Can Being Hit In The Behind Damage BBL Results 3 Weeks Post-Op?

I had a BBL done 25 Days ago or 3.5 weeks. I have been VERY good about not sitting unless I am driving up to this point. But last night my husband slapped my behind while we were being intimate. Do you think I ruined any chance for the fat to attach?

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Brazilian butt lift and spanking

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The fat injected into the butt should be very well accepted  three weeks after surgery. Although the fat needs to be handled with care, spanking should not cause a decrease in the survival of the fat. Prolong pressure by sitting is what will have a detrimental effect on the results. Let your husband enjoy the beauty of your results and let the spanking to continue. 

Brazillian butt lift

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a slap cant possibly hurt your result. Only trauma causing a hematoma (blood under the skin) can affect your result. I dint even ask patients to stay off their butts anymore. The success rate in this surgery is more technique related than it is post op care related. I know many would disagree with this and some would be right to do so, but I've come to the conclusion that its all in the method of transfer. Good judgment comes from experience, but unfortunately experience only comes fro bad judgment.  Good luck with your surgery and please give it a year before judging it.

Ayman Hakki, MD
Waldorf Plastic Surgeon
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Activity after Brazilian Butt LIft

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With the Brazilian Butt Lift, our goal is to promote fat cell survival. Motion and pressure will likely decrease survival.  So, unless you were slapped very hard or repeatedly,  it will probably have little or no affect.  I would be more concerned about the activity that lead to the slapping.   But  3 weeks after surgery, you may be fairly safe.  

Hit on behind after BBL

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At three weeks there is likely no damage to fat take. That said, firm, repeated slap should be avoided as should sitting or other trauma

Brazilian butt lift and injury

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I don't think you'll have any problem. Most of my patients after 2 to 3 weeks I don't see any decrease in the size of the buttocks. Short term pressure probably does not damage fat cells as much as sustained pressure from sitting. Don't worry and to what you do.

Wendell Perry, MD
Miami Plastic Surgeon
4.8 out of 5 stars 234 reviews

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