3weeks Post Op Pain & Popping Sound After Ba?

2wks after ba while doing my massage I notice a popping sound on the outside my right breast, 3 days later I started feeling pain now I am at the point where if I move from one position to another while sitting down I feel pain all around the lower side of my breast. I Still have the incision covered by clear tape . I see no swelling , redness , fevers or chills. I was 34B - had 500cc under muscle silicone, crease incision. (Dr on vacation ) I have No pain while massaging Should I be worried.....

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Pain & Popping Sound After Breast Augmentation

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Thank you for the question. The popping sound and the subsequent pain can be a result of multiple factors such as scar breakup, suture that comes apart, fluid shifts within the pocket. The fact that you have not experienced any swelling, redness, fevers, or chills is good. This does not sound as if it is something to be worried about and will most likely resolve. However if symptoms begin to progressively worsen do not hesitate to call your surgeons office. Although out of town there will be a covering surgeon who would be able to see you.

Best of luck.

Popping sound after breast aug

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Those sounds you hear are not always a sign of a problem. Most of it is the implant settling. Best way to know for sure is to have your breast examined.

Popping sound and pain post breast augmentation

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The sounds may be caused by the development of a capsule around the implant, or even a rupture in the worst case.  I would encourage you to schedule an appointment with your surgeon immediately to determine the source of the sounds.

Suzanne M. Quardt, MD
Palm Springs Plastic Surgeon

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Popping Sound post Breast Augmentation

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When a patient experiences sounds from the breasts, often it is early in the recovery period from breast augmentation surgery.  This is normal and is a reflection of some of the irrigation fluid that has remained in the breast pocket.  Over a short time this irrigation fluid becomes absorbed, and the sounds go away. 

Sounds After BA Common

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Thank you for your question.  It is common to hear noises and  such as pops, gurgles and swishing after augmentation.   These movements can also be felt.  As long as you do not have severe pain, swelling, redenss, drainage or change in size or shape, it sounds fairly normal.  Discuss this concern further with your surgeon.  Good luck 

Post Op Pain After Breast Augmentation

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Your question is well worth asking. It is very difficult to asses the situation fully without a physical exam, and you should be seen by a Board-certified plastic surgeon. If the doctor is away, surely he/she left a trusted colleague behind to manage exactly these kinds of clinical situations. The fact that you did not experience any redness, fever, or chills, is a good thing, but the "popping" sound that you speak of may be something serious. Not to scare you needlessly, since the sound may be related to a number of normal factors and thus not mean anything, but the situation is serious enough for you to have sought the advice of on-line experts. Best thing to do is call the doctor's office and make plans to see him for a reassesment. Good luck and fare well.


Pain and popping sound after BA

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Thanks for your question, Tania.  Without a physical exam, it would be difficult to tell if something has gone wrong, but from what you are describing it more than likely is part of the normal healing process after a BA.  While the pocket is developing aroung the implant it will create a potential space and the sound is the implant moving in this pocket.  The pain level might be from an additional activity level you can do have as you are further along in the post-operative course.  I hope this helps. 


Robert Kratschmer, MD. 

Sounds around a newly placed prosthesis is common.

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As the pocket where a breast implant matures fluid shifts and movement of inflamed tissue can create unusual sounds and feelings. This is nothing to be alarmed about. It will resolve in time.

Popping sounds?

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Hi Tania,

It is good that you do not have swelling or redness.  Popping sounds could be sutures if the surgeon closed off a pocket along the edge of the breast, could be some scar tissue that is healing and then was released by the massage, or could be a more serious problem.  Physicians who go out of town will have another covering physician.  If you continue to have worsening symptoms, you should be seen by the doctor who is covering for you surgeon.

Best Wishes,

Pablo Prichard, MD

Pain 2 weeks after BA

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To answer this question, you should be seen by your treating surgeon or whoever is covering the practice while he/she is away. It is good news that you have not experienced fever or swelling. Over the counter anti-inflammatory medicine like Aleve and Motrin around the clock may help your symptoms. Best of luck to you! Hope all goes well!

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