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Are doctors doing Brazilian butt lifts with no scalpel now, with either fat transfer, or permanent filler? (Photo)

I seen a dr from Beverly Hills doing a butt augmentation with local Anesthetic using permanent filler, or fat transfer is this a new procedure? READ MORE

Can You Get a Butt Augmentation with Fat After Bio Gel Injection?

In 2009 i had 100 cc injected in each cheek bcuz i freaked out after and wouldnt let them finished soo i only had it on the top of my butt which u... READ MORE

Brazilian Butt Lift While Liquid Around my Hip and Butt?

I would love to travel to US to have Brazilian butt lift. Last year i have Hyaluronic filler injected into my hip and butt. I have no idea what kind... READ MORE

I'm obsessed with all things BBL! Today on IG I watched a short, but concise video of what was called a BBL2

Saw a female getting injections into her butt with a large syringe. The IG post was rather long, explaining t options to achieve more projection and a... READ MORE

I had PMMA Injected to my butt, Can I still get a Brazilian butt lift?

I had a tummy tuck and liposuction done on my lower back 5 months ago I notice that my butt doesn't looks as full as before like if fat from my upper... READ MORE

I would like my fat from my love handles put into my butt to make it fuller. Other people are telling me dermal fillers (Photo)

I want waist to appear smaller and my but to be more rounder and fatter can dermal filler do that? READ MORE

BBL after having permanent fillers?

My question is can i do BBL fat transfer or butt implant if i had a permanent fillers surgery on my butt one year ago? Also is it possible to... READ MORE

Butt fillers. Is it possible for me to still get a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)?

I have received but fillers (but shots) back in 2013. I know it wasn't silicone but I can't remember the name of the filler. But it was a kind used... READ MORE

Tight skin - how much projection can you get?

If your skin on you botox is tight while getting a bbl how much projection can you get READ MORE

What can I do, when I don't have enough fat for a Brazilian Butt Lift? (Photos)

Hey, so, a brazilian butt lift is not really possible for me, as I'm not carrying too much fat (although I do a little). I heard about the... READ MORE

Do you risk capsular contracture having bbl 8 months after breast lift+aug? Will antibiotics need to be administered preop?

3 Dental Implants Apr Juvaderm/Botox Apr Breastlift+silicone May 26 BBL Jan 16, 2018 Capsular contracture and antibiotics? Is this a life long... READ MORE

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