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What Garment to Use Post BBL? Worried Mine Is Too Tight. (photo)

Im 16 days post-op. Wore garment for 5 days post-of & it came off on day 6 due to circulation problems in stomach. On day 14 it was back on but i... READ MORE

I have hard knots/lumps after Brazilian Butt Lift with lipo on my sides and back. How long does it take to heal? (photo)

I had bbl with lipo and I'm 1 month post op. My skin on my stomach sides and back are very tight which is uncomfortable. I have hard knots/lumps on my... READ MORE

Stage 2 Garments Suggestions

Im wondering what kind of stage 2 garments is best to use after bbl? With holes without holes? And can a too tight garment mess up your bbl results? READ MORE

What to Do for Hard Tight Feeling in Butt and Legs After BBL>

My Butt feels tight and hard while walking 5days post bbl.What do I do for pain? I drink lots of water and walk around my home every few hours nothing... READ MORE

How long does the pain last after a Brazilian butt lift?

I am now 7-days post-op of a Brazilian butt lift. I am still in the greatest amount of pain. Mainly tightness, soreness, and a couple hard lumps on... READ MORE

3 Weeks PO From Lipo and Fat Transfer to Hips/Butt. Question About Compression Garment? (photo)

My original garment is loose in upper body but snug on butt and hips. Can I use a waist clincher for additional compression of my waist and stomach?... READ MORE

What is Meant by a Patient's Skin is Too Tight for a High Amount of Fat Injections?

I've heard some patients mention that thier doctor could not inject the amount of fat they requested because their skin was too tight. What is... READ MORE

After Liposuction with BBL, Will the Stomach Look Tight & Smooth or Will my Skin Stay Loose? And How Likely Will the Fat Return?

I had a consultation for a Brazilian Butt Lift and I learned that my main source of fat would have to be my stomach, because I only carry fat around... READ MORE

Is my garment is too tight? I am 12 days PO from a fat transfer to my buttock. (photos)

My garmet has a zipper and hooks in front and they leave a mark when I take it off. But the marks always go away. I have seen nurses and surgeon and... READ MORE

Will Kneeling or Leaning Forward on an Object Negatively Effect the Results of Brazilian Butt Lift?

Will kneeling or leaning forward on an object negatively effect the results of Brazilian Butt Lift? Im 4 days post op and I noticed its a lot less... READ MORE

4 weeks post BBL, one cheek is lower and harder than the other. Any suggestions? (photos)

Hey, I had my surgery exactly 4 weeks ago and I noticed that my right butt cheek is very well rounded, it has softened up and is bigger than the left.... READ MORE

Bruises after BBL and lipo. Are they normal? Should I wear garment + waist belt all the time? (Photo)

I had lipo from tummy, inner&outer thighs transferred to butt 27Jan. 24y/o, 170cm 71kg. Skin was not saggy to begin with, I just had excess fat. Are... READ MORE

Feeling like my BBL is shrinking in this garment. What can I do to prevent it from shrinking?

How tight is my Faja supposed to be? I feel like my bbl is reducing because my faja may be too tight. I just had surgery 5 days ago and it seems like... READ MORE

Is Tight Skin a Problem for BBL Patients Who Desire to Have Projection and Well Rounded Butt?

I Been Told I Have Tight Skin. is This a Problem for BBL Patients Who Desire to Have Projection N Well Rounded Butt? READ MORE

Garment after Brazilian butt lift... How do I know if my garment is too tight and the correct one?

I was given a garment with the checks cut out... It is very tight around my butt and didn't know if this would affect my results. Thank you!! READ MORE

Is my skin too right for a BBL? (photos)

Can you tell from my pictures if my skin is too tight for a dramatic change in butt volume? I'm 19 and haven't had any surgery on my body done before.... READ MORE

Does the butt in gourmet being tight over the butt cause butt to shrink after Brazilian Butt Lift surgery?

Hi Doctors, i have a question a member here had a bbl surgery and she has beautiful results her surgeon gave her two garments one butt checks in and... READ MORE

I am going on week 4 post op Brazilian Butt Lift. Is it safe now for me to use a pillow and try sitting?

I have been standing up to type and do my work but after a while, I get tightness in my butt. I have to drive next week to go back out into the field... READ MORE

It's been over 3 months since my surgery and some parts are still numb. Is there anything I need to do to help recovery?

It's been over 3 months since my TT, lipo, BBL but some parts are still numb, and my skin is very tight. Is there anything I need to do, or do I just... READ MORE

Not able to wear faja after surgery. What do I do? I need help.

I just came back from DR doing a bbl, full tummy liposculpture, full back, flanks, love handles, and inner thighs. I am so upset and scared because.... READ MORE

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