Breast Fat Transfer

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An alternative to implants, breast fat transfer uses liposuction to remove fat cells from the stomach, hips, and other fat-abundant areas of the body and gives them a new home in the breasts.

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I am starting to get nervous - my pre-op is Tuesday, so I'm hoping to get more information on what's going to happen next - what the recovery will really be like. I've been speaking with some girls on here, trying to see how everyone has been doing. Hopefully my experience will be just as... READ MORE

I have to admit, I never thought "lipo" was right for me. I always thought that it was for people with significant weight to lose, and I only wanted to lose about 15lbs/2 sizes or so. I think I live under a rock (LOL!) as I only heard about this fat transfer procedure very recently. But the more... READ MORE

I hated my breasts from pregnancy to end.. during my pregnancy I developed tuberous breasts with a puffy areola that darkened. During breastfeeding I went up to a 32 EE almost F.. by the end of breastfeeding, I had gone to literally a sack of skin on my chest with large dark areola. Not only was... READ MORE

I grew up with many women (family&friends) and their breast begin to grow at 12 or so. However, I was 16 and still was considered flat chested bcuz mines thus far was only an A cup, while all the girls I grew up with and hung out with were D cups. My sisters were and still are waay bigger than... READ MORE

I am 2 weeks pre op and will be getting fat transferred from abdomen/flanks to breasts. I am 28 years old, 5'5", 130 pounds, size 34AA breasts. I previously had 350cc implants removed. Breasts are loose but don't sag so I am hoping there will already be enough room for the new fat. My main... READ MORE

After having the lapband done 5 1/2 yrs ago, I lost so much volume in my breast. My left breast was a cup size smaller then the right. My goal is to have some volume put back into my breast and hopefully have the left breast closer in size to the right one. Dr will harvest fat from upper and... READ MORE

Background: Wearing bras has always been an uncomfortable experience for me, because they don't fit. I wear a 36B bra, the left breast fitting this somewhat adequately, the right breast around a cup smaller. I have a (somewhat mild) tuberous deformity, so that there is a lack of fullness in... READ MORE

Hello all, I'm trying to decide between fat grafting a and silicone implants. I'm really having a internal battle with myself. I like the security in size that the implants will give me but I would love to be able to use my own fat and have natural feeling breast, w/o the concern of a rupture... READ MORE

After getting breasts implants 8 years ago I started having many illnesses that were unexplainable. After connecting dots I figured my illnesses started after getting implants. It was a very difficult decision to make to have them removed because there is little scientific evidence to support... READ MORE

After comparing with PS in Orlando, I decided to use Dr Kirk for the procedure. She is very friendly to talk to, young yet professional. I never wanted an implant in my body but my chest was just pitifully flat. Fat grafting breast augmentation seem to be a perfect solution. The first surgeon I... READ MORE

This site has really helped me decide on getting this procedure done so I thought it was time to give back. I have a fat transfer procedure scheduled for Jan 6, 2016. I started this journey with my consultation in early December with Dr. Stanwix. I was very pleased with his knowledge and... READ MORE

I started a B before breast feeding... then went to D... now a small C. Just looking for something closer to full C.but if the risks outway the results I won't do it. Mmmm y boobs are pretty... but are stretched a bit. Just want volume without mirsa. ;) Just want natural, pretty, & no foriegn... READ MORE

I used to be a small waisted female who always wanted to gain some weight. I gained the weight but some came in unwanted areas. I have been stalking and reading this site for the past 8 months,and have gained the courage to have some tickle lipo done. I spoke with one Dr at Strax but was not... READ MORE

I've been flat-chested my whole life. When I was younger it didn't really bother me, then as I got older I became more self conscious about it. Then I breastfed my kids and realized how fun it was to have boobs. After every pregnancy, I've worked hard to get back to my starting weight, eating... READ MORE

2 days after surgery I felt like I had the flu, went to regular doctors twice and both times after blood work they said it's viral, about 7 days later I saw my plastic surgeon dr. Kovanda and he said yes they are infected and prescribed an antibiotic. However after 7 days of barely... READ MORE

There are not many GREAT specialists in Fat Transfer around and those who criticize it apparently don't know Dr Hughes techniques. I did not want to get silicone or other type of implants and was very excited to learn about fat transfer option on the internet. I studied what I could about the... READ MORE

I had no hesitation in contacting Gary Ross, I wanted a surgeon who had breast reconstruction expertise plus plastic surgery experience. Gary performed the explant which all went to plan including removing the thick capsules. I'd had twos sets of implants (done elsewhere), both of which had... READ MORE

I had a vertical lift with fat transfer to breast. My surgeon offered a peri- areolar lift because I have a have small frame, nipples were already above the fold, and and my breasts aren't huge (32b or c). However, I decided on the vertical lift after much anxiety. I opted for the vertical... READ MORE

I had surgery for tuberous breast surgery in the German public healthcare system five years ago. The result was not good, they gave me very small breast implants and a horrendous scar around my nipples and the breast looked just as before, only scarred. After my first surgery experience I was... READ MORE

This was my third breast augmentation. My first was a few years ago, I got saline implants and a Areola lift. The implants were too heavy which led to them bottoming out, I was not happy. My second surgery with Dr. Robert Rehnke went fantastic and I loved the results!! After having my 3rd child... READ MORE

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