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Depo-Provera Shot Before Brazilian Butt Lift - Is It Safe?

Hello everyone, I'm having Brazilian butt lift on January 13 and I'm also scheduled to have depo provera shot (preganantcy shot) in 2 days. My... READ MORE

When Should I Stop Birth Control Before Full Body Lipo, Brazilian Butt Lift AND Breast Lift Implants? (photo)

I am one day under 3 months pre op for my bbl (with full body lipo plus fat transfer to hips, and my breast lift with silicone implants.. I am on the... READ MORE

Should I have surgery while on the Nexplanon implant?

I have the birth control implant nexplanon (that's in your arm) and im getting BBL and maybe tummy tuck. Should I have it taking out before surgery? READ MORE

Are preop vitamins and Iron necessary before Brazilian Butt Lift & Breast aug.? Should birth control be stopped before surgery?

My surgeon says I do not need to take preop vitamins becauSe my hemo is at 13.2 and I can continues birth control but I am concerned about increased... READ MORE

Is Plan B Safe to Take 7 Days Before a BBL?

I had an accident today and want to take a Plan b but I am having surgery in 7 days.. READ MORE

I'm Am On The Depo Provera Shot... Will That Affect My BBL Surgery?

I recently got my Depo Shot on April 14th & I am scheduled to have surgery in August. Is that enough time to get it out of my system and reduce my... READ MORE

Is it okay to be on birth control while having Brazilian Butt Lift surgery?

I've been on birth control since I was 16 and I'm currently 25 years old , I'm having BBL surgery on August 15th. Is it okay to continue taking my... READ MORE

Why am I not getting my period after a Brazilian butt Lift?

I usually take birth control pills but I stopped to give myself a chance to menstruate however my period won't come after being off the pill for five... READ MORE

How soon after Brazilian Butt Lift surgery can you get back on birth control?

I'm scheduled to have my bbl surgery in September im stopping my birthcontrol shot in July but how soon can I resume the shot? Can I continue to be... READ MORE

I want to get a tummy tuck and bbl do I have to stop birth control prior to surgery?

If so how soon prior to surgery and for how long after? It's the pill READ MORE

Not sure which is the best fit for me; BBL / butt lift w fat transfer / grafting - Liposculpture (photos)

Remove the lip from my arms, dors, laterals, restored into my butt, while lifting (banana roll). I have naturally wide hips with the help of depovera... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Have a BBL While on Birth Control?

Im on the nexplanon/implanon rod. the birth-control is replaced every 3 years. im currently on my second rod as of may 2013.. ive been using this... READ MORE

Prescription medications - Having BBL and TT

I am going to have bbl and TT. Can I keep taking birth control pills and spironolactone 50mg for cystic acne? This medication is normally taken for... READ MORE

Do I need to stop taking birth control before a Brazilian Butt Lift?

I had this procedure done before and I can't remember if I stopped taking them a month prior the last time. My dr. didn't say I had to stop taking... READ MORE

I had a pulmonary embolism 3 years ago. Is it safe to have a BBL?

Is it ok to have this procedure done after having a blood clot 3 yrs ago? Blood clot was cause from birth control. Did lovonox for 6 months and was... READ MORE

Do I need to stop taking my birth control before my surgery for a BBL/Lypo?

I was not told by the dr to stop my birth control but everything i am ready people were advised to stop taking it. What should i do? READ MORE

Does birth control have a negative effect on surgery?

I'm getting a BBL and I use the NuvaRing. Do I need to stop my birth control before surgery? READ MORE

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