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Hives/rash or Infection 2 Months Post BA? (photo)

Hello,had BA 2 months ago and experiencing just now some weird looking patches (hives) all over + on the sides of my breasts. Was given steroid cream... READ MORE

Rash/Hives After Breast Augmentation? (photo)

My BA was 8/5/13. I got silicone under the muscle, under the breast incisions with dissolvable stitches. At week 2, my PS removed the original white... READ MORE

Why am I getting hives on my breast augmentation scars 6 months after my surgery? (photos)

I had my breast Augmentation on Nov 3,2013. Since about a month after my surgery I get hives on my scar lines only! It happens about everyday whether... READ MORE

I am getting hives on my incision line months after surgery. Should I see the dr and which do I see?

I had Breast augmentation in January and I went for my 3 month follow up in March and everything was well. For the past couple months (2-3) I have... READ MORE

Normal To Have Hives After Bilateral Mastopexy and Augmentation Almost 6 Months Ago? (photo)

I've had consistant pain (dull "achy" pain all of the time and sharp pains that come and go) and now I have what looks like hives, on my... READ MORE

Rash after BA? (Photos)

Hi there, I had Breast Agumentation on 8/12/16. Recovery has been good and easy so far. My only concern at this point is a rash/ hives I developed... READ MORE

This is a follow up question! Why am I getting hives on my scars 6 months after breast aug?

I have not at any point used any scar treatments or creams. I spoke to my surgeon about this twice now. He said it is rare but does happen and must... READ MORE

Hives before breast augmentation?

Ive broken out in hives all over my body and on my breasts as well , my breast augmentation is in 4 days will this be a problem and will i have to... READ MORE

Reaction to Breast Implants. Is it possible that the outside of the implant is the problem on the fluid inside. Same company?

My wife had her implants and lift done in Aug 2015. Since this procedure she had developed a dermal reaction of redness and hives. Now I have looked... READ MORE

Getting a breast augmentation with a history of getting sick easily?

My parents are concerned that since I have such a history of having health issues (minor) that I should avoid putting anything in my body. For... READ MORE

Hives Prior To Breast Augmentation, will they be unbearable after the surgery?

I have suffered with hives on and off my entire life. I currently keep them under control with reactine and mannage fine. I have wanted breast... READ MORE

Have Chronic Hives and Getting Breast Augmentation?

I'm scheduled for a breast augmentation surgery and have been taking over-counter Reactine daily for 5 months to easy my hives. Will this be a problem... READ MORE

Could my stomach pain & hives be due to breast augmentation?

I've had stomach pain and hives that come and go can it be due to the implants? READ MORE

Allergic reaction to surgical glue, how to take the glue off and relieve the allergic reaction?

The dark surgical glue that is around my areola seems to be ok, but i noticed that on the bottom of my nipples on the lower part of my boob on both... READ MORE

How can I get rid of hives after breast implant surgery? What is causing my hives?

I am 1 month post op, during week 2-now i had hives on the bottom of both my breasts and it has calm down a little bit after using cream but the hives... READ MORE

Are my hives being caused by using Oxycodone prescribed after my Breast Augmentation?

I have chronic hives as a result of SLE Lupus. I had my BR surgery two weeks ago and have had a terrible hives flare up. I have asked my surgeon... READ MORE

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