurt more?

I just explanted my implants two days ago. I've noticed my incision on my right side hurts more. Is this normal? I am right handed and it's not... READ MORE

I just want to have second opinion about how long after implant removal, the implant can be put back.

I probably got seroma problems, i going for my right implant removal.  Is it safe to put back again the same implant?? as my doctor said that he... READ MORE

Will I need a drain? Breast implant removal

Hi, I've had my implants removed 1 week ago and my left breast is quite swollen in comparison to the right. I'm worried I will need a drain. Dr said... READ MORE

Is it normal for one breast to be more painful and swollen after implants removed?

I had 220 cc silicone cohesive implants over the muscle for only 3 weeks. I had them removed 3 days ago and having more pain and a little more... READ MORE

Is it/ when is possible to replace implants after Infection?

I have bilaterale mastectomy due a cancer ten months ago. Last week my right breast become warm and swolen. My doctor notice seroma around my right... READ MORE

Still tired after implant removal?

Under the muscle,transauxilary ,silicone gel implants They were in for one year. I began experiencing extreme fatigue , swollen lymph nodes shooting... READ MORE

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