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How Do Fat Cells Effect the Amount of Lipo for a BBL? Also Why Drains? (photo)

I'm 33, 5'4", 126lbs, BMI 22%. I'm confused on the amount of fat needed for me. Some doctors say I need to gain weight (12-30lbs) while other Dr.s say... READ MORE

Drains After Bbl. What is Your Opinion?

I have had several consults for bbl. 2 docs use drains postop, 2 do not. Both had good results. What are the real advantages? What are the risks if... READ MORE

I have lumps, dents and scar tissue from Brazilian Butt Lift @ 3.5 months Post op. Can this be fixed? (photos)

I had 6 lymphatic massages, needed a second drain put in 3 weeks after surgery due to Seromas. I had an 8x10 size area of necrosis on my left side due... READ MORE

Are my JP Drains insertion sites infected? (photos)

Today I had my 2 JP drains removed by a home health care provider as I could not travel 3.5 hrs to my surgeon's office (he gave me permission to do... READ MORE

BBL I Have a Dr Saying 1 Drain Another 2 Drains and Most Recent Said No Drains, Which is the Best?

Im confused on this, my understanding was that I would have drains for a Brazilian Butt lift, I have been reading girls blogs and most indicate at... READ MORE

Tubes Not Draining Fast Enough, Does Massage Help? (photo)

What happens if my tubes from BBL are not done draining the min. amount after 10 days and I need to fly home. I love my PS by the way but he is not a... READ MORE

BBL drains or no drains? Lymphatic Massage or not?

The opinions seem to very greatly! It appears that many of the Miami area doctors depend on drains. Most LA, TX, NY do not. Why use them if the... READ MORE

Where should I have drain and stitches removed in the US after traveling for surgery?

Hello I need to leave 5 days post op with my drain and stitches back to the US is there any doctors or clinics that anyone know of that will remove... READ MORE

Bb Drain Fell out Day After my Surgery?

I had my bbl on Friday. The next day my drain got pulled out while trying to push myself out of bed. I called my ps, he said to cover it in gauze with... READ MORE

3 wks post op from Lipo/BBL, in severe pain, necrosis & 2nd drain put in 2 weeks after due to seromas. Any suggestion? (photo)

I know that Lipo is a long recovery and I expected some soreness, but the pain is horrible in my abdomen, back and sides. Everything Ive read and the... READ MORE

Where Can I Get a Drain Doctor After Lipo? My Doctor Told Me I Will Need One when Arrive at US?

What is the approximate cost and how long will I have to drain for ? This was unexpected and I am already wasting a lot of money . READ MORE

2 weeks post op Brazilian Butt Lift, my front drain hole is still open after my drain was removed. Any suggestions?

I had a bbl 2weeks ago and i got my front drain removed 3days ago and the hole is still open,at this point im worried. Will it close and when should... READ MORE

What are the pros and cons using the drains after BBL surgery?

Im a bit worried if the drains are neccessary. I ponder about infection. I see where some doctors uses them and others dont. READ MORE

BBL infection, devastated. Help!

Had bbl ten days ago, infected. agressive antibiotic treatment didnt work. Infected area got bigger. The local surgeon suggested incision and drain.... READ MORE

BBL, Tijuana, Mexico (Dr. Salvador Pantoja). How soon after will I be able to come back home by car?

This question is regarding getting a brazilian buttlift in Tijuana, Mexico. I live in Los Angeles, California, 3 hrs away from Tijuana, Mexico. I... READ MORE

Are drains necessary after a BBL? How many days do drains need to be in for after BBL?

I am thinking of traveling for my BBL but I do not what to stay too long wherever I am traveling to. The doctor I am looking at uses drains. Ive seen... READ MORE

Ridge After Bbl?

Today I went back in after my bbl, and the nurse said iwas getting a ridge. She suggested moving the white triangle down on my back. Is the triangle... READ MORE

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