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An alternative to implants, breast fat transfer uses liposuction to remove fat cells from the stomach, hips, and other fat-abundant body areas, and then places it in the breasts. Other terms for this procedure include: fat grafting, fat injections, and lipotransfer (U.S.); natural breast augmentation (U.K.); and autologous fat transfer (Australia).

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41 years, harmonic vibration lipo

I'm 123 pounds, had four full-term babies. I work out every day. I'm doing a procedure called harmonic vibration lipo to my inner and outer thighs, upper and lower abdomen, and flanks and transferring the fat to my breasts (if I have enough of it). This office has a history of 75% of the fat... READ MORE

35, Twins, Breast Fat Transfer, Full Abdominal Liposculpture - Elite Body Sculpture

I have appreciated this site so much and the posts of others - I felt obligated to reciprocate and share my story. In addition, I feel it is very important for me to share how highly satisfied I am with my doctor and to encourage anyone in the area considering a similar procedure to meet with... READ MORE

A Better Me 2016

Well I guess it's time for me to start my own review ????????I am booked in for the 3rd March to have fat transfer to the breast and hopefully have the fat transferred from lower tummy and hips. I had put on about 10kg after having my 3 children, after having them I was able to pretty much... READ MORE

36 Years Old, Mom of 2, Looking Forward to Flatter Tummy and Bigger Breasts

Tomorrow is the big day: I've planned my operation: lipofilling of breasts. I'm looking forward to recycling my muffin top to my breasts. My breasts have always been small, but after giving birth (and nursing two kids) they look like a set of teabags. Hopefully with the fat transfer they will be... READ MORE

32 Yrs Old 140 Lbs 5'2" - 10 Yr Old 310cc saline Explant with Fat transfer, Lipo, and BBL

First off, thank you to all the ladies who have posted their experiences. This site has been extremely helpful and I hope to pay it forward with my review. Any form of plastic surgery is not to be taken lightly. So about 10 years ago, right after college graduation, I did what many girls in... READ MORE

Fat from Torso and Thighs to Breasts - Tualatin, OR

I have been saving and planning for this for about 4 years and finally decided turning 30 was going to be my reason to finally pull the trigger. Thankfully there is a Dr in the general area who is experienced with this procedure. I really just wanted about an extra cup size and more fullness. I... READ MORE

Third Degree Burn - Boston, MA

During my cosmetic procedure I was burned with the liposuction instrument, the Doctor never told me what happened and 4 days later after the surgery I discovered a third degree burn on my inner tight. I had a great deal of pain as a result of what he called "an accident" he blamed his assistant... READ MORE

Reshaping - Beverly Hills, CA

Today I had liposuction of my armpit fat and of one of my hips( I'm assymetrical from scoliosis) then transferred to my breast where I had irregularities from my previous surgeon in Florida who did my first implants. He had lipo'd areas in my breast to supposedly make my nipples more level? Well... READ MORE

22 Year Old Ready to Have the Body I've Always Wanted - Charlotte, NC

Well I've been reading the posts on this site for awhile now, and I finally had the courage to contact some doctors about breast fat transfer. I originally talked to Dr. Yovino, Dr. Park and Dr. Ronan but they all said I was too skinny. I thought it was finally over for me until I found Dr.... READ MORE

Liposuction and Fat Transfer - Düsseldorf, Germany

At the 4th of November I finally went to Dr. Sandman for a water assisted liposuction with fat transfer to the breast. The consultation before was great and he really takes care of his patients. The water assisted liposuction allows to do treatment without a complete anesthesia. You are awake... READ MORE

Fat Transfer to Breast in Korea - Seoul, KR

The reason for my surgery is because I lost volume in my breasts as I got older. I am only 23 years old however my bra's became loose as I became more active. (From full 32C to 32B) I did not want to get implants and fat transfer seemed like more 'natural' to increase my breasts. I am 5'2 and... READ MORE

Fat Transfer for Asian by Dr.Bednar - Charlotte, NC

This is my first review -- hoping it will post correctly. I had my liposuction and fat transfer to breasts procedure done by Dr. Bednar in Charlotte, NC on 11/18/16. I am East Asian, 5'0'', 120 lbs. My body frame is athletic, muscular (Sylvia & others noted my gymnastics-like upper body... READ MORE

Post Chemo and Radio Therapy Breasts Fat Transfer & Lypo- Amazing - Istanbul, TR

I had chemotherapy last year followed by Radiotherpay where my affected breast became really hard, a solid mass because of the radiotherapy treatments. The skin was also different from the other breast. I spent months on Reals self 4/5 just looking at pictures and doing research. Having never... READ MORE

Fat Transfer After Implant Removal - Oklahoma City, OK

I had my implants removed 1 1/2 years ago after having them for 29 years. They were contracted and ruptured, and left me a bit scarred in the beginning. I had been so happy to be small again and just my own self, but after about a year I noticed the scarring was becoming more prominent and after... READ MORE

Finally Getting Breast Augmentation Via Fat in Indiana - Carmel, IN

So finally after going on and off about implants I decided it wasn't for me. I decided that fat transfer is a better choice, because it is all natural. I chose Dr Van Natta because he seems like the best doctor in Indiana and most experienced in breast augmentation. After meeting him today, I am... READ MORE

24 Year Old, Had Small Breasts After Weight Loss, No Kids. France, FR

I read a lot of reviews on realself before finally taking the step towards "a new me", so I figured it was only right to let you guys know how it went for me! I have always been quite flat chested, however after losing 12kg (27 pounds), they had lost even more volume and were just awful to look... READ MORE

Liposuction to Abdomen/flanks, with Fat-to-breast Transfer -Fort Myers, FL

Just had my surgery this morning. Not going to lie, I'm an incredible amount of pain. My breasts more than my stomach actually. I just got up to use the bathroom and lost a lot of the "bloody fluid" from the wound site. Kind of freaked me out, but they said it was to be expected. Going to go... READ MORE

Happy 30th to Me! - Charlotte, NC

In 2009 I read this amazing article in WIRED magazine about a procedure that could transfer fat from different parts of your body to your breasts. Being a small 32a, I was instantly intrigued as I did not like the idea of having a foreign object (such as an implant) inserted into my body. At the... READ MORE

34 Yr Old Small Uneven Breasts - Guilford, CT

I started a small a cup, but right side was smaller than left. Donor sites were abs, flanks, small spot inner upper thighs. One month post op, I was a b cup and looking wonderful. I'm now 3 mos post op, but have lost some retention. Breasts are much more even in size. Incisions are small and... READ MORE

My dream body with Dr. Gavin Dry - Fat transfer breast and Micro-lipo, 28 years

After two years of not working out and eating junk, I have finally decided I want to get back into shape and feel amazing before I turn 30. Liposuction and fat transfer breast augmentation are going to be my kick start to clean eating and work out routine. After surgery I plan on jumping right... READ MORE

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