What is the Clicking Noise I Am Hearing/feeling when Massaging Post BA?

I'm 5 weeks post op breast augmentation saline, under the muscle; while I massage my breasts I feel and hear a clicking type of noise at the base of the breast and to the side. I wonder if my implants are getting contracted, is this scar tissue? feels like soft plastic covering the implant and it's more proeminent on the right side than the left. Do I need to worry at this point? breasts move nicely in pocket, feel comfortable, soft.

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Clicking Noise in Implant

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When a patient experiences sounds from the breasts, often it is early in the recovery period from breast augmentation surgery.  This is normal and is a reflection of some of the irrigation fluid that has remained in the breast pocket.  Over a short time this irrigation fluid becomes absorbed, and the sounds go away.  Your situation is different in that the timing is 13 months post-op.   Fluid in the breast pocket is still likely the reason for these sounds. However, newly accumulated fluid in a breast pocket over a year after surgery is called a delayed seroma and should be investigated.  A breast ultrasound can confirm the diagnosis of seroma.  Delayed seromas are associated in the majority of cases with having textured gel implants.  Delayed seromas can also be associated with a rare implant-associated cancer called anaplastic large cell lymphoma.  I would suggest following-up with your original plastic surgeon so that he/she can evaluate you for these new symptoms.

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Noises After Breast Augmentation

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Thank you for the question.

Most likely what you are hearing is the presence of air and/or fluid around the implant. The sounds tend to dissipate after a few weeks. You do not describe any  concerning signs or symptoms.

I hope this helps.

What is the Clicking Noise I Am Hearing/feeling when Massaging Post BA?

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Most likely retained air between the implant and your tissues. It is called crepitus. This is usually self limiting and resolves over time by reabsorption. Please return to your surgeon to evaluate this. 

Some breast implants can make a noise with motion

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I am aware of two reasons that and implant can make noise when it moves and neither are related to capsular contracture. As long as your implants are soft, you should not have a scar tissue problem.  Sometimes as an implant slides across your ribs, the friction can create a squeaking noise. Over time, you will build up a smooth surface over the ribs and the sound will to away.  When your pocket is larger than your implant, you may have some fluid between the implant and the pocket which is very common for a few weeks after surgery. When you push the implant to one side, the fluid has to move in the opposite direction which can create a sloshing sound or sensation. Gradually you should absorb that fluid and the sound or sensation will stop.

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Post op noises with massage breast augmentation

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  I do not agree that this is air/fluid considering that you are out 5 weeks now.

  Saline implants have a tendency to ripple or wrinkle.  Sometimes, in the soft breast, one can feel a clicking of the shell of the implant in any area that tends to have a fold.  It is weird to feel but it is not something to worry about.  I would put my vote on this being the issue.

  Stay close to your ps to get the answers in your case and all will be good.  If it is the rippling effect, then you will have to accept it (as seen in your consent forms) but there are options to treat it if it is too annoying.

Clciking noise with implants

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Wihtout an exam, it is difficult to say what the clicking noise is from. It could be rubbing against scar tissue that was present froma prior augmentation, it could be like Dr. Blinski mentioned, crepitus, it could be from suturing of a capsule if this was not your first surgery. The best thing to do is get evaluated by your doctor.

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