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Slept on my back after Brazilian Butt lift. (photo)

The day I woke up from surgery I was laying flat on my butt. When I went to sleep the next two night after I was on my back as well because I was not... READ MORE

Could Having Sex Effect the Results of Your BBL?

First off, I appologize if I offend anyone by my question, but I would like a mature response from a medical professional. With that said, I am 8 days... READ MORE

Can Being Hit In The Behind Damage BBL Results 3 Weeks Post-Op?

I had a BBL done 25 Days ago or 3.5 weeks. I have been VERY good about not sitting unless I am driving up to this point. But last night my husband... READ MORE

Will Slow Walking After Brazilian Butt Lift Hurt Results?

My post op instruction were not clear about bedrest. 12 days after my BBL, I felt good enough to walk a little over a half mile to the market and back... READ MORE

Post TT and BBL Dr. Ordered Me Overnight Recovery on my Back. Will This, or Back Surgery Coming Up, Ruin BBL Results?

I had a tummy tuck along with a BBL several weeks ago, however when I woke up in recovery they had me on my back (due to the tummy tuck). When I asked... READ MORE

BBL 6 Days Ago And Fell On Right Butt Cheek; Did I Kill the Fat Cells?

I had a bbl 6 days ago and last night I fell and landed on my right butt cheek, did I kill the fat cells? READ MORE

Brazilian Butt-lift 24 Days Ago. I Was Playing Soccer when I Fell on my Back and Hit my Buttocks Do That Affect my Final Results

Brazilian Butt-lift 24 Days Ago. I Was Playing Soccer when I Fell on my Back and Hit my Buttocks Do That Affect my Final Results READ MORE

Tummy Tuck and Brazlilian Butt Lift: Has Sitting on Butt Affected BBL Results?

The dr said he was able to place 350cc of fat into each butt cheek. I got a TT consecutively, so I had to be on my back after the surgery & all of... READ MORE

I work and I go to school. I sit for about 10- 14 hours a day, can you tell me how many hours is ok to sit on with a pillow?

I work a 6 hour shift 5 days a week, I avoid sitting as much as possible but it is uncomfortable standing, kneeling, i sit on the edge w/ my butt up... READ MORE

Have I damaged my rear sitting/laying on my butt 4 days post BBL?

My surgeons assistant said it was okay and that no damage should be done. However, I am worried after reading it is not safe...I got 900cc on each... READ MORE

Brazilian butt lift disaster! How can this horrible situation be corrected? Please help me! I am willing to travel. (Photo)

I had surgery in the Dominican Republic March 11, 2015 and my abdomen is ruined. Not only is my stomach beyond repair, I am now stuck with a fat... READ MORE

If I stand on my feet for a longer period of time after a Brazilian butt lift that would damage my fat?

I had my bbl 8 days ago and I been walking a lot ( cooking, supermarket, etc) and im afraid now because i dont know if that would damage my new fat.... READ MORE

I had a Brazilian Butt Lift 3 weeks ago and fell yesterday. Could I have damaged my results?

What is the likelihood I did damage to my butt 10 days post-op BBL and is there anything I can do NOW to minimize damage? back lipo with BBL on April... READ MORE

How long after my first Brazilian Butt Lift can I have another one? (photo)

I'm in day 6. I had a lipo of the flanks hips abdom back and tranfered to my buttocks. He took out two pounds and injected half into each. He told me... READ MORE

Am I ruining my butt fat transfer with 'quick' sitting? (Photo)

On 2/16 I had a butt fat transfer. I had to sit in a car For 45-60 min to get to & from the doctor the day of surgery and the day after. When I sit... READ MORE

Brazilian butt lift question; Is there any type of lipo that doesn't leave a lot of scar tissue?

I heard that traditional liposuction cause a lot of scar tissue. I also heard that scar tissue is bad for the body is that true? Im very interested in... READ MORE

Smoking Marijuana Two weeks post OP Brazilian Butt Lift? Harmful?

I smoked marijuana two weeks post OP Brazilian Butt lift, is there any real damage? Not just in case but is it proven that it will affect the fat... READ MORE

Does everyone have to wake up on their back after a BBL?

Also, for the followup massages I heard that you have to be on your back? Isn't that going to damage the fat? READ MORE

Bending after fat transfer - is it true that it will destroy the fat grafts?

Hello, I am worried that alot of bending over after having fat transfer to the buttocks will destroy the fat graphs. Is this true? If so is there a... READ MORE

Is 3-4 months to early to wear tight jeans after bbl? Will it kill fat cells?

I've been reading on RS and ladies say it not safe to sit normally and wear tight jeans until 6 months. Is this true? When are the fat cells safe to... READ MORE

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