Breast Fat Transfer

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An alternative to implants, breast fat transfer uses liposuction to remove fat cells from the stomach, hips, and other fat-abundant areas of the body and gives them a new home in the breasts.

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I have always hated my breasts. since puberty, they've always been saggy. i was never interested in larger boobs, but just wanted well-shaped breasts that i felt confident about. after reading reviews and doing tons of research, i decided to go with dr. edward bednar's fat transfer procedure. he... READ MORE

Like so many, breastfed kids so deflated chest. I exercise daily and eat healthy balanced diet most days, but have stubborn areas of fat that I hope are good deposits for survival after transfer to breasts. I'm on schedule but not yet made up my mind whether to have small amount transferred to... READ MORE

Keep ya posted!! Sorta nervous!! I have read about fat being absorbed and lumps so a bit hesitant and nervous. My friend had this surgery with this dr and she is thrilled with her results. I am curious to hear from others on their experiences. I have one breast that needs a lift!! Ha ha! That... READ MORE

I've been a member of RealSelf for about 2-3 yrs now and I am at the point where I've saved up my $ to finally get the procedure I want. I am getting fat transfer to the breast with Dr Bednar and i am super excited! I have thought about this for a longgg time and done extensive research on... READ MORE

A little about me: I was going to wait until everything was complete to write my review, but I'm so excited and anxious I figured why not now. I have been researching, this site and all these reviews since 2007. After child birth in 2006 I realized how I was prepared to care for a baby but not... READ MORE

It has been quite a journey having had silicone Natrelle implants, only 3 years ago, rupture free, triggering an autoimmune response and ex-planted in March 2016. After much research, I am so glad I went to Dr. Bednar because my results have been beyond my expectations. At 5'3", 119 lbs,... READ MORE

I am starting to get nervous - my pre-op is Tuesday, so I'm hoping to get more information on what's going to happen next - what the recovery will really be like. I've been speaking with some girls on here, trying to see how everyone has been doing. Hopefully my experience will be just as... READ MORE

I was really impressed with Dr. Ellenbogen after the first consultation with him. He takes time to personally work with you to make sure you'll get the best option and optimum result for your personal needs. He takes pics and downloads them on the big screen, this way you both can see the root... READ MORE

Circumstances have finally aligned and I find myself in a position to restore my body to my pre-pregnancy measurements. I am 49 and have always exercised. I am in good shape but have fat pockets on my waist, inner thighs, lower abs, back of arms and arm pit area. I am scheduled to have these... READ MORE

Just over three weeks ago I had a liter of fat removed from my back and love handles and placed in my breasts. I'm 42, in decent shape, 5' 9", 140ish lbs. I have breastfed four kids and my breasts were saggy. I've always had little fat on my belly. It accumulates on my sides, back and thighs. I... READ MORE

I am 5'11 and 165 lbs. - a healthy weight. Measurements: 36D bust (they look/function more like a B, but are technically a D or even DD), 30" waist, 44" at my thigh's widest. My body does not change its shape no matter how much I exercise or eat healthy. This is just my shape, and I've had... READ MORE

Please refer to my original review, dated January 2013 with Dr. Leif Rogers. Ladies, I'm 62 years old and after much consideration decided to do a second round of fat transfer to the breast. For whatever time I'm granted on this earth, I intend to enjoy with my enhanced girls! I'm 5'5", 127,... READ MORE

Right now I'm trying to find a good surgeon who will be able to do beautiful work ( implants, lipo of butt, thighs, flanks and a thigh lift) with minimal scarring. I'm not interested in a tummy tuck, hence the " half a mommy makeover". I'm still saving up, and I would like to find the best... READ MORE

I have to admit, I never thought "lipo" was right for me. I always thought that it was for people with significant weight to lose, and I only wanted to lose about 15lbs/2 sizes or so. I think I live under a rock (LOL!) as I only heard about this fat transfer procedure very recently. But the more... READ MORE

I've probably been a little unhappy with my breasts since high school. I was a 32b up until the last year or so when I started gaining more weight and have increased to a 32c. Since I'm still not happy with the size of my breasts, by the way I also have some mild asymmetry and I'm now needing... READ MORE

Well I guess it's time for me to start my own review ????????I am booked in for the 3rd March to have fat transfer to the breast and hopefully have the fat transferred from lower tummy and hips. I had put on about 10kg after having my 3 children, after having them I was able to pretty much... READ MORE

Hi there. I'm new to this so bare with me. I live in UK and had breast implants in 6 years ago. At the time they were like melons (way too big) so I had them done again 2 years later by the same surgeon. Unfortunately they are still too big and I really want to have them removed. I've sent... READ MORE

I want 500cc of fat transfer into each breast.I have been wearing a bombshell bra everyday for 4 yrs and it's time to let go.I'm having trouble finding a Dr. so advice and reviews please.I am thinking June I want the surgry done.I thinking contouring also I want to take the fat from my sides or... READ MORE

I have had saline breast implants for 12 years, and had been thinking about removing them for the last few years. They slid to the sides when lying down and honestly I was never 100% satisfied with their appearance. I knew I would have to get them replaced at some point, and while researching... READ MORE

I have yet to go into the procedure yet. I have been wearing the brava for a couple weeks now and have my appointment on Thursday. I am very nervous as this is my first time every getting something like this done. I will post pics and tell you about my journey and how it goes over the next... READ MORE

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