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How do I maintain the fat transferred to my butt? When can I start sitting down without pillow? (Photo)

I don't want to lose the fat that is transferred in my buttocks. How do I maintain it? "." Should I eat more. If I eat more would it feed the fat in... READ MORE

Exactly What Kinds of Food Should I Eat to Gain Weight for my Brazilian Butt Lift?

I weight 123lbs and have a 19.7BMI. What exacting should I eat to gain approximately 10-15lbs. I live in NJ and I've been researching doctors and... READ MORE

How long does it take for hemo to go up?

I was 11.6 2 weeks ago and I need it be at 13 in 19 days for surgery.. I been taking blood builder pills and SSS tonic also eating healthier with... READ MORE

Dent in butt after injury 2 weeks post op BBL. What can I do to make it go away?

Hi, I had a bbl two weeks ago and yesterday my now EX boyfriend started pushing Me around and Being abusive, I got pushed into the wall and hit my... READ MORE

What Foods and Vitamins to Avoid Before Multiple Procedures? (photo)

I'm getting full body lipo from head to toe , fat grafting to hips and butt and breast lift and augmentation. I had my last glass of wine last week,... READ MORE

What Should I Eat During the Days Immediately Following a Brazilian Butt Lift?

I'm sure salt is a no-no, right? So that pretty much rules out the soups and crackers and processed frozen meals. Other than fruit, what do you... READ MORE

What should I eat after my Brazilian Butt Lift?

Hello! I received liposuction to my abdomen, inner thighs, and love handles. I obviously don't want to gain back weight while in recovery, but want to... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for a Brazilian butt lift ? (photos)

I am asian 110lb and between 5"3/5 height. I have an active life style. I exercise often about 4-5 times a week. I eat healthy 70% of the time. READ MORE

13 weeks post op. If I eat more will my butt grow? (Photo)

Hi everyone. I am 13 weeks post op and I love my results. I just wish I had 1-2 more inches of butt. If I were to gain weight, will my butt grow? READ MORE

What to eat after bbl to feed the fat?

Some people say to eat more the first month to feed the fat ? READ MORE

BBL lost all volume (Photo)

Had a bbl just about 10 days ago was the first 4 days thinking it was going to be ok . My doctor never told me not to sit .i did try not to sit lay... READ MORE

I lost over 15 pounds since my lipo/bbl my butt has got much smaller

I lost over 15 pounds since I got my lipo/ bbl I have been eating smaller portions my butt has shrinked did I kill the fat cells ?? Anything I can do... READ MORE

After BBL is eating healthy out of the question? How do I maintain the fat in my buttocks, but maintain my small waist as well?

I dont want to lose the fat in my buttocks, but i dont want to gain weight in my stomach area again either. READ MORE

8 days post op; 20lbs in water retention. Was told it must be swelling? (Photo)

I've gained 17 lbs in 8 days and was told that must be swelling , I feel like this may not havebeen a good idea I have worn my compression garnment I... READ MORE

Should I Avoid Anti Inflammatory Fruits/veggies After a BBL?

I'm a big juicer and smoothie drinker but I have noticed quite a few drinks geared towards being "anti inflammatory" (celery and noni fruit comig to... READ MORE

What to eat after butt implants and fat graft to hips?

I had butt implants and fat graft to hips yesterday. I got 350cc with around 220cc fat. From what I've seen I'm happy with the results I'm scared my... READ MORE

How to eat post lipo?

Im having a brazillian butt lift and have maintained my weight in order to give enough fat for the process, I am having a fair amount removed. I am... READ MORE

Too big for Bbl? (photos)

.After my pregnancy i lost a Couple of pounds and back working out . My BMI is 28 but i want to still loose around 15 -20 pounds. Can i do the bbl now... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for a BBL?

I am 5"2.5 and wight 124 i am considering a bbl but i am not the type of girl that's gonna change from eating good to eat fat food to gain weight. am... READ MORE

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