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Air in Chest Cavity After Augmentation, Should I Be Concerned?

I am 17 days post-op. I noticed it immediately after surgery but assumed it would be absorbed or something to that effect. Now I have begun to massage... READ MORE

My Breasts Make a Gurgle Sound when I Lift Them Post BA Procedure (24 Hrs Ago). Is This Normal?

My Breasts Make a Gurgle Sound when I Lift Them Post BA Procedure (24 Hrs Ago). Is This Normal? READ MORE

Is Squishing Noise & Swelling Normal 2 Days Post Breast Augmentation?

Is it normal to have squishing noise and swelling on my sternum, sides & back after BA two days ago?I got silicon unders, 325 and 350 READ MORE

Implants Make Noise Two Years Post Surgery, Why?

Just took a rather long flight on airplane and I live 7,000 ft above sea level and went to a sea level city. Implants have been making a... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation-sucking Sound

I had a breast augmentation done last Friday (exactly one week ago), and haven't had any complications. I had an amazing doctor! I'm been so... READ MORE

What is the Clicking Noise I Am Hearing/feeling when Massaging Post BA?

I'm 5 weeks post op breast augmentation saline, under the muscle; while I massage my breasts I feel and hear a clicking type of noise at the base... READ MORE

3weeks Post Op Pain & Popping Sound After Ba?

2wks after ba while doing my massage I notice a popping sound on the outside my right breast, 3 days later I started feeling pain now I am at the... READ MORE

8 Years Post Op and Having Gurgling in Right Breast. Is This Normal?

It has been 8 years since my breast augmentation and the last 12 hours I have been having some gurgling in my right breast. Is this normal? (My... READ MORE

Sloshing on Saline Filled / Post Op 5 Days, Is this Normal? Will it End Soon?

I have saline filled implants 5 days post op and i can hear the sloshing, is this normal and will this end or continue? READ MORE

Surgeon Squeezed my Encapsulated Breast. 16 Months Post Op. Is This Ok?

16 mtg postop.Dr.said he did not like how high my right breast was sitting or howhard it felt. He was squeezing the tighter breast and told me it was... READ MORE

7 weeks post op breast augmentation?

I have 300 cc smooth round moderate silicone implants under the muscle . My right breast implant makes rubbing noise when I move it up, down and side... READ MORE

I can hear my breast implants moving. Is this normal?

I have 550cc gel silicone implants that I've had for over a year. I can hear them moving around I think. It sounds like plastic and water and it... READ MORE

Implant Replacement - What is the Suction Noise and Sensation I Am Feeling?

I had silicone implants put in about 8 mo ago, I replaced my 8 year old saline that had capsule. Yesterday I started to feel like a sucking sensation... READ MORE

What is This Feeling I Am Getting on my Left Breast?

Inframmatory crease incision partial sub muscular with silicone implants about 4weeks ago. 2 weeks post op I felt on my left breast closest to my... READ MORE

I've Noticed a Swishing Sound from my Implants 3 Years Post-Op, Could This be From Change in Altitude During Vacation?

We are in the mountains for vacation and I've noticed a swishing sound from my implants. Is this just from the change in altitude or should I have... READ MORE

I Got 1 Year Silicone Implants, Having Weird Feelings/Noise?

Hello, I got 1 year silicone implants and all was well, but two weeks ago, my right breast pushing inward feel like a noise when it does push back... READ MORE

Rubbing/Vibrating noises 9 weeks post op?

Since word go my left breast has always made more noises, my right did for a bit but went quick. My left has done this consistently, if i run upstairs... READ MORE

Three month post breast Augmentation, will my squeaky breast noise go away?

It had been almost 3 months since my breast and augmented, and for about a month now my left breast is making a really bad squeaking noise, it is so... READ MORE

3-1/2 months post op from breast augmentation and I heard an odd suction noise? Is this normal?

I have silicone breast implants & when I move a certain way or tighten my chest muscles I get this odd noise & feeling. Sometimes almost like a... READ MORE

Is it normal for saline implants to make noises 2 days post op?

Is it normal for saline implants to make noises only a few days after augumentation ? Mine are making a gurgling /sloshy noise lol READ MORE

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