1 Week Post-op + Breast Implant Removal

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Implants Were Removed 2 Weeks Ago, and my Nipples Are Caved in

I'm 28yrs-old and i had BA 5 months ago. 2 weeks after surgery when i went to follow up, my PS said, it seemed there might be blood in my left... READ MORE

How Long After Breast Implant Removal can I Wear Underwire Bras?

Hello, I am one week postop for breast implant removal. I forgot to ask my surgeon if I should massage the scars and also how long I should wait... READ MORE

Scar Tethering Fixable? (photo)

I had my implants removed. orginal site was tuba, so dr placed new incisions for removal. she placed them much higher than my creases stating it would... READ MORE

Dent After Explant; Permanent? (photo)

I am post-explant day 7. I have a "dent" at the bottom of my left breast that I'm fearful will not fill in. There is no dent on my right breast,... READ MORE

I got my implants 6 days ago. How Soon Can I Explant?

I got my implants 6 days ago. I have wanted them removed since Day 1. I am not even sure why I had them put in, more for my husband, and I thought I... READ MORE

Breasts Feel/look Like Jello After Explant?

I had an explant 6 days ago, after only 2.5 months. I'm 5'1/98lbs and after the initial surgery my breathing was never the same. I had EKG's, stress... READ MORE

How Long Do I Need to Wait For Breast Implant Removal? I Want Them Out ASAP.

Breast Implant Removal? A little over a week ago I got breast implants that I thought I truly wanted. Now I feel I have made the biggest mistake of my... READ MORE

Outcome of Implant Removal After 9 Weeks?

I had my 300cc silicone unders removed 6 days ago. I had the removed after only 9 weeks. I was a small but perky B before removal. My PS seemed... READ MORE

Is it common to feel a change in personality after going under full anesthesia?

It's been one week since my procedure, an explant and breast lift, and I feel this odd burst of energy. Compared to my baseline mood, this feels like... READ MORE

I am one week post explant and wondering about compression garments for helping recovery - what type is best?

I had implants for about eleven years, under the muscle and like many on this forum received much bigger implants than anticipated. They were 500 cc... READ MORE

Severe dent under the nipple approx. 3" across after my breast explant! Why?

Should I massage and how to correct. Did not replace. After breast explant my right breast has a severe dent right under the nipple approx. 3" across!... READ MORE

How long should I compress my breasts for after explant, without lift or capsule removal?

How long should I compress my breasts for the best results after an explant? I went from a 32D to 32A and have been wearing a sports bra with an ace... READ MORE

What is the proper technique for breast massage after breast explant?

How long and how many times a day should you do the massage? How many months should you continue? Is it pretty standard to do massage? When should you... READ MORE

What can I do to help get rid of a seroma after breast implant removal?

I had my implants removed 8 days ago. It was a simple Explant, no drains placed. My recovery has been super easy, little pain and I feel good. I had... READ MORE

What to do after breast implant removal to achieve best results?

I got my implants removed a week ago, due to cc on one side... and i have read that many ladies massage, put on creams, where tight sports bras,... READ MORE

Recent explant and lymph node removal due to rupture. Concerned about silicone travelling to lymph nodes.

1 week ago I had explant and 5 lymph nodes removed due to extra capsular rupture of silicone implants. I'm really worried that silicone has migrated... READ MORE

Is Mondor's Cord Always Visible? I Have No Bruising, Swelling, Redness.

I had brest implants removed. 1wk after surgery started to get discomfort/irritation in area below my left breast fold incision. it radiates about... READ MORE

Do Imploded Breasts After Explant Reverse Themselves? (photo)

I'm in a panic. 33 year old silicone removed 9/30/13 and I see the doctor tomorrow on 10/6. Left one horribly imploded. What could have gone wrong and... READ MORE

5 days post op. Will the smiley faces go away? Is this what it will stay like? Will I have a chance of not being concave?(photo)

I know it is only 5 days post op explant, but the scar tissue left from incision in areola from previous augment weighs skin down....is this as good... READ MORE

When can I sleep on my side after implant removal and breast lift?

Also, slight reduction of one breast. All done about a week ago. READ MORE

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