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Post Breast Augmentation Surgery: Itching and Fluid

Hello, I am 17 days post op breast augmentation.My left breast is still a little harder than the right. My PS performed a forful squeeze on my l... READ MORE

What could cause sudden red, itchy bruise looking spot on breast? (photos)

I woke up this morning with the side of my right breast itching like crazy! When I looked in the mirror it looks like a hickey with red speckles. I... READ MORE

Is This Rash Type Redness Around my Incisions Normal? (photo)

I had a breast lift and implants on November 8th. The surgical tape covering my incisions came off about 3 days ago and now I have this redness that... READ MORE

Is Redness Around Areola and Scar Normal After a Breast Aug and BL? (photo)

Hi, Is redness around areola and scar normal 4 weeks after a breast aug and implant normal? I went to dominican republic and i told my doctor about it... READ MORE

Is Incision Healing Properly for 4.5 Weeks? (photo)

I want to make sure that the incision under each breast is healing properly. I'm not sure what is normal after 4.5 weeks. I figure some redness is to... READ MORE

Looks Like a Hickey, Should I Be Concerned? (photo)

I am 4 1/2 weeks post op. I had augmentation and lift. Just the other day I noticed a red mark appear that looks like a hickey. I'm not sure whether... READ MORE

Hives/rash or Infection 2 Months Post BA? (photo)

Hello,had BA 2 months ago and experiencing just now some weird looking patches (hives) all over + on the sides of my breasts. Was given steroid cream... READ MORE

Swelling and Pain After Breast Augmentation

I'm 2 1/2 months post breast augmentation. I had a 220cc implant placed in my right breast. A week after surgery, my muscle from my nipple to my back... READ MORE

Will Nipple Lift Redness Eventually Fade/go Away Completely, or Always Remain?

I had breast augmentation May 2011 & because of nipple asymetry, also a right nipple lift. This red scar makes my areola look much larger than... READ MORE

4 weeks post op, the stitches came through my skin near my incisions. Is this normal? (photos)

Had lollyopop lift 4 weeks post op 300 cc unders Removed steri strips at 3 weeks Skin had small scabs No redness but stil bruised Should I stil have... READ MORE

Slight Redness/Tannish Appearance 8 Days Post-op Breast Augmentation

About 8 days ago I has a BA with crescent lift. About 4 days out I developed some redness and swelling in the left breast after being wrapped very... READ MORE

Left Breast Has Pain, Swelling and Redness on Left Side. 5 Month Post-op

I also have experience headache, vomittiing, and generally I am weak. I'm not sure if that is related however very concerned why breast is... READ MORE

Breast Red/warm/itchy After Laying on Side 3 Weeks Post Op?

I was laying on my side in bed (my ps told me I could lay anyway I want) and when I went to roll over I noticed my right breast became warm and red... READ MORE

Frost Bite on Chest Post Breast Aug Surgery?

I got breast aug 2 weeks ago and have been using ice packs for the swelling. 3 days ago, I realized that I must've left the pack for too long and the... READ MORE

I Had Breast Augmentation 10 Months Ago and my Incisions on my Anchor and Areola Ate Red/dry and Itc?

I have had a lift and augmentation 10 months ago and I still suffer with red /dry / itchy flaky scars... Why would this be happening still?... I have... READ MORE

Drainage After Breast Augmentation?

I am 13 days post op from breast augmentation. Yesterday I noticed sero-sangranous drainage on my bra. There is some mild redness around the incision.... READ MORE

Visible Dissolvable Suture Lines at 6 Months Post Breast Augmentation? (photo)

It's been just over 6 months post my breast augmentation. I had 375cc silicon HP smooth implants placed through breast fold. I started noticing the... READ MORE

10 Days Post Op Breast Augmentation Hematomas? (photo)

One is a hematoma from the drainage under arm, the other one on my boob I am not sure what it looks red with little capillaries... Do you... READ MORE

Bumps and Redness on Chest After Breast Augmentation, What is It?

I had my BA 4 days ago. In between my breasts was very red and I just figured it was bruising from the surgery. Last night, I noticed these whitehead... READ MORE

Redness Around Breast Sround 3 Weeks Post Op? (photo)

I had surgery Septmeber 25th. and both of my breasts still do have redness in them, but ive just noticed the right one getting more red, im still... READ MORE

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