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An alternative to implants, breast fat transfer uses liposuction to remove fat cells from the stomach, hips, and other fat-abundant body areas, and then places it in the breasts. Other terms for this procedure include: fat grafting, fat injections, and lipotransfer (U.S.); natural breast augmentation (U.K.); and autologous fat transfer (Australia).

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29 Mother of 5

Im looking to recover my 32c or better yet exceed it after nursing all my children they deflated and just got all weird on me. Now that im done having children im ready to recover some of my body back. Im getting lipo to upper and lower abdomen, love handles, skin tightening to abdomen and fat... READ MORE

30 Years Old 2 Kids Small Boobs and Pockets of Fat

Hello ladies! I've decided to share my experience with all of you. I had my pre op appointment yesterday along with the mammogram that they wanted me to get. Dr. Wright likes all of his patients getting a fat transfer to their breasts to get a mammogram, just as an extra precaution. I will be... READ MORE

Fat Transfer from Stomach and Flanks to Breast

Hi ladies! I've decided to start posting since you have all been so helpful. I'm excited, yet nervous to state that after years of being too afraid to commit, I'm getting larger Breasts! I'm so tired of feeling insecure, and not wanting my hubby to touch my breasts. In a few months I will no... READ MORE

30 Years Old, 34A/32B, Breast Fat Transfer over Implants

Ever since I was in high school, I always wished for C cup boobs. I am pretty curvy on the bottom (24 in. waist, 37 in hips, pretty big butt), but up top I can barely fill out a B cup bra. I always would joke with my friends about how I wished I could take some fat from my bottom and inject it... READ MORE

Dr. Bednar Gave Me the Breasts I've Always Wanted :)

I had done a lot of research on fat transfer to the breast. This web site gave me the motivation and support to feel comfortable to proceed with my decision of having a fat transfer to my breast. Also helped me to find Dr Bednar. He is definitely the best at what he dose. Although he might be a... READ MORE

31 Y/o, 2 Kids, I Want to Have a Nice Body Again

I'm always helping others and just want to do something nice for myself. I am still healing overall I'm just not pleased I'm trying to give it time. To see the end result but I guess I'm impatient I know I'm not going to be happy with my fat augumentation to the breast because what I envision... READ MORE

32yo Mom Hoping for Thinner Thighs and Bigger Boobs!

I'm excited to be having my breast fat transfer procedure in a couple days! I'm scheduled for Monday, April 24th with Dr. Engel in Sarasota. These real self reviews have helped me, and I hope to help others with mine. Just a forewarning, I usually write a lot and sometimes too much! My basic... READ MORE

Breast fat transfer with Dr. Bednar (:

This site has been invaluable to me from choosing a doctor, to all the possible complications, so I want to log my story for other people to follow. Any suggestions or advice on what to expect would be fantastic. I've been wearing my Noogleberry breast pump for over a month for 4-8 hours a day... READ MORE

41 Year Old, 2 Kids, 5' 7", 140lbs, Fat Transfer to the Breasts - Charlotte, NC

I have an athletic build and have always had small breasts. I breast fed both my boys. Because they are so small they aren't sagging and still actually have a nice shape. Per Victoria Secret I should wear a 32A bra. I really want more fullness and I'm tired of never filling out any of my cute... READ MORE

39, 5'9", 140lbs, No Kids, Thrilled with Breast Fat Transfer by Dr. Bednar

I chose not to post during my initial recovery phase, but am ecstatic about my results & wanted to share a few details, along with my whole-hearted endorsement of Dr. Bednar & his fantastic team. I learned about BFT a few years ago, and consulted with a well-regarded local surgeon, but... READ MORE

41yrs Old, Two Kids and an Attempt at Fixing Breasts Post Breastfeeding

Finally did it. After a year of going backwards and forwards with my most amazingly patient and pragmatic plastic surgeon, I decided that a fat transfer to the breasts would be the most appropriate treatment as opposed to implants. I had always been small before kids but breast feeding my... READ MORE

36 Years Old, Mom of 2, Looking Forward to Flatter Tummy and Bigger Breasts

Tomorrow is the big day: I've planned my operation: lipofilling of breasts. I'm looking forward to recycling my muffin top to my breasts. My breasts have always been small, but after giving birth (and nursing two kids) they look like a set of teabags. Hopefully with the fat transfer they will be... READ MORE

20 Years Old No Kids Asian Petite

Wanting some boobs since all my life. Researched for a few months and decided I need to do it. I flew to Malaysia and got it done since it's a lot cheaper. I communicated everything thru WhatsApp with the doctor and had consultation and surgery on the day I flew in. The doctor sort of already... READ MORE

37 Year Old Mother of 2 Fat Transfer to Breast

I've never been obese, or really in the overweight category, more on the heavy end of normal. When I went in for my procedure I was 5'7 150 pounds. That's the heaviest I've been in about 7 years. Prior to that my biggest weight was 170 for a year after having my second child (this is overweight,... READ MORE

Symmetrical Again After Explant

25yr old sub-muscular implants came out Nov 9 2016 (saw election results and asked to be put under again). Right had ruptured weeks earlier after a forceful back massage. Do Not want implants ever again. Do not want more scarring and long healing time of a lift that might not be satisfactory... READ MORE

Ab Liposuction and Breast Fat Transfer

After having been on the fitness track for six months now I decided to go all the way and get rid of the belly fat I can't seem to lose no matter what. I toiled over this decision (both from a spiritual/philosophical issue -am I just strengthening the belief in this physical body, Yadi Ya, and... READ MORE

45, 4 Kids and Hoping to Get Volume in My Breasts Back - Charlotte, NC

I had 15-year-old, saline, under the muscle, implants removed 8 months ago, leaving my breasts very deflated. I also nursed 4 babies previously, which also took a toll on them. I started out a 34 A and, with implants, went to a 34 D. Due to health problems, especially fatigue and joint pain, I... READ MORE

Implant Removal with Fat Transfer to Breasts - Charlotte, NC

This site has been invaluable to me as far as information, motivation and support so I want to do the same for other women out there considering this procedure and share my experience. Dr. Bednar and his ENTIRE staff are beyond amazing!! I have never in my life met a group of people that are so... READ MORE

47 Years Old, 2 Kids, Want to Plump Up Breasts :)

I am a very active, 5'8", 135 lb, 47 year old mom of 2. I have never been above a B cup, minus when I was breast feeding...I'd like to plump up my breasts so that I fill out my clothes better, I'm constantly wearing the inserts that up my breast size 1/2 a cup, would be nice to actually have my... READ MORE

29 Yrs Old, No kids, 5'4", 133 Lbs

Hi everyone! I am finally ready to start blogging. I've been holding off but now this is getting real, so here goes: I'm getting the Fat Transfer done because I've always felt that my body was not in proportion. I chose the fat transfer because I like the idea of it being my own fat tissue... READ MORE

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