Wearing bra after explant. Any suggestions? (photos)

I have had my 3 weeks old implant removed a week ago. When can i start wearing Padded Sports Bra ??? Right now i am wearing garment given to me after my B.A .(see pic) Is it ok???

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I would suggest asking your plastic surgeon what bra you should be wearing now. I ask my patients to wear a soft sports bra for one month to avoid irritation to the incision and underwires.

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Breast explant - is the surgical bra ok?

Thank you for asking about your breast explant recovery.
  • I am sorry that breast implants didn't turn out well for you.
  • The bra from your surgeon seems fine to wear.
  • Ask your surgeon if it's ok now to start wearing a padded sports bra instead.
Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes  - Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

Elizabeth Morgan, MD, PhD
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Bra and Explant

Every plastic surgeon has their own protocol regarding garments and healing.  Check in with your surgeon regarding the sports bras.  I have no problem with my patients wearing a comfortable sports bra following surgery.

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Wearing bra after explant. Any suggestions?

There is no “standard” when it comes to the use of specific bras or garments after breast surgery. In other words, different plastic surgeons may have different practices when it comes to postoperative dressings/bras. Therefore, best to check with your plastic surgeon.   For example, in my practice, patients wake up with a surgical bra in place.  This surgical bra,  although not attractive, is supportive and used for about one month after surgery (some of my patients have been known to burn the bra ASAP). Then, patients transition to a soft sports bra. Wired bras are used when patients have full sensation along the breast skin.  Best wishes.

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