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Is Lovenox Safe to Take Pre and Post-op BBL and Rhinoplasty?

I am predisposed to blood clots because of my genetics. I would like to have a brazil butt lift and nasal surgery done. Are these high risk for... READ MORE

Wanting a BBL but Petrified of General Anesthia. Will It Effect my Asthma? (photo)

I really want to get a BBL, but i am soooo afraid to be put under. Ive had asthma since birth and always thought i couldnt be put under because of it,... READ MORE

Buttock Skin Became Hard Post Surgery for a Blood Clot There and Getting Pains in Legs?

Had a blood clot on my buttocks due to an accident . I got it operated , but the skin just below the cut initially swelled and later swelling... READ MORE

Is it Necessary for Clients to Give Themselves Shots After BBL?

I was told that after the clients have the bbl surgery that some dr's have been giving them syringes with medication so that they can give themselves... READ MORE

Are preop vitamins and Iron necessary before Brazilian Butt Lift & Breast aug.? Should birth control be stopped before surgery?

My surgeon says I do not need to take preop vitamins becauSe my hemo is at 13.2 and I can continues birth control but I am concerned about increased... READ MORE

Blood clots after Brazilian butt lift?

How long after a brazilian butt lift are you safe from blood clots? READ MORE

What should I purchase in preparation for healing after BBL?

Ques for doc: 1. How will I prevent blood clots? 2. What should my diet post op be? 3. How often should I change dressings? 4. Do u recommend a... READ MORE

Is there anyway for drs and patients to prevent fat embolisms or blood clots during and after fat transfer to buttocks and hips?

Also, what infections are most common and dangerous in patients after fat transfer to buttocks? How can infection be prevented ? Is there anything... READ MORE


After some research on the BBL, I have become convesant with some of the after surgery effects so I am prepared on how to handle them. What warning... READ MORE

Retook pt/ptt/inr and failed for Brazilian Butt Lift. What's next?

I passed all blood work required for a BBL but failed pt/ptt/inr twice slightly. Today my doctor will determine based off a medical clearance if I can... READ MORE

Is it ok for depo (birth control shot) to be in my system at time of surgery? Thank you.

I was told by my PS to not take birth control 2 weeks prior to lipo + bbl. My GYN thinks my PS only means pills because they have a way higher risk... READ MORE

Butt Lift: How much time should I wait to travel so I don't die from a blood clot?

Options: 1.) hole up in a hotel for 14 days after my BBL and Lipo surgery then go on a 4 hour flight. Or 2.) Have someone drive me 29 hours home while... READ MORE

What are the signs of a blood clot after a bbl and how soon would it appear?

I had a Bbl done on june 11th and I did not start walking around til about the 3rd day. Im 2 weeks post op and i started to feel a... READ MORE

Swelling in thigh and knee? After bbl 5 days ago (photo)

I had a BBL done on Friday, May 20 my left knee is extremely swollen extremely, bruised and so inflamed I cannot bend my knee!! no one is getting back... READ MORE

Risk of complications years later?

Getting the BBL soon... and my anxiety is at an all time high. I know every surgery has risk and have read that the risk of dying and complications is... READ MORE

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